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Before The Sunrise

Album: ''Before The Sunrise'' (1999 Demo)
1. Do not forgive us
2. Angellic rebellion
3. Alone
4. Before the sunrise

Enlightening The World

Album: ''Enlightening The World'' (2002)
1. Do not forgive us
2. Enlightening the world
3. My mandylion
4. Alone
5. Kingdom of the sand
6. Freedom (is mine)
7. Ashes up your sleeves
8. New jerusalem
9. Angellic rebellion
10. As above, so below



UNDERCODE was formed in 1997, in Zagreb, Croatia. Today you can consider us an intercontinental metal act, because the singer lives in Australia and three other band members live in Croatia. Is it hard to work like this? Not at all. Modern technology has given us some useful tools that helps keep us together.

The debut album “Enlightening The World” was released in 2002 but exclusively for the territories of Australia and New Zealand. A year later, three songs from the album were featured on the top selling X-Box and PC game SERIOUS SAM – The Second Encounter (SS2). Reactions from all over the world were fantastic, but it did not help to secure a record deal in EU or USA. A new album is on the way and maybe this one will help secure that deal.

Throughout the years we have played many gigs, but still we remember the dates when we have opened for Grave Digger, Paul Di Anno and jamming with our friends from Dungeon in Zagreb, Croatia.

In 2005 the band appeared on a Saxon Tribute CD called “Eagleution”, released by German “Remedy records”. It was an honor to be a part of the tribute to our long time favorite band. Saxon rocks. On that album you can hear our version of “Great White Buffalo” (originally from their “Dogs of War” LP).

This year, we will appear on the big screen in the metal movie The Warrior. Steve Ravic, well known for his work for Manowar, Rhapsody (of Fire), Gammaray and other popular bands. No, we’re not acting in the movie. We are just playing. Get more information at You can also watch Kai Hansen and Gammaray, Schmier of Destruction and the queen of heavy metal – Doro Pesch in this movie.

Upcoming shows? We have stopped the cycle of playing local clubs, pubs and bars. From now on, Undercode will play tours and festivals only, probably once a year. The next few gigs are likely to happen in Australia, and follow the release of an upcoming CD, sometime before the end of 2007.

Heavy Metal, Power Metal

Spirituality, Prophecies, Apocalypse, War

Croatia (Zagreb), formed in 1997

Metal Warriors


Damien - vocals (ex-Drinking Skull)
Jitz - guitar (Big Rock)
Karo - bass (Iron Fist)
Brko - drums (Big Rock)

Danko Lukacevic - guitar
Dario Sabo - bass (ex-Hard Time, ex-Big Rock, Rafo i Legende)
Davor Keranovic - drums (ex-Big Rock, Rafo i Legende)


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