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Gods on Voodoo Moon

"Gods on Voodoo Moon" (1985 EP)

1. Gentleman Junkie
2. King of Souls
3. Tales from the ScareCrowMan
4. Cat's Eye Resurrection

1. Gentleman Junkie

Gentleman Junkie

What do you see when you look at me
I know what I see when I look at you
What do you see see when you close your eyes
can you open your head and step inside

Sitting on top of a holy mountain
Swimming away in an acid fountain
Living inside a Scorpio tree
How does it feel to be ~

Stuck inside a hollywood hallucination
playing you role in a vinyl generation
visions knocking you up and down
trapped like a rat~cat town

lights in the mirror reflects your face
white line skin leaves no trace
hollow laughs from a demon clown
where the hell were you bound

Where were you going on that ghost train
did you see the wheels were moving in vain
how many times did that train run off the
tracks how many knives did you pull from
your back

2. King of Souls

King of Souls [W.Z.]

priests gathered at the graves
No souls were saved, fooling
with the young man's pain
the childs' mind had gone insane
born in heaven, raised in hell
an angel of death that never
fell, trapped in a world I never
made-I watch the sky turn black
and fade. The scene of the crime
was empty-nothing left for you
to see, but you could hear the
sound of the bodies breaking the ground
plague of zombies run away-
remember hell came today-Scream,
scream and scream again-my days
of terror shall begin-. In the
hills they beat a song of how
all was lost and - all was gone, see
the figures glowing in the night-shadows
dancing in flaming light.

3. Tales from the ScareCrowMan

Tales from the Scarecrowman

I'm the Scarecrowman, I'm swingin'
swingin'-I'm the Scarecrowman,
swingin' swingin' from the hangin'
tree-the clock-clock-clock
on the wall is ticking away
my time-the sentence is
past, now I'm paying for my
crimes-I reach out-out for the
hands of time, but they're
out of reach-I said I reach out-
out for the setting sun but
it's out-gone out of my reach-
the dust in the wind is blowing its
way back to Horror Hill-little girl's
voodoo dolly sitting-on the windows sill-
the broken glass sparkles in the light-sign
on the door tells me No One Home Tonight-
Said I'm the Scarecrowman wasting
away and I'm swingin' swingin'-
on the hangin'

4. Cat's Eye Resurrection

Cat's Eye Resurrection

cat's ~ cat's ~ cat's
cats ~ cats ~ cats

Splashing on my walls ~ my walls
in the field the bodies are tied
to the their crosses hair hanging down
the blood is rolling down their
arms to the waiting dogs

bad ~ bad ~ bad
bad ~ bad ~ bad

counting the meat on the tables
in the field the bodies are tied to the
altar the pope's mule sings a song of
freedom from his majesty-the pope

nazi ~ nazi ~ nazi
nazi ~ nazi ~ nazi

waving their tongues in the air
cat's-cats-cats-bad-bad-bad-cat's eye


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