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Gyere Baby, Rock

Album: ''Gyere Baby, Rock 'n Roll'' (1996 Demo)
1. Easy way out
2. Everybody's money
3. Rock n' Roll city
4. True love never lasts
5. Down on me
6. Nothing's forever
7. Ghost town

Bad Attitude 1

Album: ''Bad Attitude 1'' (1997 Demo)
1. Sweet sixteen
2. Good for nothin'

Bad Attitude 2

Album: ''Bad Attitude 2'' (1997 Demo)
1. Whenever I
2. Sweet sixteen
3. Fakeing love
4. Good for nothin'
5. Tears of silence


Album: ''Vreau'' (2000 EP)
1. Incredere
2. Amintiri
3. Soarta mea
4. Vreau
5. Aproape
6. Amintiri (Neg.)

Make Ends Meet

Album: ''Make Ends Meet'' (2001)
1. Make ends meet
2. When I dream of love
3. From the heart
4. True love never lasts
5. Invisible
6. Hideaway
7. Rockin'
8. Drain the brain
9. Play on me
10. Rock n' Roll city
11. Castles of sand

King Of The Moon

Album: ''King Of The Moon'' (2003)
1. Blue wind down South


Album: ''Sistemuiedevina'' (2004)
1. Asa sunt eu
2. Despre tine
3. Calator
4. Fac ce vreau
5. Sistemuiedevina
6. Nu sunt de vanzare
7. Tacere
8. Carne de tun
9. Se intampla
10. Zakuszka



1995 November, Fodor Ladislau and Muresan Mircea lay the grounds for a new band called CASH in a remote Cluj Napoca neighborhood having only 3 unfinished songs and a pick -up record player for amplifier.

1996 March, Esztergar Zoltan joins the band as the bass player and the first rehearsals begun.

1996 April. The line-up is complete by now with the new drummer Tommy "Li" Boda.
Rehearsals now go on a daily basis and glamm and sleaze takes over not only by the musical point of view but in spirit also. After only a week the band gets in the AMI studious in the town of Miercurea Ciuc to record the first EP called "Gyere baby Rock'n Roll". This odd kind of English and Hungarian mixture name comes from Paul Opris (the founder and guitar player of the band Narcoma).
The band got it's first gig in The same town of Miercurea Ciuc in October the 10th, followed by their first concert, ever in their home town Cluj Napoca, a week later on the 17th of October. The opening act at the both concerts performed by the Scamp Heart Killers, a local band from Miercurea Ciuc.

1997 brings another five concerts and the first line-up changes. Muresan Mircea is replaced by Razvan Crivaci from the town of Satu Mare with whom the band records an another demo in the same AMI studious containing two songs and called "Bad Attitude". The songs called "Whenever I “ and "Tears of silence" got ultimately on the playlist of the later released debut album called "Blame it on love".
Later on that year Razvan Crivaci is replaced with Nick Barna (ex Quest) and the band attends rock festivals at Seini and Ramnicu Valcea where Zoli "the horse" receives the best bass player award.

Fotzey gets sick and the band chills out for a while waiting for his recovery. Razvan joins the band again and the preparation for the recording of the first official album of the band has begun. The line up at the time:

Fotzey -guitars
Razvan Crivaci-lead vocals
Danny Bonadutchie-bass
Attila Sipos-drums
Lyv Sorescu-keys

The album was recorded at Glas Transilvan Studious in Cluj Napoca in August -September -October 1998.

Promoting the album the band tours in Romania, promotion gigs taking place in Cluj and Bucharest.

2000 - A new EP in released, only this time songs are written in Romanian language. The EP is called "Vreau" and contains 6 songs.
2001 -Attila Sipos quits the band in and gives up playing for good due to personal reasons and Danny Bonadutchie moves to Bucharest with his wife. The band searches for new members knowing that Atti and Danny are not easy to replace. The spirit revived when Klaus Pardos takes the lead vocals spot and Vick the Dick and Cosmin Cadar step up to play bass and drums.
Shortly the band's 2nd official album is released in October that year. It is called "Make ends meet" and contains 11 songs. Fotzey produces it and releases through his own record company called STREAM Music. Lots of fans are not quite pleased with the new style of the band but many others love it and support the band during hard times.

2002 - The band tours heavily through the summer of 2002 in towns such as Odorhei , Sibiu, Timisoara, Dej, etc and a few new songs are recorded.
2003 brings the release of the bands 4th album entitled "King of the moon".
Critics and reviews from such magazines as Metal Hammer, Rock Hard and Kerrang showed that the best CASH release so far is an outstanding material.

2004 brings back old drummer Atti Sipos and the band caries on in 4 members often working with key player Szasz Istvan also.

In autumn 2004 Cash will release their 5th LP, which will contain 11 songs sung in Romanian. Estimate time of release NOV 2003.

Heavy Metal

Romania (Cluj-Napoca), formed in 1995

Stream Music


Claudiu "Klaus" Partos - Vocals
Fodor "Fotzey" Ladislau - Guitar (Oblivion (Rou))
Tiberiu "Kinderu`" Coconet - keyboards
Dan Catinean - Drums
Piciu' a.k.a. Uram Calin - Bass (ex-Camelot)

Mircea Mureºan - vocals
Esztergar "The Horse" Zoltan - bass (Voices of Silence (Rou))
Tommy "Li" Boda - drums
Vaida Silviu Dan - Bass
Rãzvan Crivaci - vocals (Shekinah)
Nelu Brânduºan - guitar
Attila ªipos - drums (Oblivion (Rou))
Vaida "Danny Bonnadutchie" Silviu Dan - bass
Liviu "Lyv" Sorescu - keyboards
Vick Damone - bass
Cosmin Cadar - drums (Legion (Rou))
Marius "Roje" Vârvãroi - keyboards
Nick Barna - vocals (1997)
Fani Boca - bass (2000)


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