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The Entity

Album: ''The Entity'' (1991 Demo)
1. Bloody Mary
2. Jigsaw
3. Arghoslent
4. The Entity
5. Prenotion

Bastard Son of One Thousand Whores

Album: ''Bastard Son of One Thousand Whores'' (1992 Demo)
1. Cathari
2. Jaws of the Furnace
3. Werguild
4. Mob of the Howling
5. Incursions
6. Swallowed
7. Bastard Son of One Thousand Whores

The Imperial Clans

Album: ''The Imperial Clans'' (1993 Demo)
1. The Imperial Clans
2. A Somber Warcry
3. The Nexxus of Chaos

Galloping Through the Battle Ruins

Album: ''Galloping Through the Battle Ruins'' (1998)
1. Defile the Angelic
2. The Banners of Castile
3. The Entity
4. Galloping Through the Battle Ruins
5. The Imperial Clans
6. Ten Lost Tribes
7. Incursions
8. Fall of the Melanic Breeds
9. Rape of a Slave
10. Transpolar Combat

Arsenal of Glory

Album: ''Arsenal of Glory'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Rape of a Slave
2. Of Spears and Horns
3. Hymns of Conquest
4. Branding the Peon
5. Arsenal of Glory
6. The Negress
7. Werguild
8. The Imperial Clans
9. The Nexxus of Chaos
10. A Somber Warcry

Troops of Unfeigned Might

Album: ''Troops of Unfeigned Might'' (2000 EP)
1. March - Unconquered Soldiery (Intro)
2. Troops of Unfeigned Might
3. Jaws of the Furnace

Incorrigible Bigotry

Album: ''Incorrigible Bigotry'' (2002)
1. Flogging the Cargo
2. The Purging Fires of War
3. Quelling the Simian Surge
4. Heirs to Perdition
5. Archaic Invincibility
6. Incorrigible Bigotry
7. Hereditary Taint

Arghoslent/Der Stürmer/Mudoven

Album: ''Arghoslent/Der Stürmer/Mudoven'' (2005 Split)
1. The Ghosts of Flossenburg
2. Expose
3. Million "Man" March
4. Marked for Genocide



Arghoslent is an American death metal band formed in the summer of 1990. It was formed with the death of the thrash band Asphyxia by its former bassist, Kommando, and guitarist, Pogrom, adding drummer M.S. and vocalist Gravedigger. The band's lyrics have been the source of much controversy for dealing with taboo topics like Trans-Atlantic slave trade and The Holocaust. Despite being criticized for their radical ideology, Arghoslent has become a popular underground artist (especially after the release of Incorrigible Bigotry), their albums gathering mostly positive reviews.

Death Metal

Heroism, History, Racialism, Violence

United States of America (Oakton, Virginia), formed in 1990

Drakkar Productions


The Genocider - Vocals
Pogrom - Guitars
Holocausto - Guitars
Alienchrist (The Gulag) - Drums (Grand Belial's Key)

Gravedigger (Greg Harris) - Vocals (1991-1995)
Von Demonicus - Vocals
Kommando - Bass
M. S. (Mark Stauffer) - Drums (1990-1995) (Twisted Tower Dire)


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