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The Art

"The Art" (1997)

1. Intro: Entrance 666
2. My Lament
3. Prince of Many Faces
4. The Art
5. When Winter Came
6. Lifeplague
7. Labyrinth of The Mind
8. The Halls Have Eyes
9. Into The Dawn
10. Outro: The Return

1. Intro: Entrance 666

2. My Lament

Father, why did you materialize me back into this world
My soul will always belong to the shadows
The pain I feel is not pleasure, it is life
Though I seek thy hell the gates are shut before me

Could this be my hell?
Could this be my sentence?
To walk the path between
I travel in the circles through the infinity of endless horizons

Fools! I have seen it all before
Centuries ago once more I am tempted
Once more I shalt fail

My journey continues
I wander through a curse of an undivine life
The pain I feel so bitter and so deep

My lament is my own creation
My lament is that life goes on and on

My lament is my own creation
My lament is that life goes on and on

I see people grow
I see them die
I wish my heart would stop
Why can this not be the end?
I?m so tired of this life
Please let me fly away
Into the great beyond
Far into the infinite skies

3. Prince of Many Faces

The ancient castle at the mountainside
Embraced by dark cold winds
Surrounded by corpses impaled on stakes
The stench of death is in the air
Oh, Carpathian hills?
Where screams of pain forever echoes

A warlord born in the city of Sighosoara
Son of the tyrant Dracul
Possessed to see bloodshed, shredded humans in pain
Illotal, powerful and great
Oh, Carpathian hills?
Where littered humans? agony is revealed

Vlad Tepes

His father Dracul was murdered
And the brother Mircea buried alive
His first wife committed suicide
A flame of hatred burning in his eyes
Prince of many faces

A warlord, lord of Wallachia
High seated in the town of Tirgoviste
Transylvanian horror
Blood was on his hands
Wallachian warlord

Prince of many faces

4. The Art

Stringed puppets dancing,
Drawing flies to the stench
Flesh impaled with wires
Sick, amusing, painful play

Imagination, evisceration
A morbid show
With blood on the wall
Hear peoples call
Chant and applaud

Caged in mocked misery
And audience with bleeding taste
Pulling strings, open sores
Come in,
Come in and catch the art

Barbed wire, embracing like fire
Deforming architecture
Endless desires, clawing pyre
Like a living dissection

Closing ecstasy, a fevered burning plague
Temptations lost control,
Rips apart the victims whole
Artistic patterns remain
Like a puzzle in its chaos start
Flesh been ripped apart, satisfying the art

5. When Winter Came

When winter came
The trees froze and died
The frost spread its cold
Infernal storms and thunder
The snow covered the ground

I travel in the snowy night by foot
My life force is fading away
I feel like dying in this cold infernal domain

Oh, the storms they ease my pain
Yet shorten my time
I know there´s nothing for me to do
The night when winter came
I travel on

As time shall pass
The snow shall grow
Storms infernalized
The wind so freezing and so cold
Feel the breath of
Lord Master 666

Your breath of ice
Takes these lives
Behold, millions cry

When winter came

6. Lifeplague

Winds carve my face,
Emotions cold burning my soul
Depression, the illusion falls
A withered statue with eyes absent
Emotionless see all in gray

Fight the lie, hold my breath
Close my eyes, let me rest

Days change to months but the pain won?t go away
I cannot live this way
My eyes are failing sight
Lifeplague my cursed life
A fevered burning plague
Release me once again

Waves of depression like a poison in me
Injected right into my nerves
Death I shall greet thee,
Burning away all the pain

The pain it comes in strong holds me tight in its cold fist
My mind is cut with razors
Let go, set free, eternity
Oh princess, end my pain
In your eyes, the key of life

Oh dark princess, save me from pain
Take my hand or take my life
Embraced in thy dark delight
Shadows dancing in your eyes
Take my hand or take my life

Oh my enchantress
Let my sight begin
Free my pestilenced life
Embraced in thy dark delight
Lightening flashing in your eyes
Free my pestilenced life

7. Labyrinth of The Mind

Fading away within the subconscious
Pictures long gone
Ancient dominions surely come to pass
The third eye of the world guides me
Through the fields of the uncreated

Appear in its purest form
Evil reveals the secret riddles unsolved to the ignorant
The denial of hate makes the go blind
Unaware of it?s powers they spit upon its deity
I wonder, will they ever see

I walk deeper into the unknown
Beyond the limit of sense
A furious wind takes me to a place
Where the trees speak the unsaid truth

Mesmerizing inaudible voices makes me cleanse my heart of lies
Subdue my existence, reborn I will be ready to reign
With powers so great in me, my mind is so complete
A psychic above average
I know the labyrinth

Chanting winds transporting me into my kingdom castle
Runes of magic enshrines the blackened gate
Beyond its walls lies powers so great and infinite
Arise in me I know it all
I know which way to turn

Within the labyrinth of the mind

8. The Halls Have Eyes

Enter in the hall of mirrors
In the house of no return
Step inside the visions and learn

From every corner
Eyes so eager
Devouring myself
No turning back

The reflections getting stronger
They look more like me than I do
Taking over, consuming
I fade away

The glass is strong, I cannot break it

We are the legions
Your evil twins
Welcome to our twisted world
Formless, shapeless
When your world is formed
Driven by twisted urges

And time is not for real
Minutes seem forever
And forever they last

We are the demons from behind the glass
Formless a flesh twisting mass
A land so dark
Shaped to be, turning your logic mind

9. Into The Dawn

Carnage feast
In this moonlight garden
Sinful priest
Embraced by harlots

Into dawn

They lie
Among the remains of babies
Smiling like
Only lovers do

Into the dawn they would cum once more

Their smiles shall be erased

Soon the sun comes on

As they lie in the putrid filth slithering in blood
The sun begins to luminate the sky cracking up theirs skin
A hunger, a bestial lust control and possess their minds
Making them twist into an obscene deformity, dance to a monotone rhythm
Fire fills up their minds
Bells begin to chime, chime

Embraced and cold with fear
Twisting piles of flesh
Repulsive but alive

Burning deep inside, burn, burn

10. Outro: The Return


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