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A touch of...

"A touch of..." (2006 Demo)

1. ...Rain
2. Opening
3. Kiss The Scythe
4. The Deceiver
5. Black Harmony

1. ...Rain

One time again...

I try to stop the tears that I

I need so deep to let flow down

But every step just takes away

The will to do things that I should

No words can say how much it hurts

How deep this rain can get inside

Every drop flows down on me

Taking everything away

Trying to shelter from the rain

Sheltering from the pain

From the cold and pouring rain

Dropping into your veins

Falling straight into darkness

One time again

Time and time again

I cannot breathe in pouring rain

Again it falls upon my head

Every beat I hear inside

Drives me back to what I am

There's no shelter from this pain

Yet its smell drives me insane

And I see that grinning face

One time again


All the time that I wasted

All the fears that I kept inside my mind

All the moments that I spent

Asking why

2. Opening

Open my door

I'll let you in

I'm ready for a new beginning

Tonight for a while

Your eyes meet mine

And bring me what I couldnít find

Your fingers are cold

They penetrate

I feel the cry of my soul

3. Kiss The Scythe

Shadows cry loud

Screaming their hate

Surrounding me, spreading the pain

Beneath my feet

Thereís something strong that pulls me down

Down to the ground

In my dreams I kiss the scythe

Under the moonlight

Shining bright through all my life

I fear no cloud in the sky

Hand in your hand

So I beg you please just take me away

Tonight Iím far

Away from home

The last moon rises far above

The airís so bright

That your eyes shine

Suddenly here I hear no sound


It will take us just a while

You will guide me through the night

(descending now)

Disappearing tonight

Disappearing tonight


4. The Deceiver

Peacefulnessí fading

Fading away with bitter tears

And you take its place

Here in the twilight

Youíll be my lover

Till Iím again..

In dry-heart times

Misery and sorrow

They both will join us in our twilight

Say, does this scare you?

Babe please donít touch me

ĎCause Iím afraid you will not stand

This feeling

But I feel strong inside out

If you long for my love

Iíll just hate you the most

If you look into my eyes

They will get wide shut at once!

If you try to hold my hand

You will feel how cold I am

How cold Iím in dry-heart times!

Let me go away now

To see the dawn of a beautiful day

And there wonít be shadows

Out in the daylight

Youíll be already a memory, fadedÖ




5. Black Harmony

I never thought that it would last so long

Well the dream is over

You know you wasted all

Your blood is flowing in my body

Mixing with your tears

Your poisonís spreading through my veins

Leave me while I lay myself

In black harmony

And turn your eyes away

There is nothing you can do for me

Leave me as I pray

The sun to fade away

Cut this wire bounding me to you

It makes me bleed

You are still wrapped around my body

But in your eyes I see

The consciousness of what I feel

Donít try to hold me as I walk away

No mercy for the one I leave

As you desire me, I beg youÖ.


It hurts, it makes me bleed!




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