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Album: ''Hell-O'' (1988)
1. Time for Death
3. Americanized
4. I'm in Love with a Dead Dog
5. Slutman City
6. World of Filth
7. War Toy
8. Captain Crunch
9. Pure as the Arctic Snow
10. Je M'Appelle J. Cousteau
11. GWAR Theme
12. Bone Meal
13. Ollie North
14. Techno's Song
15. U Aint Shit
16. Rock N Roll Party Town

Scumdogs of the Universe

Album: ''Scumdogs of the Universe'' (1990)
1. Salamanizer
2. Maggots
3. Sick of You
4. Slaughterama
5. The Years without Light
6. King Queen
7. The Horror of Yig
8. Vlad the Impaler
9. Black 'n' Huge
10. Love Surgery
11. Death Pod
12. Sexcutioner

America Must Be Destroyed

Album: ''America Must Be Destroyed'' (1992)
1. Ham on the Bone
2. Crack in the Egg
3. Gor-Gor
4. Have You Seen Me?
5. The Morality Squad
6. America Must Be Destroyed
7. Gilded Lily
8. Poor Old Tom
9. Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good
10. Blimey
11. The Road Behind
12. Pussy Planet
13. Krak Down (Canadian version only)
14. Bad Bad Men (Canadian version only)
15. O' Canada (Canadian version only)

This Toilet Earth

Album: ''This Toilet Earth'' (1994)
1. Saddam a Go-Go
2. Penis I See
3. Eat Steel
4. Jack the World
5. Sonderkommando
6. Bad Bad Men
7. Pepperoni
8. The Insidious Soliloquy of Skulhedface
9. B.D.F.
10. Fight
11. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake)
12. Pocket Pool
13. Slap U Around
14. Krak Down
15. Filthy Flow
16. The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7

The Road Behind

Album: ''The Road Behind'' (1994 EP)
1. The Road Behind
2. Overture in N Minor
3. Krak Down (alternate version)
4. Voodoo Summoning
5. Captain Crunch
6. Have You Seen Me?


Album: ''Ragnarök'' (1995)
1. Meat Sandwich
2. The New Plague
3. Whargoul
4. Ragnarok
5. Dirty Filthy
6. Stalin's Organs
7. Knife in Yer Guts
8. Think You Outta Know This
9. Martyr Dumb
10. Nudged
11. Fire in the Loins
12. Surf of Syn
13. Crush, Kill, Destroy
14. None But the Brave

Carnival Of Chaos

Album: ''Carnival Of Chaos'' (1997)
1. Penguin Attack
2. Let's Blame the Lightman
3. First Rule
4. Sammy
5. Endless Apocalypse
6. Billy Bad Ass
7. Hate Love Songs
8. Letter from the Scallop Boat
9. PreSkool Prostitute
10. If I Could Be That
11. In Her Fear
12. Back To Iraq
13. I Suck On My Thumb
14. The Private Pain of Techno Destructo
15. Gonna Kill U
16. Sex Cow
17. Antarctican Drinking Song
18. Don't Need a Man

Hate Love Songs/Penguin Attack

Album: ''Hate Love Songs/Penguin Attack'' (1997 Single)
1. Penguin Attack
2. I Hate Love Songs

We Kill Everything

Album: ''We Kill Everything'' (1999)
1. Babyraper
2. Fish Fuck
3. The Performer
4. A Short History Of The End Of The World
5. Escape From The Mooselodge
6. Tune From Da Moon
7. Jiggle The Handle
8. Nitro - Burnin´ Funny Bong
9. Jagermonsta
10. My Girly Ways
11. The Master Has A Butt
12. We Kill Everything
13. Child
14. Penile Drip
15. Mary Anne
16. Friend
17. Fuckin´ An Animal

Violence Has Arrived

Album: ''Violence Has Arrived'' (2001)
1. Hell Intro
2. Battle Lust
3. Abyss of Woe
4. The Apes of Wrath
5. Immortal Corruptor
6. The Anti-Anti Christ
7. Licksore
8. Beauteous Rot
9. Bloody Mary
10. Bile Driver
11. The Wheel
12. The Song of Words
13. Happy Death Day


Album: ''You're All Worthless And Weak'' (2002 Live album)
1. Salamanizer
2. Babyraper
3. Jagermonsta
4. Sleazy Sells The Earth
5. Think You Outta Know This
6. Death Pod
7. I'm in Love with a Dead Dog
8. Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong
9. Penguin Attack
10. War Toy
11. Love Surgery
12. The Private Pain of Techno Destructo
13. Crush, Kill, Destroy
14. Slaughterama

War Party

Album: ''War Party'' (2004)
1. Bring Back The Bomb
2. Krosstika
3. Womb With a View
4. Decay Of Grandeur
5. War Party
6. Bonesnapper (The Faces Of The Slain)
7. Lost God
8. The Reaganator
9. The Bonus Plan
10. You Can't Kill Terror
11. Fistful Of Teeth

Let there be GWAR

Album: ''Let there be GWAR'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. You Ain't Shit
2. Americanized
3. Gwar Theme
4. Rock N' Roll Party Town
5. Pure as the Arctic Snow
6. Americanized
7. u Ain't Shit
8. Slutman City
9. TIme FOr Death
10. Gwar Theme
11. Rock N' Roll Party Town
12. Techno's Song
13. Eat Steel

Gwar War Party Tour 2004

Album: ''Gwar War Party Tour 2004'' (2004 DVD)
1. Ham on the Bone
2. Battlelust
3. Salaminizer
4. Womb with a View
5. Apes of Wrath
6. Crack in the Egg
7. Bring Back the Bomb
8. Martyrdumb
9. Biledriver
10. Lost Gods
11. Can't Kill Terror
12. Licksore
13. Decay of Grandeur
15. Bonesnapper
16. Immortal Corrupter
17. Maggots
18. Arctic Snow

Live From Mt. Fuji

Album: ''Live From Mt. Fuji'' (2005 Live album)
1. Salamidizer
2. Krosstika
3. Bring Back The Bomb
4. Ham On The Bone
5. Immortal Corruptor
6. Womb With A View
7. Have You Seen Me?
8. Horror Of Yig
9. Crush, Kill, Destroy
10. Crack In The Egg
11. Reaganator
12. Bonesnapper
13. Sick Of You
14. Bilesdriver
15. CD Rom Track

Beyond Hell

Album: ''Beyond Hell'' (2006)
1. Intro
2. War Is All We Know
3. Murderer's Muse
4. Go To Hell
5. I Love The Pigs
6. Tormentor
7. Eight Lock
8. Destroyed
9. The Ultimate Bohab
10. One Who Will Not Be Named
11. Back In Crack
12. School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)



GWAR is a satirical thrash metal/punk band formed in 1985-1986 by a group of artists and musicians at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. The band is perhaps best known for their elaborate sci-fi/horror film inspired costumes, raunchy lyrics, and graphic stage performances, which can consist of scatology, sadomasochism, necrophilia, paedo-necrophilia, beastio-necrophilia, fire dancing, fake pagan rituals, mock executions/mutilations, and other controversial violent and political themes. GWAR was, for a long time, on the leading edge of shock rock, going as far as appearing on Jerry Springer in character and in full costume during the mid 1990's.

The origin and meaning of the band's name has been left intentionally vague by its members, although the most widely accepted explanation (though false and denied by the band members) is that GWAR is an acronym for "God What an Awful Racket!" One rumor states that the name may have come from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel Watchmen, in which a poster reads, "Pink Triangle LIVE at the Gay Women Against Rape Benefit Concert." Other unsubstantiated rumors state that GWAR! is the sound monsters make in old horror movies, or that a fan at a club yelled "You should call your band..." and vomited before he could finish, making a sound close to the word GWAR. A final possibility, and the most viable as of yet, coming from sources close to the band suggests strongly that the name comes from the answer David Brockie gave to Hunter Jackson when asked what the band should be called. David Brockie simply responded with a mostly unintelligble word and isolated a single sound out of the rubble therefore creating GWAR.

The band was the result of the collaboration between Hunter Jackson and Dave Brockie, then the singer for a punk band called Death Piggy. Jackson was working on a movie at the time the two met. The movie, entitled Scumdogs of the Universe, featured a plot involving terrifying intergalactic barbarians. Jackson and Brockie combined their ideas, re-named the band Gwar, and have been performing as ghoulish intergalatic warriors ever since. Their costumes are generally made of foam latex, styrofoam, and hardened rubber. It should be noted that the costumes they are wearing actually cover very little with the rest of their bodies being accentuated with makeup. They further their production in concert by dousing, spraying, and at times nearly drowning their audiences with imitation blood, semen, gore, and other bodily fluids. All the fluids are made of water and dye that washes out easily. It is rumored that corn syrup or a similar product has been used as a thickener.

Another trademark of GWAR's live show is their mutilations of celebrities and figures in current events. Victims of GWAR's antics have included O.J. Simpson, George W. Bush, Paris Hilton, and many others. The band also makes frequent references to political and historical figures, fantasy literature, and mythology. For instance, the song "Whargoul" makes reference to Minas Morgul, a setting in the J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings books; and the title of their sixth album Ragnarok comes from Norse mythology.

GWAR, though by no means a small-time band, have not enjoyed as much mainstream recognition as many other bands. Around the time of their second album (Scumdogs of the Universe), they enjoyed a fair deal of success, due in part to Beavis and Butt-head. After that, however, GWAR's popularity waned and they were even featured on the VH1 program "Where Are They Now." Though not at the peak of their popularity, GWAR was recently invited to play on the Sounds of the Underground tour, which was very well received.

Gwar were, at one time, banned from performing in their home city of Richmond, Virginia due to their raucous stage performances. During that time they would appear in their home town under the pseudonym Rawg and play sans costumes. The ban was later lifted and the band can now play in Richmond again in full gory attire. GWAR was banned earlier in North Carolina for obscenity reasons (Brockie was arrested for wearing his "Cuttlefish of Cthulu" prosthetic penis; this incident was the inspiration for GWAR's America Must Be Destroyed album). Band members and associates often have cookouts at their house, dubbed "Gwar-BQ's." The video for "Saddam a Go-Go" from This Toilet Earth appeared in the hit movie Empire Records. Gwar was/is primarily a band of former art students, and this is reflected in the obscure references made in some of their songs. Gwar fans are known as Bohabs or Scumdogs.


Sex, drugs, violence, hate, politics satire

United States of America (Richmond, Virginia), formed in 1985



Dave Murray Brockie (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus) - Vocals (DBX, Death Piggy, X-Cops, Yams On Wheels)
Mike Derks (a.k.a. BalSac, the Jaws Of Death) - Guitars (Dent, DBX, X-Cops)
Cory Smoot (a.k.a. Flattus Maximus) - Guitars (ex-Narsilion, Locus Factor, Mensrea, ex-Misguided)
Todd Evans (a.k.a. Beefcake the Mighty) - Bass (Lazy American Workers, Porn Flakes)
Brad Roberts (a.k.a. Jizmak Da Gusha) : Drums (DBX, X-Cops, No Deal)
Chris Flynn - Keyboards

Danielle Stampe (a.k.a. Slymenstra Hymen) - Vocals/Dancer
Don Drakulich (a.k.a. Sleazy P. Martini) - Vocals/Manager (Prestige)

Joe Annaruma (a.k.a. Joey Slutman) (Throttle, Big Fat Ugly)
Ben Eubanks (a.k.a. Johnny Slutman)

Backing Vocals:
Colette Miller (a.k.a. Amazina)
Lisa Harrelson (a.k.a. GWAR-woman)
Mike Delaney (a.k.a. Sexecutioner)
Chales "Chuck" Varga (a.k.a. Sexecutioner)
Hunter Jackson (a.k.a. Techno-Destructo & Scroda Moon)
Heather Broome (a.k.a. The Temptress)

Steve Douglas (a.k.a. BalSac the Jaws of Death) (Death Piggy, Mudd Helmut, LOG)
Barry Ward (a.k.a. BalSac the Jaws of Death) (Crosstops, Embryo Killers, Rich Kids On LSD)
Chris Oranger (a.k.a. Cornelius Carnage)
Zack Blair (a.k.a. Flattus Maximus) (Burden Brothers, Hagfish, Armstrong, Mag Seven, The Hellions, Rise Against)
Tim Harriss (a.k.a. Flattus Maximus) (American Grizzly)
Peter Austin Lee (a.k.a. Flattus Maximus) (Rigor Mortis, ex-Warlock (US), Sedition (US), Idiophrenic, X-Cops)
Dewey Rowell (a.k.a. Flattus Maximus) (White Cross, Unseen Force)
Russ Bahorsky (a.k.a. Mr. Magico) (Death Piggy)
Greg Ottinger (a.k.a. Stephen Sphincter)
Brian Fechino (a.k.a. slave) (Rosebud)
John Cobbett (Hammers of Misfortune, Ludicra, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Hippie Bitch, Malifice, Osgood Slaughter, Thunder Chimp, WhipKraft)

Chris Bopst (a.k.a. BalSac) (Holy Rollers)
Mike Bishop (a.k.a. Beefcake the Mighty) (Kepone, American Grizzly, Pigface, Grouser)
Casey Orr (a.k.a. Beefcake the Mighty) (Rigor Mortis, ex-Warlock (US), The Hellions, ex-Blohole, Burden Brothers, REO Speedealer, X-Cops)
Ron Curry (a.k.a. Stephen Sphincter)

Sean Sumner (a.k.a. Hans Orifice/Sphincter) (Death Piggy) R.I.P. suicide, September 1996
Jim Thomson (a.k.a. Hans Sphincter) (Bio Ritmo, Plasmodium, Tulsa Drone)
Pete Lucchter (a.k.a. Lee Baeto)
Rob Mosby (a.k.a. Nippleus Erectus)

Dave Musel (a.k.a. Müsel)


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