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And The Blood Runs Black

"And The Blood Runs Black" (2003)

1. Intro
2. And The Blood Runs Black
3. The Surrounding Darkness
4. Spiritual Desecration
5. Blackwinds Abyss
6. Obsessed by Death
7. Buried Alive (Venom Cover)
8. Satanic Slut
9. Midtro
10. Enter Into Eternal Oath
11. Perverse Serenity
12. Spew Forth Blasphemy
13. Raging Towards Burning Flames
14. Necromantic Lust
15. Confusion Lock

1. Intro

2. And The Blood Runs Black

By blood I bring you darkness
Black as death's embrace
Hear the thunderous call
Through the bloodstained sky

For every path toward certain doom
Fall to your destined fate
And the blood runs black

Abyssually distorted
Man-made delirium
But why have I wandered
Beyond the gates of time

Eternal shadows, never to refrain
Ominous soul with vengeancing might
Only seen for the hope of today...
Lost in eternal darkness breeding...

Oh, left is souls of nothing
Nothing left to dream
Conquer the flame to witness unknown
Past the realm of time and pain

Burned are words tempted by flame

Vengeance soul, ominous dark,
Lost within a realm of lost souls unseen
Fierce with hatred
And the blood runs black... [x3]

3. The Surrounding Darkness

Mark my words, Heed my pain
Damnation calls. Crack like an avalance of thunder
I heard a distant thought bearing through the night
Of echoing shadows to come...

Send my mind in a whirl, Beyond the cosmic void
To gaze upon the specter of might...

For I give you my anger, My unbestowing hate
Eager to destroy your realms of logic
I resound my echo cry of starless purity
But nothing calls its descension...

For I am the bringer of fire
Erupting your domain
Destroyer of all dreams of logic
Blind past of centuries to come...
Unbound, vengeance of hatred, destroy...

Lurking through the darkness, nothing is sane
This is my lie... insanity bind...

For I am the one who stands alone and incandescent
Bring me fire, the sacred entity to mass
To reduce the standing purity
To ashes of centuries
Of dormant thoughts trapped in minimal minds

Trapped in vain, lost in pain...

4. Spiritual Desecration

Blasphemy chaos might shall desecrate my soul
Sins of profane deviation unfold
For I am one of these and the darkness I have seen
Hear thee inverted echoing screams

For I am one of desecration, eternal dark
Raging fires of hell shall guard our souls
Far beyond a shadowed realm, ancient gods arise
Violently descend into the maelstrom

Descend beyond the northern winds
Summoned from a silent grave
As one with eternal black
Blackened winds shall suffocate

Figures in the mist whisper untold doom
Patiently awaiting for the darkness to return
Faith in spiritual holocaust
Proclaim your allegiance to the dark

Shadows spinning fast
Begin the spiritual desecration
Removed from light of godly grace
All impurities shall be achieved

5. Blackwinds Abyss

Rise from the abyss. Infernal source of power
Rise to greet the horns of fire, beard the grand old wise
Portal of faith you maintain, living in longing of almighty one
Who descended here with a crown of victory
Of shade and other shades who have dwelled
Living souls, Stand clear of those, for their souls have longed for death

About their eyes are red wheels aflame and a soul as cold as ice.
In strange tongues their evilwords, forlorn to the naked soul.
Beckoning them with eyes ablaze
Wicked souls. Give up your thoughts of heaven and its pure rebirth

Join us in an end into eternal dark
Into eternal fire and ice
Father Satan, sin my soul to Hell
Take me through the unholy gates
To ride the wings of darkness,
Blackwinds of Satan rise. HAIL SATAN!!
Whirlwinds burst up from tear-soaked ground
Erupting the wake of my senses,
And though I fall as though seized by sleep
If thou could only think.

For the god you save may be yourself.
Breaking the deep sleep which filled my head
As though by force with rested eyes I stood
Peering out to gaze where I was sensing the eternal emptiness

Descending into sightless zones no laments can be heard
Except for the signs that trembled the timeless air of shadowy sadness
Nothing before me eternal, yet eternal I remain
Bearing the dreams of angels long ago
I denounce your golden worship and spit upon your book of lies
No God shall come before me
Break all the jewels you can, deface my crowded throne
See beyond my gaze and throw me to the depths
For I have seen through fire and ice,
Loss of innocence, terror!

6. Obsessed by Death

Is this a dream, Dream of infinity
Looking through the eyes of death what do you feel?
He who stares but never sees inside the addled mind of deep thoughts
Thoughts to be

Lost in dreams of one thousand deeds done
Burden with fear, fear of fate
Fall to the depths of those weeping with desire
Cold hearts of pain, bleeding to bestow
Longong for an end

Fall to the depths of viewless thoughts and thoughtless views
Self-realization obsessed by death
Death stares but never sees, lost in debt of a thousand deeds
Always is, never was myself

In a moment all thought is lost
All senses run dry

7. Buried Alive (Venom Cover)

I'm alive but dead, awake but asleep
As friend gather round and mourners, they weep
My mind recalls things I've done
My body is cold but my heartbeat goes on
And on... and on

As they lower me down into that hole in the ground
I scream out for help but they hear not a sound
I fear at the lid, my fingers they bleed
Is this happening to me or is it just a dream?
Summon the dead... Baphomets call...
Blood on my hands...
"Let me out of here"

My bones are decayed, my flesh it doth rot
I'm lying in silk, take the lid off this box
My lungs gasp for air, my eyes scream for sight
I promise the rise of my body this night
Summon the dead... Baphomets call...
Blood on my hands... Screaming in torment.....
I'm felling you all... Take heed of my plea...
Answer my call... I'm gonna be free...

8. Satanic Slut

Oath of satanic slut, what darkness you will find
Once you're caught within her lust, it's sure to blow your mind
She has the most demonic moves, to drive you fucking mad
Still you find her lurking through the darkness all the while

Satanic slut... embraced by eternal darkness
Satanic slut... her lust is so profane
Satanic slut... embraced by eternal darkness
Satanic slut... fuckin' slut!

Drive you fucking wild, like a beast out of control
She'll down you like a six-pack, once her tongue it starts to roll
She's always got the need, she'll fuck you like a whore
Once you've had her darkened lust, you'll sure be back for more

9. Midtro

10. Enter Into Eternal Oath

Cold freezing moon deadens the sky
A baphomet of steel, our swords collide
In a spell of darkness we chant
We enter into thee eternal oath

A radiant infernal glow
I feel your powers enter my soul
Shineth as a flame in mist
Unholy powers manifest

May we bare thee eye of the beast
A trail of chaos guideth me
Him who liveth triumphantly
With nmo beginning, end can't be

Lurking in the darkness, evil waits
Feel the rush unholy hordes create
As we chant into oblivion
Spitting forth satanic verses
Consumption of soul

We chant in blasphemy
And proclaim our infernal names
Can the wings of wind hear out voice
As we call into the night ARISE.........

Say the first, move unto his servants
Show yourself in power
And make us strong seers of all
I stir and summon up the mighty beast
That liveth forever, forever, forever

11. Perverse Serenity

Words of perverse serenity
Forlorn to the secret thoughts
Behind walls of deceit, awaits a whoring beast
Of these lusts forever heed

Words are perverse
Temptation of the flame
Unresisted lust burns...
Sick desires are mounting
Awaken sins of flesh
Lustful wild fuck. Slut

Grinding organs
Friction lust
Flesh and bone...

Open wide awaken temptations divine
Gyrating pelvic thrust, gushing fluids flow
Quiver to the kiss of serpent winds
Of these lusts forever heed

Lust. Lacerating tongue
Orifice. Defiled, cum...

Sick desires are mounting
Penetrating probe, stiffened phallus, implode

Carnality of knowledge unknown
Sins of flesh are done
Cunt drenched in blood
Instinct lust beyond all control, desire evermore
Unresisted temptations thirst forevermore
Stench of weltering lust.
Forever I adore...

12. Spew Forth Blasphemy

Cursed is your soul
Bathed in tears you've wept
Watch your world turn to Hell

Destiny has passed
Beyond a shadowed realm
Unhallowed souls. Darkness is near

Haunted spirits from depths of cold deface the sacred shrine
In blasphemy vomit upon divine throne
For I am one of these calling curses on the seed
Waiting for the darkness to return

Fire hellbound
Woeful and displeased
Unhallowed souls, darkness is near

High as hell, shapes twists unknown
It's only thee unseen
The darkness has returned

Brutal, obscene, blasphemy
Spew forth upon the burning cross
Left is nothing when fires have ceased
Ashes desecrate the ground
[Spew Forth Blasphemy Lyrics on]

Unworthy ones of the weakest souls, where eternity is a lie
The blackness caused my silence
Nothing ustains for the evermore and coil longs to depart
The darkness caused my violence

The void consumed my senses, dealing with shadowed thoughts
Unravel the knot that makes all reason fail, death beyond the void
Agonized by thee accursed facts beyond the shadowed realm
Immortal time cares not about the dawn

13. Raging Towards Burning Flames

Counting out the days
Awaiting solutions arise
Never seen the darkness
Growing in your eyes

Shadows of the never way
Stretched across my mind
Unborn fetuses speak in strange tongues
Longing for what is known
Pain of the never way
It doesn't matter, do what's said...

Tortured demon spreading out
It's never been the same
Starlit dream of desolation
Give me something to blame

Crush the wills of the skeptics
And praise the one who awaits thee beyond...

Gave you all. I don't know
It's hard to not know yourself
Bleed. My heart's descension
Raging towards burning flames

Truth covered security
We've made a pact to deal with whom?
No one cares if our feelings survive
Pain soaked heart straining to bleed
Be true. You know, for what is real?
The ambition of those is placed upon your heart
Liek a crown full of thorns.
Nailing you down, they drink from your wounds
Sustaining their own lives, nurturing soul
Find your home, where happiness can be found.

14. Necromantic Lust

Cryptic rays enlighten
Pale cemetery rite
Sinful lusts of dead embrace
Fills this funeral night

Beyond the grave
A distant call
Demonic pleasure
Demonic lust

Twisted thoughts of mildewed minds
Sickened ways of necro lust
Fills the mind with cobwebbed thoughts
Hateful need to procreate with the seed of the damned
Embracing necromantic Lusts

Infect necrotic bitch with seed of hate
Violated dead body dominates
Bind to the earth with a sick intent
Feast on the souls of fucking torment


Anti-Christ rips from the womb
Spewing forth a diabolic doom
Hate from Hades abominated

In the shade of eternal rest
My soul is blessed beyond these gates
Unearthly sins of blasphemies
Evil necromantic lust


15. Confusion Lock


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