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Enlightening The World

"Enlightening The World" (2002)

1. Do not forgive us
2. Enlightening the world
3. My mandylion
4. Alone
5. Kingdom of the sand
6. Freedom (is mine)
7. Ashes up your sleeves
8. New jerusalem
9. Angellic rebellion
10. As above, so below

1. Do not forgive us

Now I understand that
The end of the circle is near
And I prey to you, my maker,
To end this reign of fear

Please come down from the clouds
With your great Hammer of Justice,
Save those who deserve salvation
Apocalypse needs it's practice.


Do not forgive us, Father -
'cause we believe in alien life forms
Do not forgive us, Father -
'cause we've fear of them, but not of you
Do not forgive us, Father -
'cause we have turned ourselves to the animal level
Do not forgive us, Father -
Just come down and blow us away.

If punishment gets everyone
Without any exceptions,
In that case, why I have to pay
For the sins of others?

I don't want to share destiny,
The destiny of humankind,
Although I'm one of them,
I am different deep inside.

repeat chorus:

2. Enlightening the world

I can't believe what I see,
What's happening on the screen of MTV,
Another new boy band is rocking soft,
They are trying to pretend.

Fools are dancing on the strings
Of the boss of music industry.
From the tower comes a new command,
Kids are hungry for a new kind of trend.


Raise the flag - You know who you are!
Be yourself - You are born to be wild!
Raise your fist - Now it's time to see,
Heavy Metal gives you liberty!


Enlightening -
Listen to my words,
Enlightening -
Just listen and absorb,
Enlightening the world -
Yes, we have to do it,
Enlightening the world -
Yes I want it, yes I want it.

All for one and one for all,
We sold our souls to the gods of Rock and Roll.
Born to lose - live to win,
Let them read the message on your skin.

Run your motor down the road,
Rock hard until your speakers get to explode.
Running wild, running free,
In union we stand for all eternity.

repeat bridge:
repeat chorus:

3. My mandylion

Living, fighting, against the sands of time,
Life is just a song without a rhyme,
We are surviving in Land of Tears.

Endless winter's wind blows again,
Your love still kills my pain
Erasing all of my fears.


My heart still beats for you,
My heart still beats for you,
You are the only reason
For my surviving the change of seasons,
Your shoulder is my Mandylion...

I'm walking like a sleepwalker in the night
Feeling loss of my strength for fight,
The battle is still unfair.

Blood and sweat are dropping from my lips
In the shadow of crucifix,
Your smile is everywhere.

repeat chorus:

4. Alone

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were; I have not seen
As others saw; I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.

From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I loved, I loved alone.


I am alone,
I'm all alone.

Then in my childhood, in the dawn
Of a most stormy life was drawn,
From every depth of good and ill,
The mystery which binds me still;

From the torrent, or the fountain,
From the red cliff of the mountain,
From the sun that round me rolled
In it's autumn tint of gold.

repeat chorus:

From the lightning in the sky,
As it passed me flying by,
From the thunder and the storm
And the cloud that took the form,
When the rest of heaven was blue,
Of a demon in my view.

repeat chorus:

5. Kingdom of the sand

Now I feel that I'm getting older,
While I'm sailing across these seas of life,
My body is getting colder
Still running from the razor to the knife.

Can you hear my silent screaming,
Someone wants to take my breath away,
I hope that I'm just dreaming
And tomorrow everything will be O.K.


…with my life,
I've heard them saying,
All of my time
They'll take from me away.

I want to run away
From this kingdom of the sand,
I have to run away
'cause my soul will turn to stone.

Driving on the endless highway,
All I've got I have to leave behind,
Is this hell or I see it that way,
Shall I survive this confusion in my mind.

Future and past are departed,
I'm stuck somewhere in between,
Once again I'm sick and tired
Of the smell of smoke and gasoline…

repeat bridge:
repeat chorus:

6. Freedom (is mine)

If you want to see the future
And how it will look like,
You'll see a giant black boot
Over the face of tomorrow's humankind.

Have you heard about the 'New World Order',
The secret plan of the worshippers of The Sun?
From the top they are forcing us to
Follow the will of the Fallen one.


Does someone rule all over my life,
Does someone have me under control,
Does someone talks to me what my needs are,
Does someone want to buy my soul?

There's an ache inside my heart,
An ache is tearing me apart,
There's a rage inside my soul,
Freedom is mine, forevermore.

Can you feel the touch of fingers?
How cold is the skin of an 'unseen hand'?
Global republic, a global prison,
Conspiracy against the God and man.

An angel holds the torch in his hand,
Showing the path that leads you to false light,
Money is god that turns you
To slavery of an upcoming "devil's mark"

"Every UPC barcode
Contains three hidden numbers,
Those numbers are:
Six, six, and six!"

Repeat chorus:

The mighty eagle is spreading his wings,
Conquering the moon and the Earth.
His arrows are bringing victory
For those who wait for the Lord Maitreya's birth.

So prepare yourselves for living
In one republic, under one government,
Forget your religious background,
Salute ancient gods who have to resurrect.

repeat bridge:
repeat chorus:

7. Ashes up your sleeves

The old red serpent on the east is rising,
Getting stronger, day by day,
Spreading the faith through the veil of lies,
The rings of gold he materialized.


Ask yourself about what your faith is?
Ask yourself for what you seek?
Don't let him play with your feelings,
His miracles are just cheap tricks.


All of your pilgrims,
Are they still believe,
Why do they cannot see
Ashes up your sleeves?

I'm not the one who will celebrate him
Every Thursday through the year,
So-called god has some connections
With politicians, so it's not so clear.

Since he was born, nothing has changed,
Evil is even getting worse.
Is this the face of divine incarnation,
Ask yourself, find an explanation.

repeat bridge:
repeat chorus:

8. New jerusalem

I still remember the words of a prophet
That he had said a hundred years ago
About the long waited second coming
Right after the Third World War.

A young man will come from the Russian mountains,
He'll walk the skies and bells will ring.
Every eye will recognize "The embodiment",
Nations of the world will follow Him.


I'm trying to reach you,
I'm trying to see.
Something's happening with stars tonight.
I'm waiting for a New Jerusalem.

The Earth will become just like paradise,
Food will appear in rivers, woods and seas,
Everyone will live in peace and equality.
Listen His words In Constantinopolis.

Ages of darkness will turn to past,
One religion will unite us all,
One language will be spoken,
He'll be pleased when He'll go back in Heavens again.

repeat chorus:

9. Angellic rebellion

Two hundred angels descended on mount Hermon
In ancient times before The Great Flood,
They brought evil among humans,
They all transgressed The Word of God.

The Angels united themselves with women
And committed sin together with them,
Then upon the Earth they have given birth
To Nephilim giants, not of spirit, but of the flesh.


Blinded by the fallen angels' light,
Humans turned to wrong from right.
Forbidden skills, the source of deviation,
God, save the western civilization.

Nephilim babes begun to sin
Against beasts, birds, reptiles and fish,
Started to drink each others blood,
To devour one another's flesh.

Angels learned humans to make swords and shields,
How to make abortions, and other secret skills.
Then came those loyal forces from Heavens
To punish corruption and sins of rebels.

repeat chorus:

Twisted rebellion came to an end,
A form of fire was judgment,
A global catastrophe with the Great Flood cleaned
Scum from the face of the planet.

The leader was tied to hang head down
In the abyss of fire of Orion,
Humans were saved by Noah and his arc,
They have tried to forget the Angels of the Dark.

repeat chorus:

10. As above, so below

The world will be departed
Just like an apple torn and twisted apart,
The greatest war of all times
Begins and ends, the changes start.


Now it's time for oblivion,
The old world is gone.
Now it's time for oblivion,
A new world is born.


As above, so below,
Time will tell you, truth will show,
As above, so below,
Here comes the king under the crown of gold.

Aircraft's guns are shooting targets,
Their firing missile shakes the ground.
The king of the world comes to the throne,
global battle goes into the final round.

repeat bridge:
repeat chorus:

The world will never be the same again,
A new empire rises from the ashes of the dead.
The pyramid has been constructed for
The chosen one, his hair is red.

repeat bridge:


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