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Expectations Of Exhumation

"Expectations Of Exhumation" (2004 Demo)

1. A Threat to End of Life
2. Demented
3. Post-Chaos Sundown
4. Dead Corpse Incarnation

1. A Threat to End of Life

Curtains down
I exist no more, but Iím alive
Close my eyes, cease to breath
But I can not die

I have thrown this all away
And Iím done inside
But these wires and machines
A threat to end of life


This shouldnít have happened to me
Cut the strings, pull the plugs
Put an end to my agony
To this life Iím boundÖto live

Cut these strings, I can not move myself
Canít feel a thing, can see even less
I hate this frame I have become
Living in vain, living as a numb

Paralyzed from the neck
Down to the knees
Organs? dead! physics? dead!
I beg for a release

My body is a prison
A wreck in emptiness
Mouth still screams fatal dreams
Torn and broken every cell

Iím captured, engaged
Into this hollow shell
My body still remains
Other parts dead

I feel Iím abandoned
To live like this alone
Frail piece of feces
Transformed into a corpse

Dying and living to be dead!

2. Demented

One of these men I have counted my life
Is planning my death and demise
My future in concrete, a six feet deep bedsit
The most trusted one has denied me already twice

The Father of all, my own father in blood
Be cursed for letting me fall!

A Judas within a man
Betray me, the helping hand
One of my disciples
A black sheep in our midst

And I have fed the weak
Cured the blind, made them see
None of that matters now
When my lifeís over and out

A few silver coinís my price
Earthly wealth means more than a life
Take and eat this bread is my body
Take and drink this wine as my blood

Iím overcome by pain
The pain thatíll leave me insane
They came with swords and poles
To get me impaled, enthroned

Am I demented?
Am I demented?

I have deserved my death
At least thatís how it was said
Demented down to the core
A prophet, Messiah, a whore

Now I am crucified
A crown of thorns, a soul not mine
Nails through feet, nails through hands
My blood will stain their Holy Land

God, why you deserted me?
Iím your son, remember me?
Iím from your mind, from your disgusting thoughts
Now look at your sole heir
On this crooked cross I pray
Then the curtains tore in two
The ground was trembling too
The mountains cracked opening the tombs


Once I went to the valley to pray
Met Satan on my way

Am I demented?
Am I demented?
I didnít resurrected to heavens
I went straight to hell
Now I sit on the left side
Of the devil himself

3. Post-Chaos Sundown

Altars on fire, flames rise above the sky
Smokeclouds, dusthaze, human torches
Rotting corpses among the piles of skulls
Flaws in the souls, the Wrath of Godís begun

Headless children, women without bearings
Embryos wasted, count them dead as well!
Old men emboweled, guts out, deceased
Holes of the bullets, exit wounds at forehead

Hiding ´hide the clouds
Post-chaos Sundown

Devastation, deposition
Annihilation, demolition
Torture, mayhem, carnage
Godís creationís deathwish

Tombs of the dead ones, disgraced by christians
Cannibalism, between father and son
Humen like garbage, beggars like rich
Hammered faces, drowning in feces

Once you have eaten a flesh of a man
Taste may be bitter thou itís better than sand
And once you have drank their blood as your wine
You may and WILL see why God still lets us beÖ.ALIVE

Hiding ´hind the clouds
Post-chaos Sundown

Devastation, deposition
Annihilation, demolition
Torture, mayhem, massacre
A God-created afterworld

4. Dead Corpse Incarnation

Mindless combination of dead and machine
Part bionic corpse, an organic disease
Half a man and earth, a profane death
Other half a plague, a violence inbred

Bringer of pain, a shadow in night
The source of angelsí remorse
Brought back to life, the Hammer of Guilt
A servant to Holy God
A scene from the past, an Infidel Christ
Living after death
Condemned to live the life again
Rests in peace in hell

Once possessed
By existence

His iron shelter resiles again
His mask of steel signs no decay
Amassed of metals, molechyles and blains
A humane system controlled by programmed brain

Big amen to the nations
A dead corpse incarnation

The 13th belief
Prepare for tribulation,
Deadly trill

The Ultimate defeat

Chemical blood, mechanical parts
Connected down below
Manufactured from the ashes
A hybrid the Book has shown

Once possessed
Now immortal dead
Dead corpse incarnation


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