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Gods on Voodoo Moon

Album: ''Gods on Voodoo Moon'' (1985 EP)
1. Gentleman Junkie
2. King of Souls
3. Tales from the ScareCrowMan
4. Cat's Eye Resurrection

Pig Heaven

Album: ''Pig Heaven'' (1985 Single)
1. Pig Heaven
2. Slaughter the Gray

Psycho-Head Blowout

Album: ''Psycho-Head Blowout'' (1986 EP)
1. Eighty-Eight
2. Fast Jungle
3. Gun Crazy
4. Kick
5. Memphis
6. Magdalene
7. True Crime

Soul Crusher

Album: ''Soul Crusher'' (1987)
1. Ratmouth
2. Shack Of Hate
3. Crow III
4. Drowning The Colossus
5. Die Zombie Die
6. Skin
7. Truck On Fire
8. Future Shock
9. Scum Kill
10. Diamond Ass

Make Them Die Slowly

Album: ''Make Them Die Slowly'' (1989)
1. Demon Speed
2. Disaster Blaster
3. Murderworld
4. Revenge
5. Acid Flesh
6. Power Hungry
7. Godslayer

God of Thunder

Album: ''God of Thunder'' (1989 EP)
1. God of Thunder
2. Love Razor
3. Disaster Blaster II

La Sexorcisto - Devil Music Vol.1

Album: ''La Sexorcisto - Devil Music Vol.1'' (1992)
1. Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag
2. Knuckle Duster (Radio 1-A)
3. Thunder Kiss '65
4. Black Sunshine
5. Soul Crusher
6. Cosmic Monster's Inc.
7. Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)
8. I Am Legend
9. Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B)
10. Thrust!
11. One Big Crunch
12. Grindhouse (A Go-Go)
13. Starface
14. Warp Asylum

Nightcrawlers: the KMFDM remixes

Album: ''Nightcrawlers: the KMFDM remixes'' (1992 EP)
1. Thunderkiss '65 (LP version)
2. Thunderkiss '65 (Swinging Lovers Mix)
3. Thunderkiss '65 (The Remix That Wouldn't Die Remix)
4. Black Sunshine (LP version)
5. Black Sunshine (Indestructible "Sock It To Me" Psycho-Head Mix)


Album: ''ThunderKiss '65'' (1993 Single)
1. Thunder Kiss '65 (Finger on the Trigger Remix)
2. Welcome to Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag (LP Version)
3. Black Sunshine (Indestructible "Sock It To Me" Psycho-Head Mix)
4. Thunder Kiss '65 (The Diabolical Ramrodder Remix)

Astro-Creep 2000

Album: ''Astro-Creep 2000'' (1995)
1. Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony)
2. Super-Charger Heaven
3. Real Solution #9
4. Creature Of The Wheel
5. Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
6. Grease Paint And Monkey Brains
7. I Zombie
8. More Human Than Human
9. El Phantasmo & The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama
10. Blur The Technicolor
11. Blood Milk And Sky

More Human Than Human

Album: ''More Human Than Human'' (1995 Single)
1. More human than human (Lp version)
2. More human than human (The Jeddah of the Tharks super-mix)
3. Blood, milk and sky (Kerokerokeropfi and the smooth operator mix)

Real Solution #9

Album: ''Real Solution #9'' (1995 Single)
1. Real Solution #9
2. Electric Head Pt.2 (The Ecstasy) (The Creature Feature 56 Mix)
3. Electric Head Pt.2 (The Ecstasy) (Sgut Up And Kill Mix)
4. Real Solution #9 (Clean Edit)

Electric Head Part (The Ecstasy)

Album: ''Electric Head Part (The Ecstasy)'' (1996 Single)
1. Electric Head Part 2 (The Ecstacy)
2. Blood

Electric Head Part 2

Album: ''Electric Head Part 2'' (1996 Single)
1. Electric Head Part 2
2. El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama
3. More Human Than Human (Princess of Helium Ultra)
4. Blood

white zombie


White Zombie was an American industrial groove metal band named after the 1932 Bela Lugosi film. Their musical style was sample-heavy, based around groovy riffs and Rob Zombie's snarling vocals. The samples that filled their records were mostly from obscure horror films, but used creatively to create a kind of carnival-freakshow vibe.

Rob Zombie, still known at this time as Rob Cummings, supported himself through multiple jobs, including working as a cycle courier. Most famously, he was a production assistant on Pee-wee's Playhouse, but he also worked as a designer on pornographic magazines. At this time, he became involved with Shauna Reynolds, another up-and-coming designer. Together they shared a love of classic horror and sci-fi, heavy music and the weirder corners of American underground culture. They decided to form a band that would draw upon all these influences and White Zombie was formed. Rob took vocals and the name Rob Straker (later to Rob Zombie), while Reynolds became the bassist and was known as Sean Yseult. They became the only constants in the often-fluctuating band line-up.

White Zombie best showed their signature style on their final two studio albums, La Sexorcisto and Astro-Creep: 2000, where higher production values better enabled their sample/riff style.

In 1998, Rob Zombie founded his own label, Zombie-A-Go-Go, signing surf and horror acts like The Bomboras and The Ghastly Ones, as well as compiling the mix album Halloween Hootenany. He was managing the new band of his brother Michael, now known as Spider One, the punk-tinged Powerman 5000, but also looked to his own solo career.

After huge opening week sales of his first solo album, Hellbilly Deluxe (1998) that dwarfed those of any White Zombie release, it was announced that the band had split up. Bassist Sean Yseult left to form female horror-rockers Famous Monsters and, later, Rock City Morgue. Rob Zombie went on to continued success with his solo music project, and new acclaim as a successful film director.

Industrial, Groove, Post-thrash

Horror movies, tongue-in-cheek humour, sex, cars

United States of America (Haverhill, Massachussets), formed in 1985



Rob "Zombie" Cummings - Vocals (1985-1998) (Rob Zombie)
Jay Noel Yuenger - Guitars (1989-1998)
John Tempesta - Drums (ex-Helmet, ex-Testament, ex-Black Label Society, ex-Exodus, ex-Prong, Rob Zombie, Guest for Scum of the Earth, Guest for Iommi) (1994-1998)

Sean Yseult (Shauna Reynolds) (1985-1997) (The Famous Monsters, Rock City Morgue)

Ivan DePrume (1985-1992) (now in Healer)
Peter Landau - drums (1985)
Phil "Philo" Beurstatte - drums (1992-1994) (ex-Last Crack)

Tim Jeffs - guitars (1986)
Paul "Ena" Kostabi - guitars (1985)
Tom "Five" Guay - guitars (1985-1988) (Angel Rot, Rat Salad)


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