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Back from Flight 19

"Back from Flight 19" (1997)

1. Planet Zilch
2. Follow A Trend
3. Dreamulator
4. Darkside Of The Brain
5. Loaded Gun
6. She Said
7. Lonely Girl
8. Right To The Core
9. PG 16
10. Live Or Die
11. Flight 19

1. Planet Zilch


And every morning
Without a warning
His dreams are shattered by the six o'clock alarm

Sleeps on Sunday
But this is Monday
Puts on his suit and tie and case under his arm

There are no suprises
Every day's the same
He should have been a rockstar but no one knows his name
Now he realizes
He's the one to blame
There is no real life on planet Zilch

He reads the daily
Opens his maily
And tells the wife she's never looked this good before

He hugs the baby
Kisses the lady
And then he whistles as he's walking out the door

but in the evening
he thinks of leaving
and wanders off into the wild and vast unknown
but it's too late now to change his fate now
He feeds the cat and then he gives the dog a bone

2. Follow A Trend


All you friends are going out tonight
You don't fit in if you don't dress up right
You want to join them but it feels so wrong
Some things tell you that you don't belong

They tell you, sucker, don't be no jerk
Allow yourself to go complete berserk
You tag along with them mindless fools
Instead of living by your own rules

Follow a trend
Grow a little beard
Dress real casual
And act real weird
Follow a trend
Curse and swear
You wanna be cool
So cut your hair

Your favourite bands are going out of style
But you don't care now you are on your isle
No one there tells you what to wear
The world is turning but you just don't care

Follow a trend
You gotta be fast
You gotta hurry
Coz' the trend won't last
Follow a trend
The devil may care
You wanna be hot
So grow your hair

3. Dreamulator


After all I have been through
I've crossed the line
That seperates
Reality and dreams

And of the world that I once knew
Am I the only one
inside this cold machine

Maybe this is my creation
Maybe this is my machine
Maybe my hallicunation
I'm the dreamer and you're the dream

She sat down beside me
Tried to comfort me
She spoke
Took away my fears

I reached out, tried to touch her
There was no one there
She smiled
Then disappeared

I am the dreamer
You're the dream
Things aren't always what they seem
If I am a dreamer
Then you're
A dream

4. Darkside Of The Brain


No need to cry for the sins you bear inside
For it's been so long ago
No need to fight all the fears you try to hide
For now they start to show

So now you think they've gone
But no, they will remain
In the dark side of the brain

All the lies, an' all the tears
Are buried in my memory
All the cries, an' all the fears
Forever in my soul

All the blame, an' all the dirt
Can it be forgiven
All the shame, an' all the hurt
Are lurking in my mind

No need to fly from the shadows of the part
For the images will fade
No need to die for the suffering won't last
There's no need to be afraid

5. Loaded Gun


She's been playing with the wrong guys
Ever since she was a little kid
Dad's been feeding her the wrong lies
Never cared 'bout anything she did

She's been messing with the heavy stuff
She could hardly stand up on her feet
The day came when she couldn't get enough
So she had to go out on the streets

Every day she sees her dreams
Going down with the sun
And every night she finds herself
With a loaded gun

She's been living all alone now
There is no one left who even cares
She can't manage on her own now
She's too weak to make it up the stairs

She's always praying for tomorrow
And the love she cannot do without
It's her way to drive away the sorrow
Even though she knows there's no way out

They broke down the door
Found her on the floor
She took away her pain

Her neighours heard the sound
They all gathered round
But no one knew her name

Walk away, walk away
There is nothing you can do
Walk away, walk away
There is nothing here for you

6. She Said


Can't you hear me calling
Iíam out here all alone
Howling in the desert
like a dog without a home

Lost inside a sand storm
of treachery and lies
If only I had recognized
the devil in disguise

Ooh can't you see Iíve got nothing to hide
she said and then she smiled
Ooh I will always be there at your side she said

Ooh there is something I need you to see
she said and then she smiled
Ooh there's a place where we both can be free she said

Deams of the future
are nightmares of the past
the agonyís eternal
and memories don't last

All my hopes have left me
I've no more tears to cry
How could I believe in you
you left me here to die

7. Lonely Girl


Lonely girl won't you smile at me and face the world
Or they will never see the light that shines
Inside your eyes
Don't cry no more, I told you once before
I will tell you once again
No matter what they say, you blew them all away

Lonely girl won't you turn the key
Defy the world
And all the irony, and have no fear the coast is clear
Walk out that door, I told you once before
I will tell you once again
No matter what they say, you blew them all away

Set the world on fire
Take your chance
You know that you can
Satisfy your hearts desire
Come join the dance
You know that you can

Lonely girl why don't you promise me
To free the world, of all insanity
'Cause you're the one it has begun
Know you've opened up the door
I told you once before, I tell you once again
No matter what they say, you blew them all away

8. Right To The Core


I was raised in the backstreets of the city
Trying very hard just to survive
Looking for that chance of a lifetime
Finding a way to satisfy that inner drive

Then someone offered me a fine position
Working in a bank from 9 to 5
It only took me 6 or 7 hours
To realize that this was not my aim in life

Too many lies, too many sidetracks
Too many roads that lead to nowhere
Too many why's, too many drawbacks
I cannot fake it anymore
Gotta get right to the core

I never had to sit around for ages
Arguing out some stupid deal
I always came and took just what I needed
As long as I could get myself a decent meal

I never had to smile at silly faces
I never had to beat around the bush no
I always knew how to protect myself
When ever it came to the push

9. PG 16

PG 16

You're gonna have to play our game
You're gonna have to do as we say
And if you're gonna play our game
You better learn to play it right

You're gonna have to bear our name
You're gonna have to tell your secrets
And if you're gonna bear our name
You better learn to spell it right

We gave you all we had
We gave you all you wanted
We gave you all you've got
So what!

You're gonna have to act your age
You're gonna have to be our pride and joy
And if you're gonna act your age
You better learn to sit up right

I'm gonna have to break my cage
I'm gonna have to get away from here
And if I'm gonna break my cage
I better learn to do it right

Why don't you let me go
Why don't you let me be myself
Why don't you let me free myself

10. Live Or Die


You saw the writing on te wall
And as you slipped away I heard you call
You tried to crawl out of your hole
And as you tried to walk I saw you fall

You're like a river that's dying in the sea
You're just a shadow of the man you used to be
Looking for answers the ones you cannot find
No time to waste now so make up your mind

You always said you were so strong
Inside your golden cage you had it made
But now time has proved you wrong
Was it worth the price that you have paid

You were a cyclone but now you are the breeze
You were vitality but now you're a desease
Look to the future and leave the past behind
Never too late now to make up your mind

Live or die

So now you've gone back to your hole
But now you chose to stay forevermore
You used to call it rock'n roll
But now you've lost your lonely silly war

11. Flight 19


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