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The Art

Album: ''The Art'' (1997)
1. Intro: Entrance 666
2. My Lament
3. Prince of Many Faces
4. The Art
5. When Winter Came
6. Lifeplague
7. Labyrinth of The Mind
8. The Halls Have Eyes
9. Into The Dawn
10. Outro: The Return

Out of Emotional Disorder

Album: ''Out of Emotional Disorder'' (1998)
1. Intro
2. Die With Me
3. The Bitter Withering
4. Your Illusion Unmasked
5. Poisoned (Hearts Black Soil)
6. An Epitaph Carven
7. Nightbreed
8. Departure Suicide
9. Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover)
10. Outro



Hell started breaking loose in '97 when the first album "The Art" was recorded. The album got great reviews and triggered the the members to continue writing material. Less than a year after the release of "The Art" the second album "Out of emotional Disorder" hit the stores. This album also got great reviews. After that it was silent from the band. Original member C.Vandling left the band wich gave D.K. an opportunity to release his fury within the band. After alot of different reasons taetre went to go on continue working with new label Mighty Music instead of as earlier Diehard. The song process started once again and in early 2002 the band recorded the third album "Divine Misanthrpic Madness". Shortly before this Danyael decides to leave the band due to some personal related problems. Newcommer Maggot takes his place. The album is release in October 2002 and in late April 2003 they hit the road on an European tour for the first time. Supporting Defleshed along with Diabolical. The tour was a succes. Late summer 2003 the band got a offer to appear on an At The gates tribute album and head in to Los Angered Recording (as allways before) and recorded the track "At the gates" from the At The Gates mini "Gardens of grief". Alot of things happen among other things Danyael rejoins with his long time comrades and the band seem to be dying, but summer 2004 the band finally start the recording of the fourth full length album entitled "Psychopath". The recording is made in different sessions and now in November everything is finally put togehter. The album has been through much...1 suicide atempt and vocalist Lindbloods recovering in a psychiatric hospital but now it's waitning to be released. Filled with hatred, agony and suicidal fury we're all... Awaiting the psychopath!

Melodic Thrashy Death Metal

Anti-Religion, Death, Violence

Sweden (Gothenburg), formed in 1993

Mighty Music


Jonas "Lindblood" Lindblad - Vocals, Guitar (ex-Thorium)
Graveyard Skeleton (Kalle Pettersson) - Drums
Daniel Kvist - Bass, Vocals (Nightshade (Swe), Sacrilege (Swe), ex-Dragonland, Likblek, session live for Immemoreal)
Danyael Nilsson - Guitar (1995-2002, 2004-) (ex-Primitive Symphony)

Conny Vandling - Bass (1993-2001) (Deformed (Swe))
Maggot (Magnus Larsson) - guitars (2002-2004) (Orchid (Swe))


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