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Battle Furies

Album: ''Battle Furies'' (1997)
1. Jewel Of my Emprie
2. Wonder Of the Cosmos
3. Christenom Falls
4. Dragons Burning
5. Kingdom In the Clouds (My Astral Journey)
6. Time Reborn
7. Gods Of Ages Awekened
8. "O Elbereth"
9. Keshara Arise
10. As Shadows Dance


Album: ''Starscape'' (1999)
1. Point of Origin
2. Unveiling the Mystery
3. The Legend of Keshara
4. The Return Of Planet ''X''
5. Deviant
6. Lightspeed Evolution
7. Starscape
8. Capsule
9. Birth of Hours
10. Space of Symphony
11. Dragons Burning (Starscape mix)


Album: ''Conspiritus'' (2005)
1. Intro - The Hypothesis
2. It's Not Reality
3. Square Sunrise
4. The Nightmare Institution
5. Far Away From Heaven
6. Transcend the Senses
7. The Thought Police
8. How to conquer The World (Live At Bohemian Grove)
9. Theoreality
10. Conspiritus



EWIGKEIT no longer exists. Operations continue with THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM (

EWIGKEIT was the solo-project of James Fogarty, a composer & producer from the fashionable and expensive town of BRIGHTON, on the south coast of England - which also happens to be the drugs death capital of Europe. EWIGKEIT operated from 1997 to 2007.

Ewigkeit's first release was the simplistic death/black metal album 'Battle Furies' in 1997. It was considered original, and got some great reviews.
In 1998, James co-founded the humorous black metal band 'The Meads of Asphodel' with a vocalist who had previously made heavy-metal comic books. Also, James recorded a "cult" Black Metal album under the name "Old Forest".
Ewigkeit released the ambient metal album 'Starscape' in 1999. This was also considered to be highly original for the sub-genre, and again got great reviews.
In 2001, Ewigkeit recorded the album 'Land Of Fog'. This album was a mixture of the previous influences mixed with classic 70's rock ; Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd were on the stereo non-stop and some of that classic 70s ambience seeped into the music.
After this was recorded, he put it on a dusty shelf and experimented with other forms of music (electronica and sample-based music). He also quit 'The Meads of Asphodel' around this time.

In 2003, James re-activated Ewigkeit and released 'Land Of Fog'. Although 2 years old, 'Land Of Fog' also got some great reviews. As a result he went about creating what was to be the next album
2003's 'Radio Ixtlan' was a "harder" and a more industrial sounding affair than the daze of the previous album, and incorporated lots of the ideas had picked up along the way whilst dabbling elsewhere in music. The album's title is inspired by Carlos Castenada's book 'Journey To Ixtlan'.

--- 2003 was also the year that James started to work together with renowned artist Jimmy Cauty (KLF, The Orb, K-Foundation) on the newly formed 'Black Smoke Organisation' ---

Ewigkeit's 'Radio Ixtlan' was released in 2004 via EARACHE RECORDS, and was the mastered versions of the basement studio mixes that James had produced as demos. The album established EWIGKEIT to a wider audience as a project with a unique sound and vision, rather than one of the underground copycats.
In late 2004, James started to work the demo versions of what was to become the next Ewigkeit album.
'Conspiritus' was a concept album about a global conspiracy to enslave mankind. The music displayed characteristics of metal, rock, electronica and sample-based music with an over-all cinematic quality.
The album was mixed by Producer 'John Fryer' (Depeche Mode, N.I.N, White Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Cradle Of Filth, Paradise Lost, Fear Factory), and was released in 2005/2006, again through Earache Records.
In 2006, Ewigkeit released the music video for the track "Its Not Reality". The track was remixed by Hardcore producer Scott Brown, and was later featured in an obscure Playstation 2 game called "Earache ; Extreme Metal Racing". The game was crap.

2006 also saw the release of the FREE 3 track MP3 EP 'Return To The Land Of Fog', which was a revisit to some forgotten tracks.

During the 'Conspiritus' period and afterwards, James had started to infuse an anarchic political agenda to the music.

In October 2006, James Fogarty and some good freinds filmed a rare "live set" of Ewigkeit tunes (old & new) in a nuclear bunker (this can be seen below)

In December 2006, James burned all his record contracts (see the video "Burn The Bastards" below). The statement put forth was basically "I am hereby reclaiming all my music - all labels are thieving bastards, and thankfully have been rendered impotent by the internet" ;

WWW.DEATHTOMUSIC.COM was then launched to facilitate the exclusive release of all past EWIGKEIT material.

In January 2007, DEATH TO MUSIC Productions launched the first skirmish ; a remastered and superior version the 1997 debut "Battle Furies" was released free of charge to everybody with a modem. In less than one week, more people had heard that album than had done in the 10 years prior.

In March 2007, DEATH TO MUSIC Productions re-released the Ewigkeit album 'Starscape' - also for free via

Ewigkeit was never about sales figures, trends, gimmicks and macho posturing and all that other shit that run-of-the-mill metal bands trade in.
From the very start, the aim was to create progressive and original heavy music within the confines of metal and it's various sub-genres.

In March 2007, James "scuttled" EWIGKEIT. It was decided that in order to progress as an artist, the idea of operating solely within any specific sub-genre of music was extremely limiting.
Also, James was increasingly embarressed at solely operating within a genre of music that is mostly out-of-date, out-of-touch with it's origins and (worst of all) conservative in the extreme. continues to be written for various music projects - visit for more info...

Electronic Experimental Dark Metal

Spirituality, the mind (early), political (later)

United Kingdom (Brighton, East Sussex), formed in 1994

Death to Music


Mr. Fog (James Fogarty) - All Instruments, Vocals (The Bombs of Enduring Freedom, ex-Meads of Asphodel, Old Forest)


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