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A touch of...

Album: ''A touch of...'' (2006 Demo)
1. ...Rain
2. Opening
3. Kiss The Scythe
4. The Deceiver
5. Black Harmony

so cold


The So Cold project was born in september 2003 by an idea of guitarist Giorgio Orani and drummer GB Ossi from Trieste, north-eastern Italy, close to the Slovenian border and Austria. Its aim was to follow the traces of some among their most beloved contemporary gothic metal bands, mainly finnish, like Sentenced, Charon, Him and so on. The first songs were soon arranged, they were very simple and ultra-melodic ones, with extremely dramatic, rough and sharp lyrics concerning love, death and pain, revealing all human weakness in a grey and gloomy atmosphere. The project was ambitious, since gothic metal is not quite popular in Italy. Yet during winter 2003-2004 the duo was able to arrange a good number of simple songs, complete with lyrics, guitar parts, voice lines and drums. In spring 2004, long awaited, the first change in the band line-up took place: Grandfather Thunder Matteo Cuzzit, an experienced musician in the local musical scene, enjoyed the band as bass player. After that Matteo was going to introduce other two elements to the band members: guitarist Max Gei and singer Michele Tomadoni, (who used to play drums in other metal bands) who entered steadily in the band by the end of summer 2004. After a whole year of hard work finally things were turning right. Winter 2004-2005 brought some good and some bad news. On one side the band started showing all its melodic potential, with its elements slowly getting to know each other and their techical qualities, on the other side a split took place: GB left the band. According to the early days philosophy, the 4 members left continued their work, Michele playing drums and Giorgio singing like in the old good times. In late spring 2005 new drummer Stefano Scoppa joined the band, this was to be the last change in the line-up and that made the band finally stable under any aspect. In autumn 2005 it became clear to everyone that the time for the long-awaited demo was come...

Gothic Metal/Rock

Italy (Trieste), formed in 2003

Nomadism Records


Michele - Vocals
Max - Guitars
Teo - Bass
Stefano - Drums


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