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The Entity

"The Entity" (1991 Demo)

1. Bloody Mary
2. Jigsaw
3. Arghoslent
4. The Entity
5. Prenotion

1. Bloody Mary

Killing for Christianity
Queenís throne of blood
Follow her godly faith
Or be destroyed
Die by her hand
In painful misery
Watch her victims rise
Like the Mongols genocide

Convert old faith or be erased

Slaughtering heathens
That donít believe in the lord
Killing non-believers
For faith by her accord
Destroying atheists
For their mortal sins
Burning agnostics
From her kingdom within

Christ is your one and only god
If you have no faith
You will burn at the stake
By Bloody Mary and the wrath of God

Bloody Mary

Watching victims rise
Massive genocide

2. Jigsaw

Failed throne upheaval
Rebellion unsuccessful
Defiant to the Lord
Deviant to the masses
Circulation canceled
Bound to the ropes
Anxiety overwhelms
Public execution
Body unsolved puzzle
Dismembered for the king
Horsemen ride in anger
Dragging limbs follow
Menace to the kingdom
Deserved termination
Intolerable sins
Drawn and quartered

Open body savaged
Tore the living soul
Mutilated corpse
Identified no more
Surrounded by the bloody pool
The public screamed for more
Shouting curses of damnation
Whet their hunger for gore
Swallowed by the sand
Aristocratic punishment
Threatens all throughout the land

Drawn & quartered

3. Arghoslent

Cognizance, felicity, both unknown to us
Neglected to see essentials, robbed from us

Lies are links in the chain
Failure leads to omission
Rare attainments insignificant
Paradoxical attempts
Unwillingly forced
Constructed among
Your failure to understand us
Has only scarred you
Reformed, non-conforming
We are more fortunate
Routine, sinful array
We are not involved
Fencing, disguising all emotion
Dismal destiny
Green ray, always moving ahead
Will it ever connect?

Vociferous force within
Created the formula
Arghoslent rapidly being
Formed from origin

Terrestrial beings due to connect
Vengeance does not satisfy the
Guilt of being forced into the
Repetition, constellation
We seem like grave sites scattered
On the land awaiting the linkage
All events since time began
Are engraved by the incubus

4. The Entity

As they made their journey in 1000 BC
Headed for Britain, they were subdued
By the entity...

They erected Stonehenge for human sacrifice
War was in their blood, the air was cold as ice
Babies fed flesh to be warriors of the night
They fought to the death
The only way to fight

Fought in the town square
Hung their victimís heads
For all to see as appraisal to the gods
October 31st, spirits of the dead
The people left severed heads
Their practices were sound

It was the entity...

"The king, he has died," the town cried
"Slice him open to see who follows," cried the priest

In 55 bc the Romans came from Rome
The Celts rode into battle to protect their bloody throne
Tied them to horses and nailed them to their homes
The Romans were destroyed in battle and driven to their boats
The Celts cheered in victory and drank from the skulls
The entity has powered over the violent Celts
In conquest the entity and violence moved on
Carrying its plunge unto the next unknowing pawn

5. Prenotion


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