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Album: ''Invocation'' (2002)
1. Invocation
2. Fey Illusion
3. Occupy
4. Circle of Light
5. Final Ordeal
6. Cup of Demons
7. Arise
8. Realm of Disease
9. Prelude and Toccata in e Minor
10. Christus Factus Est
11. Immolation of the Dragon
12. Death of the Immortals

Arcane Path

Album: ''Arcane Path'' (2004)
1. Introduction
2. Adept Arcana
3. The Shining Ones
4. Lord of all Terrors
5. In Mine Own Image
6. Bearing the Plague
7. Adorned in Apostasy
8. Love Me and Despair
9. The Red League
10. Twilight and Rebirth
11. Surrounded by the Dead
12. Realm of Disease

Abyssal Throne

Album: ''Abyssal Throne'' (2005 EP)
1. Depths of the Earth
2. Insipid
3. Immolation of the Dragon
4. Ascendency
5. Occupy
6. Torn Into Enthrallment



Sympathy is a technical death-metal band from Saskatchewan, Canada. Originally, Sympathy was a full band, but eventually it became a one-man band (the sole member being Derek James From, or Dharok). Two full-length albums were recorded by Dharok under the name of Sympathy, but he did not receive much attention until 2001, when he recorded Invocation. The blackened death-metal of Invocation gave Sympathy a claustrophobic and haunting style which caught the attention of Dutch label Fear-Dark records. In 2004, Arcane Path followed, featuring better production and a more death-metal-oriented sound. It featured guest guitar work from the guitarists of Into Eternity.

In December of 2004, Dharok announced that he had expanded the lineup of the band. 2005 saw the revelation of the new members - guitarist Jeff Lewis (known for his work with Mortification and Abolishment Of Hate), and drummer Jim Austin (formerly of Into Eternity). Work has begun on the next Sympathy release.

As of late 2006, Dharok announced that work is progressing on two separate Sympathy albums, the first of which is a technical death metal album similar to Abyssal Throne and Arcane Path. Additionally, he also announced that a black metal album is also in the early stages of songwriting. The last part of this announcement is that Dharok will be performing vocals on the upcoming Abolishment Of Hate album.

Technical Death/Symphonic Metal

Christianity, Philosophy, Death, etc.

Canada (Caronport, Saskatchewan), formed in 1991



Dharok - Guitars, Vocals and Programming
Jeff Lewis - guitars (Abolishment of Hate, ex-Mortification (Aus))
Jim Austin - drums (ex-Into Eternity)


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