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Make Ends Meet

"Make Ends Meet" (2001)

1. Make ends meet
2. When I dream of love
3. From the heart
4. True love never lasts
5. Invisible
6. Hideaway
7. Rockin'
8. Drain the brain
9. Play on me
10. Rock n' Roll city
11. Castles of sand

1. Make ends meet

I walk the streets alone
And I think I've seen it all
I can see what's goiní on
It reminds me of my long, long way to fall

But it's alright
We've never had what love it takes
I'm walkin' the streamline
Everything our lovin' touches breaks

Nothing new what brought in my life
But we always handled things alright

When love comes knockin'
I see the glance into your eyes
Your face keeps showin'
How you're meltin' up like ice
I can't remember
Everything we did
Things just don't matter
We gotta make ends meet

As long as I have you
Nothing scares me at all
As long as our love is due
Due to stay forevermore
I cannot hide, hide behind my dreams
It is torture
And I don't want to lay
A puddle of my own tears to hold you

Prove me wrong if I am right
There were times we did alright

2. When I dream of love

I got you right where I want you
Lurking into the dark
It's a maze you can't get through
Maze of my mind

You would never believe me
And you'll never defy
All the words I've been sayin'
Thought they were lies

When I dream of love
When I dream of love
When I dream of love
I can no longer take
What is painful and fake

When I dream of love
I dream about you and I
I see my temple of romance
Burned to the ground

I can no longer taste you
Feel you smell like a rose
I'll be getting wide open
Doors that you've closed

You should always remember
Things that made you be loved
Sticking all our memories
Into the dust

3. From the heart

You can take a day
It's so cold and oh, so gray
With a sweet and lovin' sound
You can make it turn around

You are what beauty is
The one who gave me life
I know that you know
Love is what we've found

Whenever you go, whenever you'll be
I'll be lovin' you still until it's over
I'm still walking then line
Making sure you'll be fine
And I'll reach to you right from the heart

You bring a smile where there are tears
Bringing life where there are fears
You can take them, take them all
Take down each defending wall

4. True love never lasts

Maybe someday I will understand
The reason why you still hold my hand
I'm gonna feel it all inside of me

I guess I will always ask you why
True answers I'm never gonna find
Should I let you tell me all about it

I've waited much too long for you and now,
Now you're here
I'm never gonna let you go again

The chains of life are holding you
There's nothing else we both should do
To be together 'till the end of time

So, put your hands between my palms
And feel the warmth and confidence
There's no other way to show you this

I've waited much too long for you and now,
Now you're here
I'm never gonna let you go again

I'd never leave you
Until God will tear us apart
I'll take your words
Within my soul now
The needs have defeated you
You're too week to fight again
I'll be right beside to help you

5. Invisible

That's the only life I know
And you make me push on through
That's the only love I know
I know it's a game to you

Looking back on what we've had
What we've lost I cannot stand
Love is just another state of mind

I'm invisible to you
I'm invisible but I'll make it through
Invisible to you - to you

I've paid the price for cheap advice
And I wonder
Of the moment when it all will end
And I'm tired

I shouldn't have let you go tonight
But somewhere it just feels alright
Love was only tired of me and you

Every night before the sun goes
On your lap to sleep
I think of you and heal this grief of mine

I did my best to keep you
But somethin' wasn't right
I stand alone to make it through the night

6. Hideaway

Got right passed of the border line
No more fears, no more doin' time
Feelin' good, gonna lean to live
I ain't gonna have no more time to kill

I've just spat in face of fate
I'm gonna take my time

Livin' it up for lovin' - ain't gonna hideaway
Don't know where I'm going - I'm gonna find my way
Tables will soon be turnin' - they will make my day
I'll keep the fire burnin' - ain't gonna hideaway

Long time since I've been feelin' good
Things go right on the way they should
Spent my green in a local slam
Lady Jane gives me the best she can

On the right path I'm gonna walk
I'll just take my time

7. Rockin'

Every night and day, push comes to showe
It's like straight up adrenaline
I feel the need to scream as thunder hits the stage
My veins filled up with gasoline

Now I know my destination
Breakin' through the sense of loud
An' I think I'm gonna make it
Tell you what it's all about

I'm gonna be rockin'
All night
Gonna be rockin'
Every day and night
Still rockin'
All night
Gonna be rockin' - all night long
Rockin' right

Every night and day
Push comes to showe
We're gonna blow the night away
I feel the need to shout as thunder hits the stage
My dues will not remain unpaid

8. Drain the brain

9. Play on me

I've just got right passed the mountain
I've got still so much to see
Got my '50 Chevy drivin'
'n you should stop to play on me

Play on me - tonight I'm gonna play ya
Play on me - up and down your spine
Play on me - tonight I'll be your fool babe
Your body got me feelin' fine

No more love and no "together"
There was somethin' on my mind
I just hesitate to call you
Playin' only wastes of time

10. Rock n' Roll city

There's a party at Crazy Pappy's
We're gonna bust some balls
Maybe you are not invited
The house is there for all

Can't wait until tonight
Bring the beers, chicks and guitars
I've got a feelin' that we're gonna rumble
Light the night just like a striking thunder

All town's maybe gonna get crazy
Come with me baby to the rock n' roll city
Leave your dolls tonight locked in the box
Crazy fun, sex, cigarettes, whisky on rocks.

A hell of a night, the things just started
I can't breathe when her motor's runnin'
She goes down, my back against the wall
I think it's 911 I'm gonna call

The power switch has been turned on
Rock'n roll burns up the town
Ain't that nothin' but a bunch of crazy
People headin' straight to the rock'n roll city

11. Castles of sand

Seems like all the things I've done
Useless things now that you're gone
All the time now

I would like to try again
But I know it ain't the same

I should make things right again
It's no easy to pretend
That our love will never bend
'Coz our love ain't a castle made of sand

Want you to know that I still do
Care a whole lot more for you
Every day now

We've been just foolin' ourselves
We both know it's close to end
anyday now


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