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Galloping Through the Battle Ruins

"Galloping Through the Battle Ruins" (1998)

1. Defile the Angelic
2. The Banners of Castile
3. The Entity
4. Galloping Through the Battle Ruins
5. The Imperial Clans
6. Ten Lost Tribes
7. Incursions
8. Fall of the Melanic Breeds
9. Rape of a Slave
10. Transpolar Combat

1. Defile the Angelic

Upon these vile remains of Christ
I hold the lance that pierced the fool
His true meaning withheld in a shroud of lies
Recite nine times the antique rite

His majestic hands
Poised before the weeping Jew
Unto the veil of sin...A fine of gold to those who fall Transfix the lamb to hail my king
Equal sons in benevolent rule

All sprang forth from the well of life
Up from the primordial swamps of one million years ago
Unto the highest mountain peaks with all life spread below
A vision of all the world
With its nations and races and tribes
The mosaic of human life with some not meant to sanctify

Trails of ancestors past, foretell of a destiny
Forgotten words and archetypes, the laws by which we see

Defile the angelic...

We march to divinity with our destiny in our wings
Over desolate lands of earth and sand
Where the chosen Jews were raised
Praise thee, hymns of archaic lore foretell of a time to be
Evolving forth into the light, forging a new destiny

Through ice and through snow, though darkness and light
The ferocity of the struggle attests to the might
Defile the angelic...

A vibrant force greets the dark
The end-time battles commence
Blood shed in a great cleansing flow
The banner of tradition and order stands proud once again...

2. The Banners of Castile

Spurred on by hope of conquest
Lusting for spice and gold
Into the churning seas
In the frail bark of tiny boats

Embedded in the soil of every continent
The bones of our ancestors lie
Testifying to a higher mandate
Sent down to warring soldiers

In the shadows of our banners
The indigenous bow to their masters
O' mighty winds caress our sails
And take this wrath away

Men of awesome might
Blue blood bred of steel
On cloven hoofs they ride
In the banners of Castile

In the sign of the martyr's cross
We torch the tropic fields
To the windswept shores of gold
With the banners of Castile

For blood and gold
The banners of Castile are raised...

3. The Entity

As they made their journey in 1000 BC
Headed for Britain, they were subdued
By the Entity...

They erected Stonehenge for human sacrifice
War was in their blood, the air was cold as ice
Babies fed flesh to be warriors of the night
They fought to the death
The only way to fight
Fought in the town square
Hung their victim's heads
For all to see as appraisal to the gods

October 31st, spirits of the dead
The people left severed heads
Their practices were sound
It was the Entity...

"The king, he has died," the town cried
"Slice him open to see who follows," cried the priest

In 55 BC the Romans came from Rome
The Celts rode into battle to protect their bloody throne
Tied them to horses and nailed them to their homes
The Romans were destroyed in battle and driven to their boats
The Celts cheered in victory and drank from the skulls

The Entity has powered over the violent Celts
In conquest the entity and violence moved on
Carrying its plunge unto the next unknowing pawn

4. Galloping Through the Battle Ruins

Charging forth through endless battles, bravely ahead
Overtop of enemy lines and into the fire
Choking clouds of mustard gas, sears their eyes
We march through the endless fray, to victory or death

Charging through the slaughter
Nobly born meet their fate
Courage in their victory before destiny
Supply lines feed the endless tide
As despotic soldiers
March toward our treasured sites

Symbiotic decay, strips of flesh melt away
As a choking pallor of death with our victory
Headlong into the smoking ruin
Armored artillery ride
Unexpected biological mean to cease the enemies' stride
Flesh burns...Radiological waves
Biological strains coagulate
Death down from the skies

Armored artillery
Mechanized infantry
Air cavalry
Dead in their tracks, all have died

5. The Imperial Clans

Disposed to exercise, absolute authority
The dark windows of Time, reveal my charming desires
Impelling need to dominate, establishing my dynasty
Dynamic addiction, impels men to rule
Enforcing masterdom, on subaltern breeds

The dark windows of time, reveal my charming desires
Impelling need to dominate, establishing my dynasty
Abjuring the cross of the holy celibates
We have always been perverse hedonists
Eliminating fools with supreme strategy
Denizens and slaves you have failed to adapt
The Imperial Clans

6. Ten Lost Tribes

Ten lost tribes, slaves in chains
As the scriptures tell of their pains
Torn from lands, chosen roam
The Assyrian kings claim the throne

Ten lost tribes, the throne they seek
Visions hailed them roaming free
Eyes will weep as they behold the sight
The truth of their fathers denied

From Assyrian chains to the windswept plains
Of ancient Palestine
Our Heaven's found
Behold the sight
Dominion we've found
Recite the ninth rite...

So Joshua smote the land
Cleansed of the kings and their scribes
Reclaim thy hallowed ground
For thy Lord God

Immersed in the meaning of the era's end
Dueling over sovereignty of holy sand
Talmudic rats roam the Judean plain
As vagabonds inherit years of pain

Immersed, in the era's end
Shards of glass penetrate blood-soaked sands
As razor-sharp tears in the flesh of Christ
Recite the lies that strip them of life

7. Incursions

8. Fall of the Melanic Breeds

The cloaked loyalists launch a raid
To stem the tides of the uncontrollable plagues
The righteous and holy, detest our objectives
The guillotine's blade left them headless

Hooded knights emerge from the ossuary
To curse the lonely who permit our denigration
Retro-procreation, a blatant disgrace
To the majestic pool of pristine genes

What thoughts flow among the ranks of the forsaken populace?
A zenith will bloom from the odor of melanin's riddance...

Technology destroyed the creatures’ purpose on earth
Global winds promulgate their discomfort and grief
They label us oppressors, a typical scapegoat
For their lives of rot and decay

Two dimensional minds in a three dimensional sphere
The trans-Saharan trade birthed a ninth-century delight
The pathetic melanin bred repeatedly fall
Like a northern storm on Ghana in his throne

9. Rape of a Slave

Come forth you shameless dark cunt
Appeal to my mercy for your life
I command the helpless dame
Bound and shackled in chains

In secluded regions
Atop mountain heights
The mystic starlight
Impurity of the night

Hear the crowd chant her name
Pelting the peon with stones
Devoid of nurture and care
Lusting the vengeance of her stare

Orbiting flames greet the dark
The sounds of shackles commence
The androcentric gem of life
The fierce crack of the whip

Rape of a Slave

10. Transpolar Combat

Social discontents
To the guillotine
Another global raid
Without an end
Endless combat throughout the world
Loyalists wage world war again

Decades of animosity
Enforced by the empire's plague
Fragile peons fell prey
To tales of equivalence

Transpolar combat
A new age on the way
The tyrants hang and sway
As the hopeless Christian prays

A trembling Semitic disgrace
Into the heart of the enclave
Where the strength of the enemy lies
Brutal wars of attrition
Savage combatants defy
Decaying nuclear arms
In the hands of the less than sane
Radiation sickness
Attrition to the grave


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