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We Have Ways to Make You Rock

Album: ''We Have Ways to Make You Rock'' (1986)
1. She's a Woman
2. Dreamworld
3. Power of the Rock
4. May Heaven Strike Me Down
5. I'll Come Running
6. Second to None
7. Only the Wind
8. Love Lies Bleeding
9. We Shall Rock

May Heaven Strike Me Down

Album: ''May Heaven Strike Me Down'' (1986 Single)
1. May Heaven Strike Me Down
2. I'll Come Running

Take it or Leave It

Album: ''Take it or Leave It'' (1987)
1. Take it or leave it
2. Code of honour
3. Rock'n'Roll shower
4. Take me to the limit
5. Engines
6. Hear me out
7. Woman in the world
8. Looks of a winner
9. Ain't gonna take you home

Back from Flight 19

Album: ''Back from Flight 19'' (1997)
1. Planet Zilch
2. Follow A Trend
3. Dreamulator
4. Darkside Of The Brain
5. Loaded Gun
6. She Said
7. Lonely Girl
8. Right To The Core
9. PG 16
10. Live Or Die
11. Flight 19

Back in the Ring

Album: ''Back in the Ring'' (2006)
1. Back In The Ring
2. No Mercy
3. Mind Over Matter
4. Captain Moonlight
5. Holy Water
6. Bad Attitude
7. Had Enough
8. Now And Then
9. Cowboy Style
10. Rip It Off / Evelyn
11. -


Traditional Metal

Netherlands (Waalwijk), formed in 1982

Transmission Records


Leon Goewie - Vocals (ex-The Alex Parche Project, Stonewashed)
Peter "Peer" Verschuren - Guitars
Hans van 't Zandt - Drums
Barend Courbois - Bass (ex-Biss, Ian Parry)

Oscar Holleman - Guitars
Leo van Breemen - Guitars
Mark Hagenaars - Guitars
Gerry de Graaf - Drums (Mother of Sin)
Roland Bakker - Keyboards
Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Guitars (Ayreon, Within Temptation (Guest), ex-Ambeon, Bodine, Erik Norlander, Freak Neil Inc., guest for Galexia, Ian Parry, Star One, Stream of Passion, Space Mirrors (Guest))
Ian Parry - Vocals (Elegy, Hammerhead (Hol), André Andersen)
Jan Bijlsma - Bass (Ian Parry)
Peter Jansen - Bass
Ernst Van EE - Drums (Blind Justice (Hol), Helloïse, Highway Chile, Threnody (Hol))
John Snels - Drums
Jan Somers - Guitars
Matthieu Oligschlager - Drums
Paul Thissen - Drums (R.I.P. 2006, Heartfailure)


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