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Fire Turns Everything... Black

Album: ''Fire Turns Everything... Black'' (1995 Demo)
1. Enter Into Eternal Oath
2. Eve of AntiCreation
3. Praising To A Blackened Moon
4. Burning Black Desire
5. Tales of Immortality

Dark Descent of Fallen Souls

Album: ''Dark Descent of Fallen Souls'' (1997)
1. Dark Descent of Fallen Souls
2. Enter Into Eternal Oath
3. Eve of Anti-Creation
4. Beyond the Gates of Storm
5. Necromantic Lust
6. Under the Midnight Shadows
7. The Silence of Chaos
8. Tales of Immortality
9. Sorrows of a Moonless Night

Baptized by Fire

Album: ''Baptized by Fire'' (2000)
1. Sons of Wrath
2. Visions of Apocalyptic Grace
3. Baptized By Fire
4. The Silence of Chaos
5. Dark Descent of Fallen Souls
6. Realm of No Return
7. Burning Black Desire
8. Beyond The Gates of Storm
9. Eve of Anti-Creation
10. Eternal Darkness

And The Blood Runs Black

Album: ''And The Blood Runs Black'' (2003)
1. Intro
2. And The Blood Runs Black
3. The Surrounding Darkness
4. Spiritual Desecration
5. Blackwinds Abyss
6. Obsessed by Death
7. Buried Alive (Venom Cover)
8. Satanic Slut
9. Midtro
10. Enter Into Eternal Oath
11. Perverse Serenity
12. Spew Forth Blasphemy
13. Raging Towards Burning Flames
14. Necromantic Lust
15. Confusion Lock


Album: ''Fallen'' (2005)
1. Intro
2. Blood Red Skies
3. Mindrot
4. Upon Wings Of Chaos
5. Fallen
6. Of These Sins...
7. Sacred Nothing
8. Nocturnal Rites
9. Dead Dreams
10. Loud As Hell, Fast As Fuck
11. Beating Of Christ



Summon was formed in the spring of 1991 with the intent of creating extreme, brutal metal with influences like Bathory, Venom, Blasphemy, Beherit, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Celtic Frost, etc. By mid-1991, Summon began to perform live and managed to record a 4-track basement demo entitled Devourer of Souls (no longer available), but the band split up before it was released.

It would not be until 1995, after failed attempts with other efforts, that Summon would be exhumed from its shallow grave. By the winter of 1995, Summon recorded their first true demo entitled Fire Turns Everything...Black. In the summer of 1996 they recorded a demo CD Dark Descent of Fallen Souls (limited to 1000 copies). Much of 1997 and 1998 the band played numerous shows across the US, and continued to gain speed and velocity behind their already destructive sound.

By 1999 Summon created a full-length release that finally captured the extreme chaos they had always envisioned, Baptized by Fire [April 2000 on Baphomet/Necropolis Records].

And The Blood Runs Black was unleashed to the masses in 2002 on Moribund records, followed in 2005 by their current crushing release Fallen. A European Tour in April and May gathered more followers to Summon's unholy flock, as do their continuing U.S. shows.

Death/Black Metal

Satanism, Darkness, Death, Blasphemy...

United States of America (Lansing, Michigan), formed in 1991

Moribund Records


Matt McClelland - Guitar (ex-CorpseVomit)
Joshua "Dominus" Moore - Drums
Chas "Necromodeus" Schoals - Bass, Vocals (Masochist (US))

Dan McNeil - Guitar
Mark Garcia - Guitar
Mark Hague - Drums (ex-Masochist (US), Dark Psychosis)
Chad ``Haborym`` Metzger - Guitar
Ryan O'Neil
Sean ``Xaphan`` Peters - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Lucifer's Hammer, Wind of the Black Mountains, Masochist (US), Wastelander, Dark Psychosis)
Ed Ryan (Flesh for the Beast)


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