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Labyrinth of Dreams

"Labyrinth of Dreams" (1992)

1. The Grand Change
2. I'm No Fool
3. Take My Love
4. All Systems Go (instr.)
5. Trouble In Paradise
6. Over And Out
7. Labyrinth Of Dreams
8. Mass Hysteria
9. Powergames
10. The Guiding Light

1. The Grand Change

Money your life you say,
it holds off your dying day.
No questions, resistance can't silence the cries,
the hunger you feel

They're pulling the strings out there,
Fatmen in golden chairs.
Their castles come thumbling down from the sky,
if we now unite.

Now, look what they are doing.
Open your eyes, don't you see that you're treated like slaves.
It's time to stand tall.

Religion and lethal sin, look more like a synonym.
Stand up and fight it, that part that they play,
is the system we fear.

They promised equality, the perfect society.
The trainload of power is moving our way,
and freedom is here.

The time has come to do or die, to laugh or cry.
This is your chance to become who you are,
not what they want.
Dismay and fear, obeyed commands,
but now it's near.
Bring up the courage you showed in the past,
The grand change is here.

2. I'm No Fool

According to you, just a matter of time,
me falling on my knees.
Make place in the end of the line.

You've got the tools I wanted to steal,
guaranteed a steamy night.
I heared it from too many guys.

Why anticipate, hiding in the shade.
Watching the big love pass by.

I'm no fool, I'm no fool for you.
I've waited too long, had to go on,
so don't say I've left you behind.
I'm no fool, I'm no fool for you.

Reaching for a new horizon,
leaving past in silent shame,
Out of this world of fantasy.

I watched you move, night and day,
breaking through my walls of pain.
ooh now I'll break away.

GET OUT first you lead me on,
now you throw me away.
GET OUT leave me be, I want out.

3. Take My Love

Just had to take a chance,
a shot for new romance.
All burned out to the ground.
An icy madam stare, a hotel room to share.
I guess it's time to make the sound.

The whole wide world walked my way,
all wanting me to play.
But on my one way ride,
there ain't no place to hide,
in case the monster grows too big.

But when the sound of a broken heart,
fades into early morning roar…

HAD ENOUGH, take my love
I don't need it anymore
HAD ENOUGH, take my love tonight

A wolf with angel ayes, she - devil in disguise,
and blew the party off.
No daring love affair or hidden guilt to bear.
I'm selling my place in love.

The whole wide world walked my way,
all wanting me to play.
But on my one way ride,
there ain't no place to hide,
in case the monster grows too big.

4. All Systems Go (instr.)

5. Trouble In Paradise

Watch her walk, down the streets of yesterday.
Unborn child kicking its way out.
Why is it your life has been shattered,
and banned from the game.
Someone put her back on line.

Lost in mass confusion.
Can't you see the writings on the wall,
buld a bridge to love.

Sometimes you feel just like dying,
but you never give in.
Just hold on, you'll have your time.

Lost in the illusion.
Can't you see the writings on the wall,
build a bridge to love.

There is trouble in paradise,
(more than meets the eye)
I can hear your desperate cries,
See a life end before it's time.
Feed your heart with lies.


Angels of mercy they're coming,
and they'll show you the way.
Close your eyes and you will fly.

6. Over And Out

Seems like yesterday, you walked into my life and swept my heart away.

Way out of line,
I couldn't hear you lie it's like a trick of the mind.
Let me tell you mama, the best things in life
suppose to be fare and you ought to be mine.
Down here on my knees, begging you please,
please go after someone who you really need.

You're out of my world, but you go where ever
I try to make a new start with life.
Baby haven't you heared, you're over and out
over and out
Like the day before, you opened up my heart
now it won't close no more.

Day after day,
looking at the future in a devious way.
I'm not heartless guy,
cause mine did some healing.
I don't care if you cry.
So listen to me honey, to my innercall,
don't wanna kick the bucket better than a walk.

7. Labyrinth Of Dreams

I'm a stranger, even to myself.
Living in this masquerade.
As time passed by, all that remained is pain.
More than i can cope with.

In my dreams I hear you say,
"Please come running to me baby"
If I could turn back time.

It's hard to live another day. Witout you.
You seemed so young and touch and so strong.
It's a long and lonely road in the labyrinth of dreams.
Caught in the labyrinth of dreams.

Isolation, now there's no one there,
to wipe away my bitter tears.
It rules my mind, your spirit haunts me time and time again.
More than I can live with.

They say that time will ease the pain, but I'll keep running to you bay.
I I could turn back time.

8. Mass Hysteria

9. Powergames

Another vicious plan made my blood run cold,
I am the man with the thousand face.
I raise my head and speak, like echoes I repeat,
the words will fill up all the empty spaces,
In your head there's nothing left.
Hoist the sails 'cause I'll be coming home,
back to my throne.

It's just like bigamy, it's for the world to see
But no one really knows, no one really knows

There is no need for gns,
such battles can't be won.
Hand me your arms and show
that you're behind me.
Cause those who cheat and lie,
will not be crucified,
I will only close the door before their hollow faces,
reflections of pains.
I don't give a damn, I felt the same.
But never again.

The is on, my life's begon,
with no intention to fall.

10. The Guiding Light

Falt on my face in the pool of desire,
she was walking dynamite.
Tricked by tentation, a blinding sensation,
she set my soul on fire.

Tease me, please me, anyway you want.
Hold me back, I'm gonna blow.

One with intuition, hit and run.
She won't loose, till loss has won.
Turn the wheel of passion, shoot at sight.
Fortune is her guiding light.

Out of her Vet, right into my bed,
And I thought OOH lord she's mine.
But she had been fakin', my money was taken,
Hello, have fun, good bye.


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