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Gyere Baby, Rock

"Gyere Baby, Rock 'n Roll" (1996 Demo)

1. Easy way out
2. Everybody's money
3. Rock n' Roll city
4. True love never lasts
5. Down on me
6. Nothing's forever
7. Ghost town

1. Easy way out

My bodyís shaking I canít find my seat
My bones are trembling I canít stand on my feet
Now that I saw you again tonight
I know that youíre the one to light my fire

I guess you didnít even noticed
That I- even exist or not
Feels like Iím being tied to a pillar
I just had to stay and watch

Easy way out Ė Iím gonna get you someday
Easy way out Ė Iím gonna give you my heart
Easy way out Ė The flame of loveís around me
Oh, baby just hold me tight

I forgot to tell you, Iím so shy
I think the devil made a nest in my mind
I gotta get rid of this senseless fear
And make these things completely disappear

Iíve heard you like to be treated babe
Just like a queen should be
But from now on Iím a new man
Youíll just have to wait and see


Someone like me the type that you canít stand
Iím nothiní to you just a castle full of sand
Iíve never meant to make you go away
Iím just hopiní youíll be back someday

Just take your chance on me babe
Youíll see the real me
There are no words I can say now
Iím all that you want me to be


2. Everybody's money

Filthy cash Iíve won
Aw, babe Iíll throw you some
Ainít no fair exchange
Money for blood and pain

I want you to know
My place is not your home
Treat me like dust and bones
This time will never be again

Everybody Ė wantís more money
I want money, I want money
Everybody Ė wantís more money
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Moneyís life, moneyís business
Moneyís fame, -moneyís craziness
You canít live without them
Aw, babe go and hide íem
One thing I say to you
Just do the way I do
If you have them spend them all
If you donít try get some now

Leave my home today
Come back another day
Your time is up now
This time will never be again

3. Rock n' Roll city

There's a party at Crazy Pappy's
We're gonna bust some balls
Maybe you are not invited
The house is there for all

Can't wait until tonight
Bring the beers, chicks and guitars
I've got a feelin' that we're gonna rumble
Light the night just like a striking thunder

All town's maybe gonna get crazy
Come with me baby to the rock n' roll city
Leave your dolls tonight locked in the box
Crazy fun, sex, cigarettes, whisky on rocks.

A hell of a night, the things just started
I can't breathe when her motor's runnin'
She goes down, my back against the wall
I think it's 911 I'm gonna call

The power switch has been turned on
Rock'n roll burns up the town
Ain't that nothin' but a bunch of crazy
People headin' straight to the rock'n roll city

4. True love never lasts

Maybe someday I will understand
The reason why you still hold my hand
I'm gonna feel it all inside of me

I guess I will always ask you why
True answers I'm never gonna find
Should I let you tell me all about it

I've waited much too long for you and now,
Now you're here
I'm never gonna let you go again

The chains of life are holding you
There's nothing else we both should do
To be together 'till the end of time

So, put your hands between my palms
And feel the warmth and confidence
There's no other way to show you this

I've waited much too long for you and now,
Now you're here
I'm never gonna let you go again

I'd never leave you
Until God will tear us apart
I'll take your words
Within my soul now
The needs have defeated you
You're too week to fight again
I'll be right beside to help you

5. Down on me

Oh, mama please believe me
Cuz I ainít no fool
Got a pressure in my head
To get another in my bed
I tell ya

The sweat is runnin' me
Rough kindaí feeliní
The truth is babe,
With me youíre safe
Just try again to feel me

Youíre goiní:
Down on me Ė
Down on me Ėup and
Down on me Ė so smooth
Down, down, down on me

Donít stick your nose
In my fuckin' bussinesGet your money babe,
Start it all again
Itís so easy


Go away and never come back to do me wrong again
You better donít ever, come back no later
ĎN I wonít feel no shame


6. Nothing's forever

Days passing by so easy
Nights full of passion
Dreams of better life weíre drawing
Falliní in temptation

I couldnít stand to see myself in black and white
The lies Iíve swallowed made me
Beat and bite

I would do anything that
Doesnít hurt my pride
Iíll take what I can now because

Nothingís forever
Nothing stays a life
Nothing is free now
We canít beat the time
Dreams and illusions
Filling up our minds
Nothingís forever
Nothing stays a life

The plans Iíve done are slowly
Vanishing away
The price we pay increases
Day by day

The truth is that we do nothing about it
To have our senses back again

Oh I can see the people
Getting weaker again
This time nobody pays a dime

7. Ghost town


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