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When Love Becomes Your Wreath

"When Love Becomes Your Wreath" (2006)

1. Scaffold
2. The Seraphim's candle
3. Black Rose
4. Curse of the dying eyes
5. In a gadda da vida (Iron Butterfly Cover)
6. When sulphur falls
7. As stars weep in silent nights (instrumental)
8. Guiding Light
9. When every beat is for you
10. Of fire and marble caskets

1. Scaffold

Screams of heart�s anguish spread chaos through my mind
Tempests, of passion, dark eyes love weakness of the blind
Passion, and torment, this hope forlorn
Feeding, on feelings, where hope was born

I trace the night for emotions I can reap
As dark will enclose you, I drink all you weep

Tears bitter strike vainly a portret on your face
They argue with laughter, the dance of pain�s grace

My child, be calm now, let comfort come to you
By hands of these dreams in which we love anew
And then dawn, shall wake thee, and murder the wish

A sword of tears, a shield of pain
Crown of grievance, for the guardian of sorrow

Strike down upon me, a glint in my eyes
Of silvery treasures, where hope brought the lies...

2. The Seraphim's candle

Wings have fallen deeply unto perilled ground
Where sorrow breeds and tears lay once profound

Heavy curtains wave at candles in the night
Gather me, so I may see, their dance of radiant light
Bewitch the mind with fantasies, which in my heart abide
But beware the candles frailty, for soon they will have died�

�Feel the ice cold treading near, a gust of wind I ride�
�Draw your sword and fight�

Seraphim descending from the light

�God have mercy on��


�Sweet angel have mercy, on this weakness of soul�

His eyes have grown weary, bearing heart black as coal

�Seek the lost one you loved�

�I�ll redeem myself��

Candle tears fall and die solemn on stone
Curtains fall still and I am alone
Wings that lay still take leave from my sight
As she smiles with solace, and I die in night�

3. Black Rose

Your petals black as night
Your thorns remain frozen
And as you pray for light
There�s no chance in chosen sight

Basking in darkness and hearing the lonesome cries,
as you shiver coldly,
when all clouds weep and tear, for you,
Solemn and lone...

Dismal dreams are hushed to sleep by the bidding of the winds
As you are too weak to weep and found rest amidst the dins

But now your time has come, my rose
To grow and your seeds to spread
Plant them deeply, so I can never forget...

Set free your soul in passion, and touch the stars with me
Dance within our grievance, and let tears become a sea

We shall fly, with wings above
Over the veils, night sprouted us of

You are my black rose

And as your beauty withers, with the rising of the sun
I too, shall lay with thee, as when our passion had begun
Our dreams and hopes, leaving as night retrieves her eyes
Shall die as will these words, spoken through love�s voice
You tremble as I touch your dying hands
To sooth your pains and writhing, to help you understand
That we are are never dying, just arising to the lands
In which we can love freely
Where time has no commands

4. Curse of the dying eyes

Treading down the path of my despair
Escaping from a blackened, vile past where...,

...rapture by malice and murder found my soul
Revenge and death still burned inside my throat

I still see...
Your face burning...

And now my soul
Is damned to walk the earth, forever and alone

The stinging blade, of the knife, still stabbed inside your body
Slowly corroding memory, fighting with my tears
Neverending grievance, of my darkened soul
Damned by Gods, cursed by prayers unheard...

Please find me...

Rapture by malice and murder found my soul
A cloak of sorrow, on a entity black as coal

Please leave me...

Revenge and death still scream inside my mind
Your dying eyes still stare me blind...

Bring me peace...

5. In a gadda da vida (Iron Butterfly Cover)

6. When sulphur falls

Our full moon is falling
Blood has spoiled the night
My Queen for you I'm calling
From where children found death, by holy light

Swords of three have gathered
Gabriël, Raphaël and Michaël
But I survived and also others
And revenge shall be ours when Sulphur falls

Why, God, why?
Why deny Lilith her pleasure?
Why, God, why?
Just because Adam disliked it?
In your answer shall lay no right
And then You also shall fall, when light shall die

Now in His anger, He fells our kind
Where no forgiveness is given, for He is blind
And where we weep, and seek the light
Shall no reason be brought, in this night
He invokes His wrath against our earth
Proclaims our anguish from our birth
But when fire it rains we'll be free
And then it will be just you and me

Forever on the throne of ashes, with you at my side
(Lady Lilith)
The weeping for our children, a sea is formed in this infernal night

7. As stars weep in silent nights (instrumental)

8. Guiding Light

Take my hand
Feel the tears
Well up inside of you

By my hand
Feel the fears
Grow deep inside of you

And as I take his bony hand, he reveals his famous scythe
The world before my eyes turns black, he cuts the thread of life

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via

Visions of the past, embrace with icy arms
As certain as has life, death also has its charms
The my veins...
Has vanished, as did pain...

The light is closing, and all becomes dark
I�m lost in endless sorrow, and none is here to guide the way

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via

Trapped inside the afterlife, where is my guiding light?

9. When every beat is for you

My eyes turn aloft and watch the ever dark sky
As tears begin pouring from clouds passing by
Our bodies entangle under skies that collide
With passion and romance in our hearts abide
With feverish longings and candles in night...

Your forest green eyes grow so wildly in me
Suppressing my sorrow and freeing my dreams
Your black hair like ivy entangling my skin
A shivering coldness everywhere, your lips have been...

Tears flow from mountains as we forever subdue
To this loving of angels, every moment is true
With devotion and caring at whatever we do
And no heartaches when every beat is for you

10. Of fire and marble caskets

One candle after midnight, just before the dance begins:

A gloomy voice strangles the hope of the returning
The soft breath in night releases the flames from life
And all that remains is the yearning...

�When the heart has escaped from the fire
And the passion cannot drown the thirst
The marble will embrace you coldly
Where conceit, and eyes have been first�

Hope: The marvel of their growing
Fate: Where you should not have come.
Hope: Erupting joy inside my veins
Fate: It now will be undone.
Hope: No! Remain, the laughter...
Fate: Never, tears will flow...this will not be your time!

�This grievance set on stage, the puppets in my arms...
And so the curtains shall close!�

Hope: But age has come with dawning...
Fate: And also with it night.
Hope: Our doubt shall fill with warning...
Fate: But never release the light!

Fate: Despair has come to greet me,
And join us in this dance.
As marble will embrace you,
And hearts will feel her glance.

�And so we dance...�

And so they dance, the grievance set on stage...

Heart: I have drowned in passion, and you shall be the answer, to my dreams...

�So the heart sought release from the fire
But the passion could not drown the thirst
Now marble will embrace you coldly
Where conceit, and eyes have been first�


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