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Clairvoyant Dreams

"Clairvoyant Dreams" (2005 Demo)

1. Guiding Light
2. Dream Of Plagues
3. Fate Of Choice
4. Underneath The Burning Heavens
5. The Forests Breath Inhaled

1. Guiding Light

Take my hand
Feel the tears
Well up inside of you

By my hand
Feel the fears
Grow deep inside of you

And as I take his bony hand, he reveals his famous scythe
The world before my eyes turns black, he cuts the thread of life

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via

Visions of the past, embrace with icy arms
As certain as has life, death also has its charms
The my veins...
Has vanished, as did pain...

The light is closing, and all becomes dark
I’m lost in endless sorrow, and none is here to guide the way

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via

Trapped inside the afterlife, where is my guiding light?

2. Dream Of Plagues

They told me that you are the bringer of plagues
Wielding a sword with nine blades wreathed in flames...

Sitting on a frozen throne, watching mankind as it dies

Staring, seeing, observing...
Waiting, untill times arrive in which you can crush their dreams
Filling their minds with hope and cherished faith

One gazing eye alone in night, facing down on earth
Watching people fall asleep, while stars are giving birth

“Open your dreams...reveal to me...reveal to me...
And then, die...”

3. Fate Of Choice

In a land, where shadows crawl, where souls are lost, and lovers mourn,
They long for rest, to hear a call, to kill the frost, and be reborn,
It will not be, the clouds are dark, and rivers burn, the sun is gone,
I am their sigh, I am their moan, born of dread, I am their son.

“Yes, you could dance, out of their arms, and be free,
Yet you don’t choose your chance, and be with me,
You would rather, between love and life, seek a way, to poison the rose,
Then to clip the thorns, on hearts we’d thrive, but you’re the fate you chose...”

I am the one, the being undone, who became the grief, your sun that shone,
But now no more, a lover’s adore, for eyes who pray, tearfilled to stay.

“I will remain, crowned by dismay, on this seat, of power and fear
Leave, while your soul still sees fit or be forgotten...”

4. Underneath The Burning Heavens

When I walked into the clearing with my cloak out flapping wide
I felt the darkness creap towards the light
Staring through the vastness of the shadows in my mind
I knew their silence was not hard to find
Craving for my loved one and the feeling left inside
On her memory and heart my power thrives
Death came with the keepers of the Heavens golden light
Hearing morbid laughing as I died

Calling on the Angels to ask them for a ride
My spirit left the calmness of the night
They brought me to a place from the shadows into the stars
Not knowing I came there to start a war
Walking down towards a gate, majestic to behold
Revealed from ancient stories long foretold
Unleashing ancient powers from the depth inside my mind
I left regret and sorrow now behind...

The angry faces looked, to what was to become their doom
And all of them took arms, and so Heaven stood in gloom

The powers given to me by the mighty Gods of old
Were a virtue for the dark ones to behold
First the balls of fire, which burned towards the gate
Left the Angels with their darkened fate
Then the rain of acid which now fell onto the ground
A war against the Heaven was announced
The voice of God Almighty trembled through the marble hall
Summoning his Angels to his call...

Now the time had come for us to flee
I told my love to come with me

But still we were escaping from the Angels vengeful hands
As we tried to find an exit to their lands
Running towards a golden gate, the Angels started to yell
Screaming its a place they would call Hell
But I insisted to go on, and ignore the Angels cries
As we escaped the Demons in disguise
And so we jumped into the gate and into the endless gap
With no more than our love in darkness’ wrap

We fell down in the clearing and embraced each other tight
Underneath the burning Heavens light
Beckoned by the beauty we enclosed our dying hands
Never to set foot inside Gods land...

5. The Forests Breath Inhaled

Moon, freed from dormancy, pierces her gaze through clouds that weep
Eluminate the tears of sky, allowing them to stand me by

Enchanting forest embracing me, as I walk into her soul
Drowning me in her extacy, bereaving me from the cold
The grieving prophecy in my mind, once the future now left behind
Kept me from the strenght inside, to free the power that she hides
The forest whispers secrets to me, that only I can hear
To draw the power forth from her, no longer need to fear

You lured me to your sanctum, bewitched me with your tale
Your secrets came divine to me, the forests breath inhaled

I lived my life, roots in her pool of wisdom
Sitting under trees, who told me of their lore
But then the anger came, engulved in poisoned rapture
The men brought with them flame, to burn her evermore

Flames blazed high in midnightsky and bereft me of my breath
Roaring on the sound of doom, leaving me for dead
My spirit soared above their words, as they screamed their pain
But nothing stopped the fire, so their screaming was in vain

My soul fell down on christian prey, a spectral ghost from hell
Looking into their fearing eyes, my words of gloom to tell

The pagan woods that now lay ashed, where my spirit found its peace
A monument of forgotten memories


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