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"Distorted" (2001 EP)

1. Allmost dead
2. Sometimes
3. Children of fall
4. Sorry
5. Dishate

1. Allmost dead

All your life you've been just a sucker
failed to see other people's laughter
Been living like the dead...
No time to pray, to clear your head.

You lie there on the bed
your head so foggy You are almost dead
Had a life not good or bad
Now you're lying there it's kinda sad

Want to live a life time - in a day
Never agreed to live - someone else's way
Were too affraid to stay...
So you took it away.

You feel no pain
No lose, you feel no gain
You thought you are insane
but i think you lost your brain.

One shot One time
Your choice Don't whine
Never felt like crying
Too deep - is the pain of dying.

Did you think, That if you'd
turn your back to the world
the world will turn it's back to you ?
Do you think that I will leave you alone ?

2. Sometimes

You are drowning me
With your cold closedness
There is fear (in your eyes)
Despite your fearless.

Open to me
let yourself out
(let yourself out).

You are hiding me
From your deepest feelings
There is happiness
(in your heart)
Despite your sadness.

Show me! Let yourself see!
Free me! Let yourself be!

Now feel a delightful pleasure
One flash - another glamour
Share with me my shining sparkle

3. Children of fall

Grey clouds are getting crowd
leaves keep falling on the ground
air is starting to flow
and the wind softly blows.

The naked trees are all over
the days are getting colder
the sun was removed from her place
and now the sky, uncovers their real face.

their hearts are beating fast
as they slowly wake up at last
their skin gets its color back
and now they're ready to attack

so, from the ash.
from the ash they slowly rise
with their dark and firey eyes
and they set to take them all...
To take them all.

They are... The children of fall...

4. Sorry

It’s preety hard i think
to see him makes me tick
it’s preety sad, i know
to watch him go

You cry too much

And if i just could
talk to him i would
instead of writing in the sand
please take my hand

You cry too much

We will take you down
and we will see you drown
it’s not a bad idea
it will work for me.

But now i’m sorry

You cry too much

5. Dishate

Run from the truth
sell your emotions.
Smile once more for me...
I won’t deny
you’ll see.

This hate
i get for free

Forget me now
my friend...
i might as well be dead...

This hate
i get for free.


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