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"Invocation" (2002)

1. Invocation
2. Fey Illusion
3. Occupy
4. Circle of Light
5. Final Ordeal
6. Cup of Demons
7. Arise
8. Realm of Disease
9. Prelude and Toccata in e Minor
10. Christus Factus Est
11. Immolation of the Dragon
12. Death of the Immortals

1. Invocation

Father, Holy Father
Be Thy name
Father, Holy Father
Stand among us
Hear our pleas

We the holy purified
Those who in Thy Son abide
Lay our broken spirits down
Casting ourselves to the ground

Seal us with the Holy Spirit
Fill us with the Holy Spirit
Lead us with the Holy Spirit

We are ready for Thy bidding
Command us to do Thy will
We are vessels for Thy service

We bow down to Thee Father
Thou art master sovereign God
And we are Thy willing servants

Come, Holy Spirit come
Heal the sinner, cleanse our souls
Come, Holy Savior come
Cleanse our souls with Thy blood
Come, Holy Father come
Make Thy will be our own

Father, Holy Father
Thy will be done
In earth and heaven
Father, Holy Father
Thy kingdom come
Reign in our hearts

2. Fey Illusion

Eyes have ceased to see
True reality

Prince of the air
Enchanted the unaware
Son of the dawn
Leads them along

Realm that they behold
Deception from long ago
Believing ignorantly
In bondage that they're free

Caught in a world
Within a darkened mind
Spellbound with lies
Deceiver lead the blind

Tangled in a web
Of false hope
Strangled by the way
Things seem
Desperate for light
Embracing deepest night
Drowning in your fears
Not yet spoken

3. Occupy

Curse my name
Beat my brow
Drive your claws
In my flesh

Cause me dread
Cause me doubt
Cast your fear
On my heart

Yet I give no ground
Here I remain
Bear all your torment
Withstand all your pain

Against the gates of hell I will stand
In my enemy's land I will occupy
Against dark forces and evil
I will not sway, turn back or bend

Breaking through your lies
Tearing down your strongholds
Casting down your gods
Beating them to dust

If you slay me
As you did my master
Then I will rise
Just as he has done

4. Circle of Light

Gathered towards the holy flame
Searing burning flesh away
My essence is consumed
Destroying all that's left of me

Kneel before the altar
Covered by blood sacrifice
My nature is reborn
Bearing the seal of divinity

Burn - fire of renewal
Burn - fire of rebirth
Cleanse - blood of the covenant
Burn - take what's left of me

Gathered in the presence
Of the Ancient One
I am a new creature
Reborn by blood and fire

My hands are raised
In sweet adoration
My voice cries out
And chants the ancient hymns

Many are about me
Who bask in holy light
We read the ancient tomes
And partake in deity

5. Final Ordeal

Caught in this coil
Of frail mortality
My fate is sealed
By the shedding of blood

The blood stains my hands no longer
Vicarious crucifixion ensures resurrection
Robes of black have burned away
Fueling fires of propitiation

Embraced by the holy fire
Raptured, stole away

Transformed by light
Pass into eternity
What was not understood
Now seems so clear to me

All that can heal in time will heal
All that can burn in time will burn
All that's concealed will be revealed
Opened to the eyes of divine majesty

6. Cup of Demons

Rising out of banished time
Chalice filled with unholy wine
Enter the realm of the damned
Partaking ad nauseam

Mixing new wine with the old
Consuming wrath meant for goats

Hands soiled, on the filth of idolatry
Heart stained, causing divine jealousy
Love lost, from what it was at first
Provocation, are we stronger than he

Safety, it lies in your sanctity
Security is under almighty
If you serve two masters
You'll love one hate the other

If all were permissible
Then all would be beneficial
Have you forgotten that
We were purchased by blood

Cherished arcane rebellion
Arousing anger from God

7. Arise

The will, not to conform
Any longer to this world
The will, to be transformed
By renewal of the mind

The setting apart
In an age of sin
Sanctifying work
In the believer's heart

No longer to conform
To the patterns of sin
We will rise above the world
And its evil ways

His Church

8. Realm of Disease

Death comes so slowly in this torment
As I fall prey to your disease
My flesh slowly rots and falls away
In pestilential decay

Realm of disease cast you sickness over me
Love of decay is plaguing me

Madness comes quickly in this torment
As I fall prey to your disease
My mind succumbs to its dementia
Consuming what was left of me

Enslaved by my desires
Burning hate inside of me
Revealed by my confession
The depths of depravity
Shadows and wraiths fill my mind
Their commands are my will
Are they specters of my creation?
Or am I enslaved in their skill?

As I lay groaning here my thoughts again return
To those times before this plague
Was I an innocent who has become infected?
Or am I a scion of infirmity?

9. Prelude and Toccata in e Minor

10. Christus Factus Est

(Anton Bruckner)

Christus factus est pro nobis
Obediens usque ad mortem
Mortem autem crucis
Propter quod et Deus
Exaltavit illum
Et dedit illi nomen
Quod est super omne nomen

Christ became obedient for us unto death,
Even the death of the cross.
Wherefore God also hath exalted Him,
And hath given him a name,
Which is above every name

11. Immolation of the Dragon

You await your final hour
With fear you loathe the end of days
Each moment you're closer to your grave

Infected spirit, filled with angst and dread
Defeated angel, heal crushed through your head
Accusing demon, your end draws nigh

Unbound restless
Serpent of hate
Consume the lifeless
While the furnace you await

Venomous viper
You'll live eternal death
In hell's fiery pit

The Bride will rejoice
When she sees your fate
Cast to outer darkness
Your torment won't abate
For the lamb has defeated you
As he hung dead
And the lion will destroy you
And will do as he has said

12. Death of the Immortals


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