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Album: ''Distorted'' (2001 EP)
1. Allmost dead
2. Sometimes
3. Children of fall
4. Sorry
5. Dishate

Album: ''Illusive'' (2004 Single)
1. Illusive
2. As you lay
3. Is it the wind?


Album: ''Memorial'' (2006)
1. In Your Light
2. Memorial
3. Children Of Fall
4. Flesh & Blood
5. Redemption
6. Sometimes
7. Is It The Wind
8. Illusive
9. Hesped



There are two bands who are called distorted, in chronological order:

1) A progressive death metal band from Bat-Yam in Israel.

The band formed in 1996 and released two demos until 2002 when they began concentrating more seriously on playing live. In 2003 and 2004 the band began to write the music for their debut album Memorial which was recorded in 2005 in Underground Studio in Sweden. The album was released on March 13th 2006 in Israel and May 2nd 2006 in the rest of Europe.

Memorial is distributed in Israel under NMC records and in Europe is licensed under Bad Reputation Records. At this point the band is still looking to be signed for worldwide distribution.

The band cite their influences as Opeth, Nevermore, Dark Tranquility and The Gathering, though there is a heavy Middle-Eastern influence to their sound, similar to countrymates Orphaned Land.

2) A Belgian metal band. The sound of the band is a melting pot of the musical preferences and roots of its members ; from Bay Area trash (Exodus, Testament and Machine Head), to heavy metal (Motorhead) and hardcore (Pro Pain and Hatebreed), with sometimes a little death metal (Entombed). Anything goes, as long as it sounds well and heavy.

In october 2003 Peter Gaelens (ex-Cowboys&Aliens), Olivier Claeys (ex-Gallow and ex-Zero Tolerance) and Hans Vancouillie (ex-Gallow and ex-Zero Tolerance) join forces and start a new band called Distorted. One month later Jürgen Elias joins the band. In march ’04 they record a mini-cd (6 tracks) “Devil to pay” at the HYPE studios in Mechelen with producer Dee J (La Muerte). The cd is released in may on the WATT’S’ON record label.

In 2004 and 2005 Distorted played a whole bunch of gigs with a whole bunch of bands, such as Do or die, After All, In-Quest, Peter Pan Speedrock, Oceans Of Sadness, Morda... and finally were invited to support Pro Pain for a part of their European "Prophets of doom" tour in november '05.

In december the band feels that a second guitar would add to the power and groove of the music, and certainly would broaden the possibilities. “In order to grow you should evolve...” At that time Niek Devos (ex-Mindstab) joined the band. In April ’06 distorted recorded their new full album “Demon inside” , again at the Hype Studio in Mechelen with producer Dee J. In july it was mastered by Tue Madsen at the Antfarm Studio in Danmark. In September the band got signed by Precious Metal Productions which is bringing out the album in all over Europe...

Gothic/Melodic Death Metal with Middle-Eastern Folk influences

Depression, Romance, Hypocrisy

Israel (Bat-Yam), formed in 1996

Candlelight Records


Guy Shalom - Bass
Benny Zohar - Guitar
Miri Millman - Vocals
Raffy Mor - Vocals, Guitar (Moonskin)
Shaked Furman - Session Drums (The Fading, Acropolis, Dissonant (Isr), ex-Solitary (Isr))

Oren - Guitar
Ori Eshel - Drums
Matan Shmuely - Session Drums (Armilos, Moonskin, Azazel (Isr), ex-Matricide (Isr))


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