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"Starscape" (1999)

1. Point of Origin
2. Unveiling the Mystery
3. The Legend of Keshara
4. The Return Of Planet ''X''
5. Deviant
6. Lightspeed Evolution
7. Starscape
8. Capsule
9. Birth of Hours
10. Space of Symphony
11. Dragons Burning (Starscape mix)

1. Point of Origin

Eternal prism, dividing light, time trap of the stars
Deriving all power from the will of the great architect
Supreme being, shifter of light,
Dwelling in void-less space
Bound only by his own imagination

"The shape-shifting disruption of time
Incomprehensible puzzle of existence"

How I dwell upon the immensity,
To find the truth before I die
When my time has gone,
And the world no-longer mine,
I shall rise beyond death,
Up to the ether to live as a god among gods
A new level to descover

"Souls drifting disruption time
Incomprehensible puzzle of existence"

From whence I came. I know not
But I have decovered this;

"Souls drifting disruption time
Incomprehensible puzzle of existence"

That by analysis of one's own soul
It can be learnt how to achieve eternal life
To once again return to the forlorn heavens
Back to the point of origin

"Souls drifting disruption time
Incomprehensible puzzle of existence"

[J. Fogarty 22.9.97]

2. Unveiling the Mystery

"I gaze into the glittering sky,
To which I am drawn by the revealing of stars
I feel my subconscious ascending int the unknown,
To begin an odyssey of knowledge"

The immense cloaking blackness fills me with dread,
And yet a desire to be consumed
By it's utter magnificence
Above me I feel the presence of the keys
To unlock the paths that I must tread
(Watching them fade, drifting out to the sky)
The distilled brooding tranzuil sky
Brings back to me my visions of dread
(Denied their lives, empty souls drift...)

Of wheb the ocean shall overcome my land,
And this haven shall be swept into despair
Devoid of life, a barren wasted womb

"Until these, my visions, reveal themselves
To the children of this world,
I remain awaiting my true enlightenment
And as the stars fall into place,
I cower beneath the storm,
As this cosmic mechanism comes into play..."

[J. Fogarty 21.9.97]

3. The Legend of Keshara

"They mistake us for one of them
We have one aim, and we will follow it
Fanatically and ruthlessly to the grave"

The wolf spirit rises from his dignified death,
To a beckoning call from an unknown voice
From his death, new life is given unto him,
As a reward for his paths

"Breathe your words of fire, set my soul alight,
Foreseen and almighty, now we see your truths!"

Now with wings and heart of dragon,
He is arisen from the flames
To soar into the heavnes,
The dwelling of his race...

Breathing words of fire,
Setting souls aflame
Freseen and almighty,
Now they see his truth

Soaring beyond the threshold,
Seen from below, a shining star
To guide me on my path to eternal glory

Rejoice, the sight of Man-God
From beast of burden, to a celestial body...


"You mustn;t act yourself, you must obey,
You must give in, you must submit to this
Overwhelming need to obey"

4. The Return Of Planet ''X''

Take me to the twilight kingdoms,
In your inter-planetary craft
Give to me your wisdoms,
Of truths yet to be revealed
Sanctuary in the faceless landscape,
A vacuum of emotional content

Your dark eyes of sleeping discontent,
Revealing to me the horrors foreboding
Flee my loved ones to your heavens,
To perpetuate your brothers of man
You shall guide my heart when the time is come...

Hope from the heavens, gods manifest,
Must I wait till the end,
While I alredy know the way?
Tenth planet, nameless and black,
Home of gods, my salvation...

My salavation...

5. Deviant

6. Lightspeed Evolution

An atom of prior insignificance,
Pulses with devastating potential
To be more than this mortal coil,
To devide time and space

Atomic diffusion!
The blinding of eyes that see into the heavens
Incineration of the macrocosm

The life spreads out, as the death unfolds
The heavens erupt an earthly hell
Old gives way to the new, the one remaining law
The microcosm envelops all

Bear witness to the miracle,
That shakes the earth's foundations
Lightspeed evolution
A man-made god

7. Starscape

I shall overcome this feeble world,
This place of the dying and the dead
The quest for eternity is at hand,
Tomorrow's end closer at every breath

"Overcome the fear within thee,
Knoe your place amidst the foolish
Elite are tou among the spirits of this world,
And your reward shall be ascension"

On into infinity, to the eye of immortality
Behold the power of perpetual dusk
Eradicate the sub-huan conscious,
To reveal a sky of shinig stars
Their frail light reveals the castness of their web
Seeming too remote to be so close to thy heart

Open your mouth to their music and hear the power
Which is the thunderous roar of the waves of life
Crashing on the cliffs of failure

On into the starscape- drift into destiny

[J. Fogarty 10.1.98]

8. Capsule

No more waiting
The time has come,
For me to leave this mortal existence
My mind is cleared by visions of exalation
The silence of infinte space

Mechanised drifting,
An elegant movement
Never colliding,
Those great speheres of light

Mo more waiting,
My final deed is done
My soul is drifiting into space
Behold the rays of our sun,
Are but tears in the flood yet to come

"This I cannot comprehend,
my feelings, the ovwerwhelm my soul..."

So I come to face destiny,
My place among the stars
Mesmerised by blackness,
In my capsule of thought
I drift eternally...

9. Birth of Hours

Stars are born, and stars they die
But the light they give is prepetuated
Through the black eternal oceans
A beacon for the future generations,
A time that fails to die

10. Space of Symphony

11. Dragons Burning (Starscape mix)

The pass in silence, under light of moon,
Ancient arriors sorrowful and grey
In never-fading shame, yet no cries are heard
Silently they pass
Their one-eyed god is watching,
As they pass thorugh endless forests
They came as earriors from the north,
To claim our shores their own
Enshrouded in lace mist,
Shileds and armour earth stained
The blood of their wounds
Still as crimson as the day it flowed
They are the norse men that failed,
Lost to time forever
Their thirst for war as they came
Was unquenched at their failure
When their dragons burned on our shores,
They werw condamned to sleep
Beneath our starlit heavens...

[Inspired by the tale of Brian Boru (926-1014), Kig of Ireland, who died succesfully defending his kingdom against the invading Vikings at Clontraf in 1014]

[J. Fogarty 12.12.96]


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