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"Illusive" (2004 Single)

1. Illusive
2. As you lay
3. Is it the wind?

1. Illusive

A piece of heaven was taken, into infinity
And revealed itself as illusive.
Unforeseen sadness, dying dreams
It all got lost in time.

The future seems to be well known
Still, nothing lays solid.
The mysterious path I'm walking on
Drifts me back into the past.

To see you crushing into the shades
Of your darkest fears,
Those predicted sights were never
Expected to be so real.

And through a veil of pain
You have realized,
What have I become
What have I always been.

I Shall fear no more
Of being left aside
By your unfulfilling devotions
Clarity is now ahead of me
I'm craving for revenge
But still restraining, Silently.

2. As you lay

Have you ever thought you would lay
beneath the scar of an old dream ?
The ground is open wide,
but I can't hear you scream

It was a war which was never meant to end
I carry your sorrow within me
Bury your need to defend
Over what was left from a land.

I can't breath
When I hear you
Crying inside
Your regrets,
For a peace of mind

I never thought you would lay
side by side To a dream without a way.
And you wish you were here
So you could finally hear
My deepest fear.

3. Is it the wind?

Trail of fear led us to believe
that we can no longer trust
in the wind which carried us.

Is it the wind that will sweep us all
away deep into the storm?
where the silence wears many forms.

Are we so blind to see
that the lives we are living in
are no longer for free.

I can't escape from those thoughts
why the wind left me to rot
in these evil ways of life,
trapped between both sides.

And we hold the blame
to the one who carries the shame


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