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Album: ''Don't Be Swindle'' (1987)
1. Raging in Hell
2. Violent Anger
3. Hear Nothing for You
4. Influence of Slime
5. Hysteric to Temptation
6. Insane
7. S.O.B
8. I'm a Dreamer
9. Let's Go Beach
10. Don't Be Swindle
11. Look Like Devil
12. Fuck or Die
13. Heads or Tails?
14. Don't Your Back
15. Speed My Way
16. Speak Mouth Fuck You
17. Revival
18. To Be Continued

Napalm Death/S.O.B.

Album: ''Napalm Death/S.O.B.'' (1989 Split)
1. Multinational Corporations, Part 2
2. Re-Address the Problem
3. Changing Colours
4. From the Ashes...
5. Understanding?!?!
6. Stalemate
7. Repeat at Length
8. Humanity or Stupidity
9. Deceiver, Part 2
10. Device


Album: ''What's The Truth?'' (1990)
1. Over the Line
2. Meddlesome Heart
3. Unseen Terror
4. Look Like Devil II (Hell)
5. Obsessed With Wickedness
6. What's the Truth?
7. Never
8. Senseless Fantasy!
9. Repeat at Length
10. Why?

Suck Up Brain or Fuck Ya Brain?

Album: ''Suck Up Brain or Fuck Ya Brain?'' (1990 Single)
1. Suck Up Brain or Fuck Ya Brain?
2. Nightmare

Gate of Doom

Album: ''Gate of Doom'' (1993)
1. G.O.D.
2. Delusion of Terror
3. Trapped in Cancer
4. Human Error?!
5. Mind Empty of Happiness
6. Downfall of Civilization
7. Ultimate End of Earth
8. Invisible Shadows
9. Inner Hypocrisy
10. Death's Innevidible ~ G.O.D.

Vicious World

Album: ''Vicious World'' (1994)
1. Public Eye
2. Radiate
3. Rise Above Yourself
4. Crisis Prophecy
5. Killing Field
6. Vicious World
7. Morbid Attitude
8. Collision
9. Re-Evolution
10. Jacobs



S.O.B. are an influential and enduring japanese hardcore punk and thrashcore band who were, along with similar thrashcore bands like Siege, pioneers and precursors of grindcore. The group debuted in 1986 with the single Leave Me Alone. In 1990, S.O.B. found international recognition with their split 7" EP with British band Napalm Death, who are also pioneers of this genre with bands like Terrorizer and mostly Repulsion.

In July of 1989, S.O.B. met Napalm Death during a Japanese tour, and Napalm Death's members Shane Embury and Lee Dorrian played on the record Thrash Night, an EP released by Dorrian's label Rise Above. In the same year, the band held a session for John Peel's Radio program on BBC.

In June of 1995, after the release of Vicious World (their first experimentation with many sound effects and different song structures), Tottsuan, the band's lead vocalist, committed suicide by jumping onto railroad tracks as a train was moving. Soon after, Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth took Tottsuan's place during live S.O.B. performances, but in 1996, the band announced that Tottsuan had been replaced by Naoto, former bassist of rise of the dead.

In 2003, S.O.B. made a comeback with the release of Still Grind Attitude and a series of re-recorded classics with their most current vocalist Itsushi. They still exist today but are only actively known in Japan. While they still exist today, old school fans of the band criticize the band for once "selling out" in their career, where they used to participate in fashion conventions, played with mainstream pop-affiliated band, and changing their sound to "mainstream hardcore."

Hardcore Punk (early), Grindcore/Thrashcore (mid), Experimental Hardcore (later)

Society, corruption, humanity, individualism

Japan (Osaka), formed in 1983



Etsushi - vocals (2003- )
O. Seki - guitar (2003- )
Kawataka Daisuke - bass (1983- )
Yasue - drums (1983- )

B. Naoto - vocals (1999), formerly bass (1983-1986) (Rise From The Dead)
Yoshitomo "Tottsuan" Suzuki - vocals (train suicide June 1995, RIP) (1983-1995)
G. Toshimi - Guitar (1983-1995)
Ito - keyboards/samples (1999-2002)

Lee Dorian - guest backing vocals on "Thrash Night" EP (ex-Napalm Death, Cathedral, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, guest in Paul Chain)
Shane Embury - guest bass on "Thrash Night" EP (Napalm Death, Lockup, Brujeria, Unseen Terror, Warhammer (UK), Meathook Seed, Venomous Concept, Azagthoth, Drop Dead, Blood from the Soul)
Kevin Sharp - guest vocals (1998) (Damaged (Aus), Venomous Concept, Brutal Truth)
Katsumi - guest Guitar on "Dub Grind" (1999)


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