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"What's The Truth?" (1990)

1. Over the Line
2. Meddlesome Heart
3. Unseen Terror
4. Look Like Devil II (Hell)
5. Obsessed With Wickedness
6. What's the Truth?
7. Never
8. Senseless Fantasy!
9. Repeat at Length
10. Why?

1. Over the Line

Something comes to my mind and then leaves
All I can do is gaze at it!??
Frustrated and compromised so many times,
But we've decided on how we should live

Over the line
Get the glory in your own way
Try to realize the dream not realized yet!

Who'll win and who'll lose?
Gain a victory for yourself
For the sake of your future
For the sake of my future

2. Meddlesome Heart

Everything depresses me
This the age full of contradictions
I know I'm not right
But you're not either!

You regard yourself as your master
I regard myself as mine
So I cannot be like you

I came into being not to break down
I'm not living my life to be treated like shit
For the sake of my philosophy of lie,
I'm now going my own way!!

3. Unseen Terror

Endless destruction
Our leaders are obsessed with an illusion
Are they trying to suffocate us?
I can be their target tomorrow

Concerned in a lot of problems
Can't they turn back halfway?
Where they can be more comfortable,
Do they preted not to care?

For us to live
Science has played a great part
But when I think of our present life,
The evolution of greed will lead it to death?

What we don't know is going on
They shut us up here, and
Are we manipulated in their hands?
We devote our life to unseen terror

4. Look Like Devil II (Hell)

We've been living, proceeding
Toward the end of the world
My present is as bad as hell
Robbing me of everything I've got

Look like devil
Mortal Agony
Free me from the rules hedging me in
Get up! Wake up!

Can you obtain whatever you want?
Only if you can financially afford to
Ours is the age of consumption
For what should we live our life?

5. Obsessed With Wickedness

Thinking of senless illusions as their happiness
They waste their time following others
Blindly and lacking independence
They live their life

Can you sacrifice yourself
To satify their silly life?

Think about the way you should live
Can you abandon everything you've got?
We are obsessed with wickedness
Be yourself, don't let them brainwash you

6. What's the Truth?

You assume evrything, to your own advantage
You assert what will eventually turn out to be trivial
I wonder if it'll change into your hope after despair!?

What's the truth?

You suffer 'cause you cannot confess everything
You suffer 'cause you aren't completely familiar with it
If tere were a mirror reflecting your lies,
Nobody would follow you

7. Never

We haven't experienced that misery, but
If we seek for real peace, we should care!

Never ever! Never again!
Never ever! Never again!

Don't be blind!
Are you gonna do anything they tell you to?
Open your eyes!
Take a fucking stand!
In order to survive, we must ensure the provisions of today,
So we shouldn't ruin ourselves!

Never ever! Never again!
Never ever! Never again!

8. Senseless Fantasy!

Your desire to become an idol is fucking ridiculous!
Are you satisfied with your gorgeous appearance and outrageous commercialism?

Cock-rock shit!
Fuck the rock star! Is this what you wanna be?
Fuck the rock music! Senseless fantasy!

You just follow the formula,
I don't wanna see your way!
I don't wanna hear what you say!
Making profits is your only preoccupation, eh???

Cock-rock shit!
Fuck the rock star! Is this what you wanna be?
Fuck the rock music! Senseless fantasy!

You stupid assholes deceived by honeyed words!
Your whimsical mind will change day by day!

Cock-rock shit!
Fuck the rock star! Your silly hero!
Fuck the rock music! It's just what you deserve!

9. Repeat at Length

The construction to destory
The making-up to justify
The wishing is joy to fill yourself
You follow into the ideal

In the heart of the rotten corpse
You get addicted to be rotten

Don't lose sight of you
Be ashamed of your silly ideal
But you can't give your past days at all
You will be sure to get everything

You still get addicted to be rotten?
You fall in the rotten body ignorantly

10. Why?

Are you judging people for their wealth and power?

Why? Abusing your authority
Why? You're just the smae as I, aren't you?
Why? Is wealth and power everything to you?
Why? I wonder who the fuck you bastards are!!?


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