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Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

Album: ''Dies Natalis Solis Invicti'' (2003 Demo)
1. From the Primeaval Depths
2. Wuotanes Heer
3. Upon the Waves of Ægir
4. Dies Natalis Solis Invicti
5. Idunn
6. When Nidhögg rises again


Album: ''Treachery'' (2004)
1. Awakening of the Emperor
2. Tuisto
3. Amandus
4. Blót
5. The Architect
6. Foreboding Dreams
7. Rígsþula
8. The Sword of Cheru
9. The Frozen Seas of Atland
10. Treachery


Album: ''Wurðiz'' (2004 Demo)
1. Völuspá
2. The Second Grief of Hlín
3. In Entrails Fortold
4. Rígsþula
5. Helreið Brynhildar
6. Magni ok Moði

The Blueprints For Revolution/Under the Alemannic Sun

Album: ''The Blueprints For Revolution/Under the Alemannic Sun'' (2004 Split)
1. Treachery
2. Under the Alemannic Sun
3. The Trinity of Deceit
4. The Frozen Seas of Atland
5. Death by the Waterside
6. Winter of Despair
7. Revolution Has No Deadline
8. Aeons Glow In The Sun
9. White *Deep* An Embrace
10. Countess Bathory (Upgrade 2004)

Album: ''The Völsunga Saga'' (2006)
1. Varg Í Veum
2. Völsung
3. The Blade of Óðinn
4. Sinfjötli
5. Sigurðr Sigmundarson
6. Uttergälden
7. Gram
8. The Journey to Lyngvi
9. Fáfnirs Blut
10. Helreið Brynhildar
11. Fall of the Niflungs
12. Guðrún's Revenge



The history of Theudho starts with the release of the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti demo in April 2003. Inspired by North/West-European nature and lyrics devoted to Ásatrú, the demo was received well by the metal underground. Despite the primitive production, some reviewers went as far as to label the demo as one of the best Belgian debuts. Others compared the demo to classic bands such as Bathory, Satyricon, Burzum, Falkenbach and so forth.

"Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" was spread in the underground quite fast and made the name Theudho well known (although the first demo bears the alternative spelling "├×eu├░o").

Later that year we got in touch with Filip of the progressive black metal band Gorath, who was interested in joining forces by releasing a split-demo.

And so it happened; "Under the Alemannic Sun" was released in January 2004 as a split with Gorath's "The Blueprints for Revolution". The Gorath material sounded terrific, the Theudho songs suffered from severe underproduction, latency in the tracks, and so forth. Underground critics hailed the rough sound and the lack of compromise. In a way the harsh sound fitted the grim lyrics; all devoted to darker aspects of Ásatrú and European folklore.

The Flemish label Nepherex noticed Theudho after hearing both demo's and signed the band. The label manager wasn't too fond of the lack of production and made us open up to a different recording approach. The material that was recorded so far was scrapped in favour of more interesting new creations. One J├Ągermeister-fueled night, however, the scrapped tracks were finished and released in the form of the limited "Wur├░iz" demo. Only 20 copies of this demo were made; most of them were given away to friends and associates.

After a long period of hard work and a number of setbacks with the printing company, "Treachery" was released on Nepherex. The new and improved sound seemed to work quite well, as "Treachery" received excellent reviews worldwide.

Shortly after the release, session lead guitarist Bastiaan joined Theudho as a full member. The first collaboration of the new duo resulted in the "The Black Chariot of Horst" track, which appeared on the Lugb├║rz-compilation.

In order to promote the "Treachery" album a bit more, Theudho decided to shoot a video for the track "The Sword of Cheru". With Filip of Gorath on bass and drummer Rony, the video shows Theudho slowly growing away from the "one man project" concept to being a full band.

During the recording of "The V├Âlsunga Saga", the manager of Nepherex suggested that we'd better hire an additional bass player and drummer to enhance the live feel of the album. With Filip of Gorath and Joachim of Wanhoop joining the band, the label got their wish.

In March the band moved operations from ├×ru├░vangr to Rose Creek Studio to mix and master the new album with Raf of Ancient Rites at the helm.

Around easter, the long awaited and highly anticipated "The V├Âlsunga Saga" album was finally released on Nepherex.

Also notable is that, for the very first time, Theudho performed live.

Pagan/Black Metal

Paganism, Nature, Ásatrú

Belgium (Ghent), formed in 2002



Jurgen - Rhythm Guitars, Vocals (also in Weihan, ex-Cryptic Legion (Bel))
Bastiaan - Lead Guitar (ex-Ecliptica (Bel))
Filip Dupont - Bass (Gorath, The Quiescent, ex-Ill Fares the Land, Mahlstrøm, P:407)
Joachim - Drums (Wanhoop)


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