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Clairvoyant Dreams

Album: ''Clairvoyant Dreams'' (2005 Demo)
1. Guiding Light
2. Dream Of Plagues
3. Fate Of Choice
4. Underneath The Burning Heavens
5. The Forests Breath Inhaled

When Love Becomes Your Wreath

Album: ''When Love Becomes Your Wreath'' (2006)
1. Scaffold
2. The Seraphim's candle
3. Black Rose
4. Curse of the dying eyes
5. In a gadda da vida (Iron Butterfly Cover)
6. When sulphur falls
7. As stars weep in silent nights (instrumental)
8. Guiding Light
9. When every beat is for you
10. Of fire and marble caskets



-'Anthropomancy's' name has changed to 'Forgotten'-

Forgotten started out as a nameless project by vocalist, music and lyric writer Weltschmerz. He developed ideas for the music but needed to find someone with whom he'd be able to express them more easily. His thoughts remained in the back of his head, waiting to be born in the form of music.

The embodyment of his musical spirit was found in a fellow swamp soul namely Snærr, with whom Weltschmerz lost contact for over three years, when they met at a gig of Blood-Drenched. Weltschmerz explained his view of the music which he wanted to create, and so Snærr's aching muscles and weary bones would try to dig up enough soil for Anthropomancy, which would be the name for the band during their first two demo's, to fester in.

With 'Siren of Darkness' on the way Snærr decided to remain a session member and fell back to the shades of the band. Since Weltschmerz had been writing most material, and handeling all the arrangements he decided to merge Anthropomancy with his solo project Forgotten, to get a better grip on the slow inevitability of death.
Throughout the whole process of it's dismal slumber, Forgotten has always been able to rely on a pounding, corrupt and heartless soul, namely Morbid, to provide the music with enough sad undertones to make it become a whole.
More information about the session members can be read in the 'members' section.

Slowely yet steadily Weltschmerz is starting to control more of his talents on vocals as well as different instruments, and may one day very well play all the parts and need no session musicians. Yet, throughout these cold winters and dreary summers he is always willing to summon the aid of fellow grieving corpses and lowely prophets to support the depressing processes of recording.

Today Forgotten continuous to portray dying thoughts over dismal tunes and hopes all will share the grief.


Clairvoyant Dreams [demo 2004]

-Guiding Light
-Dream of Plagues
-Fate of choice
-Underneath the burning Heavens
-The Forest's breath inhaled

All music written by Weltschmerz and Snærr between 2002 and 2004. All lyrics written by Weltschmerz between 2003 and 2004. Recording, mixing and programming by Weltschmerz and Snærr during January – March 2005. Album artwork by Sjors Tomlow, album photography by Dominique Princen.
Design by Sjors Tomlow and Weltschmerz.
Total playing time: 27:56

When love becomes your wreath [album 2006]

-The Seraphim's candle
-Black rose
-Curse of the dying eyes
-Inna gadda da vida (Iron Butterfly cover)
-When sulphur falls
-As stars weep in silent nights -instrumental-
-Guiding light
-When every beat is for you
-Of fire and marble caskets

All music written by Weltschmerz and Snærr between 2002 and 2005, except ‘Inna gadda da vida’ originally written and performed by Iron Butterfly. All lyrics written by Weltschmerz between 2002 and 2005. Recording, mixing and programming by Weltschmerz and Snærr during summer and autumn of 2005. Artwork and design by Weltschmerz and Snærr. All album portret photography by Dominique Princen.
Total playing time: 49:36

Black Metal

Death, Hope, Dreams

Netherlands, formed in 2001


Changed name

Weltschmerz - Vocals, piano, synths, programming, music writing, lyrics, additional guitars

Session members:
Snaerr - Guitars
Morbid - Bass


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