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Battle Furies

"Battle Furies" (1997)

1. Jewel Of my Emprie
2. Wonder Of the Cosmos
3. Christenom Falls
4. Dragons Burning
5. Kingdom In the Clouds (My Astral Journey)
6. Time Reborn
7. Gods Of Ages Awekened
8. "O Elbereth"
9. Keshara Arise
10. As Shadows Dance

1. Jewel Of my Emprie

travel beyond the forlorn stars to my mystic
queen's lair,
my soul is enlightened, my craft it is
Jewel of my empire, armies cannot fight her.
Our strenght is as one, epress of the night.
I lay my life down for thee.
Blood soaked battle fields, lit by crescent moon.
My blade of moonlit silver, shinning in the
waters above.
You are my queen, you are my life.
Jewel of my empire, come to my side.
The mystic queen is risen. Jewel of my empire
I lay my life down for the

2. Wonder Of the Cosmos

As sleep takes my body and will, my true soul
wanders free.
To the stars and beyond...
Time I traverse with my soul to witness the
times before.
When will I see my future, or hear the
whispering tales of the stars.
All the times that I have wandered, I have
been free.
And yet bound by my conceptions of this
It is not for me to know the secrets of
the cosmos.
And yet, I wonder.
Beaten to concession I fall
Back to where I came, yet none the wiser
This is uor wonder of life, to think all and yet to
know nil
Shall rise like a phoenix from my ashes
Or shall I fade the essence of time

3. Christenom Falls

Battle honour and victory shall be ours
To commemorate our dead
To banis their "evil" from this world
And recreate the pagan paradise that was
tramppled under-foot
The witches shall again become the wise,
in this our new land of the young
We, who contorl the storms. Our victory is
their demise
The "harmony" has broken and as
christendom falls
They will see the horror of that which they did
do unto us
We shall prevail

4. Dragons Burning

They pass in silence, under light of moon
Ancient warriors sorrowful and grey
In never-fading shame, yet no cries are heard,
silently they pass
Their one-eyed god is watching, as they pass
through endless forests
They came as warriors from the north,
to claim our shores their own
Enshrouded in lace mist, shields and armour
earth stained
The blood of their wounds, still as crimson as
the day it flowed
They are the norse men that failed
Lost to time forever
Their thirst for war as they came was
unquenched at their failure
When their dragons burned on our shores
They were condemned to sleep beneath our
starlit heavens...

5. Kingdom In the Clouds (My Astral Journey)

6. Time Reborn

The visions of my troubled sleep
Brought to me through astral dimensions
are warnings foretelling events
of global cataclysmic proportions
I know not the fate for my kinsmen, yet mine is
to remain
The survival of the many, shall be through the
memory of the few
My dreams descends...
I am the one, I witness the re-birth of time
Few but me have seen beyond the stars, yet I
have seen, I have seen
Crashing thorugh the walls of time, our world
will be cast down
I hold the key to unlock the paths, when your
end becomes so real
Live through the dream
Time is reborn, the sooil runes red, cleansing the
circle of life
Reborn is our world, as I foresaw, so it begins
as it ends
Live throught the dream, this is our paradise

7. Gods Of Ages Awekened

The shadow seasons have erupted, pagan souls
in slumber
I have foreseen their empire's end
Our souls will re-awaken, to re-kindle the
ebbing flames
A new dawn is approaching, we shall awaken
the winds of mist again swirl as I hear a clash
of steel
"Dark" battles "light" in it's never-ending war
Ancients are summoned, power evermore
Pagan rites are read and all is said and done
"Dark" and "Light" are ended, a new age
has begun

8. "O Elbereth"

Rising into a blackened sky, an elven sword
held aloft
'o Elberth' I hear their cry, glamdring
cleaving orken flesh
The battle is high, give your light unto us
Orcrist foe of the dark smite those of
evil wrath
Casting spells, crafting nature's path, calling
your power
o Elberth queen of souls, elven runes hold
your power
o Elberth light in dark, grant me
enlightened visions
o Elberth

9. Keshara Arise

Pierced by my spear of destiny,
my heart is riped and torn
My fury is now ending
and my life's fire is dying embers
Lying dead on the field of battle
I dream of purest life, of time where I am
And where my will is my own
I now journey to beyond the stars
From where I once came
None shall know my passion
that drove me to my death
None shall know my dream
of what once was to be again
I now leave this existence
and leave this place to mindless fools
I did not belong here
My tim is somewhere else
Under the sign of the wolf's eye
I came to meet this end
I have died a warrior's death
With christian blood on my hands
From a world that is not mine
I shall go, never to return

10. As Shadows Dance


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