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Forbidden Fruit

"Forbidden Fruit" (2000)

1. Icehouse
2. Force Majeure
3. Killing Time
4. Behind the Tears
5. The Great Charade
6. 'Til Eternity
7. Masquerade
8. Elegant Solution
9. I Believe
10. Forbidden Fruit

1. Icehouse

D'you ever get the feeling that, you're never welcome
You walked into a place feel the atmosphere change

My body's trembling, I sense a presence strange within
A ghostly silence, a place for the living dead

Icehouse... a sanctuary for strangers
Where evil's waiting
Icehouse... your darkest secrets are known
In this icehouse... a pure demoralization
A cold frustration
Icehouse... darkness glows

No sign of life, the air you breathe is thick and frozen
A shallow grave awaits, a home for the living dead

Don't venture in, you'll just regret this sight appalling
It feeds on frightened souls, the lost and the weak of heart

2. Force Majeure

Known well and favoured
There's no limit to his charm
This illusive adversary, unforeseeable consequences

Absurd behaviour, a macabre like frame of mind
Living for the moment, not a care in the world

Excuses one and more... proclamations he'll make
You must, beware... a hand and arm he'll take
...He'll disregard us all

Though in thee we trust
Lead us not to temptation
Help us one and all
In the company of a force majeure

Lead us, lead us not... beyond the realms of our salvation
No sacrifice is more... than following a force majeure

Each vow is broken, it's a total waste of life
An urge to lead us on, irresistible strange compulsions
Euphoric notions, superior in kind
So irresponsible, for the fun of it all

3. Killing Time

Wait a minute, hold your horses there
What's the rush now, take your time
Easy does it, the hours the seconds they
They last forever, an infinity of time

Each day and forever, endlessly the same
Nothing ever happens worth, mentioning again
Significantly quiet as always

It's all we wanna do, we're killing time
Killing time
There's nothing else we'd rather do
Rather do
Than killing time (Just Killing Time)

Late a minute, an hour a perfect time
It doesn't matter now, take a while
Easy does it, don't have a heart attack
The brain keeps warning us, messages of kind

Patience is virtue, at least that's what they say
What's the point in hurrying, take it day by day
There's time enough to get things done

4. Behind the Tears

Hiding in fear
Such abnormality
Close your eyes now, say a prayer

Memories, a punishment so real
They played their cold and isolated games

Games, that wicked children played
They made you feel afraid
Paralysed, a child's imagination

You're caught inside a spell
Subconsciously afraid
The answer lies, behind the tears

Don't hide away you're strong
Enough to face the truth
Which hides behind, behind the tears

Reality, it comes in shapes and forms
Concentration, chase those fears away

Thought a power, the power to be free
Think positive the pain will disappear

5. The Great Charade

An' through the mist I see, an image standing there
But do my eyes deceive me

I'm seeing what I see, what is reality
It's just a game

The great charade, which we play
Are we here, to pick out the clues

Opposites they always meet... try to focus try to see
Nothing here is what it seems.. in this world, nothing's real
Try to focus try to see... where opposites always meet
Nothing in this world is real... nothing here is what it seems

A concept so surreal, this abstract world in view
With no beginning or ending

Our rationality, we think therefore we are
If it's a game, who makes the rules

An' now the mist has cleared, thyn eyes the truth they see
Beneath the mysteries, the magic
Our future is in our hands, if we are who we are
The choice is ours, if we choose

6. 'Til Eternity

Immortal souls always and forever
A bond between us, a passion real
Complete devotion 'til the passing comes
Unending love, my queen is she
I'll be by your side, time and again
In each of our lives
I'll wait until you return, though it may take
'Til eternity and beyond... waiting 'til eternity

The bringer of hope, the flame within my soul
My Cleopatra, my goddess from the seven seas

Her spirit lies
Asleep within me
Her soul survives
Waiting...... to be discovered

Through the centuries far and wide
Beyond this life, the otherside
Into another time I came
An' still I search for you again
Devoted 'til the day I die
Kindred spirits, no goodbyes
Together one day we will be
I'll love you 'til eternity

Our love was a power, a power so divine
It's greatest secret, eternal youth to stay alive

The body dies
The soul continues, the body dies
Her spirit lies
Asleep, waiting to be given life

'Til eternity, I'll love you always, waiting 'til eternity
You know I'll love you 'til eternity

7. Masquerade

On the surface things look different
What's underneath you cannot tell
For years it seems that everything is going well

Behind the laughter hides a mystery
Shrouded in a friendly veil
The moment when you're making progress
All things fail

A challenge to be solved, they can't resist
The chase
Their masquerade
This dangerous path you're on, what if your instinct's wrong
Beware the wrath of a patient man

Danger, danger
Danger Lies
Close beside, close beside you
Danger, danger, close beside
Waiting to take you away

What we perceive as being normal
A twisted mind won't stipulate
To occupy their genius a masquerade

Way down a no-where road you're drifting
Into a no-where place you'll stay
Make a wish pray someone's listening, night and day

8. Elegant Solution

Responsibility and blame, tall orders made
Affecting the lives of your friends, for whom you care
Serious doubts within
A nightmarish tale look what you've done

A sacrifice means many things
Determined you won't give in
The answer is loud and clear

Against all the odds you're determined to win
A simple solution exists

Such loyalty and trust you gave
To all your friends
Impossibilities, this task you face
Solutions for everyone
The perfect resolve can it be found

Loyalty and trust, both you gave

Simplicity a saving grace, as clear as day
Don't be cruel to be kind, just change your ways
Searching your soul inside
Your nightmarish tale has finally gone

9. I Believe

Crystal drops of rain
I make a wish and hope... to die

Is such a feeling very strange
I'm living my life
On borrowed time

In this weird existence
I'm not afraid
I'm gettin' ready to stand in line

An' I believe, there's no disgrace
In wanting more, than just this plain old life
An' I believe, beyond this time and space
Well it's crystal clear, what life is all about

As futile as it seems
I'm never losing sight
Of how important life can be

So I embrace the test of time
And gaze up to the stars
Waiting for my turn to come... my other life

I believe, there's no disgrace
In wanting more, than just a plain old life
In wanting more, than just an ordinary life
An' I believe, beyond this time and space
I believe, time and space
Well it's crystal clear, what life is all about

10. Forbidden Fruit

What you see you must not touch, what you see
What you want you cannot have, what you want
As Adam plucked the apple from the tree he never realised
A chemical and biological attraction, came to be

Consummate, your one desire
Physically connect as one
To copulate, will quench the fire
Burning fiercely in the soul and mind

What you want
You know you can't touch
What you see
You know you can't have
What you need
It's just what you feel
What you can't have
You want more and more

Once you've had a taste you're hypnotized
Forbidden fruit resist the call

An appetite, to self-indulge
Keep's growing stronger by the day
Your self-control, you're bound to lose
If you continue in this feverish way

Once you've had a taste you're hypnotized
Forbidden fruit resist the call
Don't be drawn into it's sweet desires
Forbidden fruit can change it's form

Everything is spiritual, everything has a spirit, everything is brought to
you by the creator
As Adam plucked the apple from the tree he never realised
A chemical and biological attraction, came to be

Why, why did man create all of these things?


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