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Labyrinth of Dreams

Album: ''Labyrinth of Dreams'' (1992)
1. The Grand Change
2. I'm No Fool
3. Take My Love
4. All Systems Go (instr.)
5. Trouble In Paradise
6. Over And Out
7. Labyrinth Of Dreams
8. Mass Hysteria
9. Powergames
10. The Guiding Light


Album: ''Supremacy'' (1994)
1. Windows of the World
2. Angel´s Grace
3. Poisoned Hearts
4. Lust for Life
5. Anouk
6. Circles in the Sand
7. Darkest Night
8. Close Your Eyes
9. Supremacy
10. Erase Me


Album: ''Lost'' (1995)
1. Lost
2. Everything
3. Clean Up Your Act
4. Always With You
5. Under Gods Naked Eyes
6. 1998 (The Prophecy)
7. Spirits
8. Crossed The Line
9. Live It Again
10. Spanish Inquisition

Primal Instinct

Album: ''Primal Instinct'' (1996 EP)
1. Take My Love
2. Labyrinth of Dreams
3. Always with You
4. Spirits
5. Erase Me

State Of Mind

Album: ''State Of Mind'' (1997)
1. Equinox
2. Visual Vortex
3. Trust
4. Beyond
5. Shadow Dancer
6. Aladdin's Cave
7. State of Mind
8. Destiny Calling
9. Ressurection
10. Losers Game
11. Supression

Manifestation Of Fear

Album: ''Manifestation Of Fear'' (1998)
1. Unorthodox Methods
2. Frenzy
3. Angel Without Wings
4. Savage Grace
5. Master of Deception
6. Solitary Day (Living in an Ivory Tower)
7. Manifestation of Fear
8. Victim of Circumstances
9. The Forgotten
10. Redemption (instrumental)
11. Metamorphosis

Forbidden Fruit

Album: ''Forbidden Fruit'' (2000)
1. Icehouse
2. Force Majeure
3. Killing Time
4. Behind the Tears
5. The Great Charade
6. 'Til Eternity
7. Masquerade
8. Elegant Solution
9. I Believe
10. Forbidden Fruit

Principles of Pain

Album: ''Principles of Pain'' (2002)
1. Under My Skin
2. The Inner Room
3. No Code No Honour
4. Walking Nightmare
5. Pilgrims Parade
6. Principles of Pain
7. Creatures of Habit
8. Silence In the Wind
9. Hypothesis
10. Missing Persons
11. A Child's Breath
12. Silence In the Wind (acoustic version)



Elegy are a progressive metal/power metal band from the Netherlands. They formed in 1986.


Labyrinth of Dreams (1992)
Supremacy (1994)
Lost (1995)
Primal Instinct [EP] (1996)
State Of Mind (1997)
Manifestation Of Fear (1998)
Forbidden Fruit (2000)
Principles of Pain (2002)


Ian Parry (vocals)
Patrick Rondat (guitars)
Martin Helmantel (bass)
Joshua Dutrieux (keyboards)
Bart Bisseling (drums)

Elegy is also the name of one of several music projects by well-known UK DJ/producer, Kirk Degiorgio.

Finaly, there's a magazine named Elegy that releases compilation CD's, mistagged with "Elegy" in the Artist's name.

Progressive Power Metal

Netherlands, formed in 1986

Locomotive Records

On hold

Ian Parry - Vocals (Vengeance (Hol), Hammerhead (Hol), André Andersen, guest in Ayreon)
Patrick Rondat - Guitars (Furioso, Jean Michel Jarre, The Element, Red Circuit)
Martin Helmantel - Bass (Guest for Ian Parry)
Joshua Dutrieux - Keyboards
Bart Bisseling - Drums (Bulldozer Breed, Chronic Noise)

Eduard Hovinga - Vocals (Mother of Sin, Prime Time)
Henk van de Laars - Guitars
A. Van Brusse - Guitars
Gilbert Pot - Guitars
Serge Meeuwsen - Drums
Ed Warby - Drums (Hail Of Bullets, Demiurg (Swe), Ayreon, Gorefest, Star One, ex-Impact (Hol), ex-Valkyrie (Hol), Tempter, Aggressor (Hol))
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums (Patrick Rondat, ex-Adagio (Fra), Vulture (Hol), ex-Abyss (Hol))
A.J.C. con der Stroom - Keyboards
G. Hager - Keyboards
Chris Allister - Keyboards (1st Avenue, Allied Forces (Hol))


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