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Album: ''Desolation'' (1990 Demo)
1. Weakness Within
2. Desolation
3. Mentally Numb


Album: ''Tragedies'' (1990 Demo)
1. Death Throes
2. Sigh
3. Mentally Numb
4. Desolation of My Mind
5. Weakness Within

Requiem for Fools

Album: ''Requiem for Fools'' (1992 EP)
1. The Knell
2. Desolation of My Mind
3. Taste Defeat

Scorn Defeat

Album: ''Scorn Defeat'' (1993)
1. A Victory of Dakini
2. The Knell
3. At My Funeral
4. Gundali
5. Ready for the Final War
6. Weakness Within
7. Taste Defeat

Scorn Defeat (Promo)

Album: ''Scorn Defeat (Promo)'' (1993 Demo)
1. A Victory of Dakini
2. Ready for the Final War

Sigh/Kawir Split

Album: ''Sigh/Kawir Split'' (1994 Split)
1. Suicidogenic
2. Schizo (Venom cover)
3. Sinn (The Blazing Queen)

Infidel Art

Album: ''Infidel Art'' (1995)
1. Izuna
2. The Zombie Terror (symphonic version)
3. Desolation (symphonic version)
4. The Last Elegy
5. Suicidogenic
6. Beyond Centuries

To Hell and Back

Album: ''To Hell and Back'' (1995 EP)
1. Black Metal
2. Seven Gates Of Hell
3. Schizo
4. Welcome To Hell
5. Poison
6. Witching Hour

Album: ''Shadowking'' (1996 EP)
1. Shadowking
2. Black Metal (Venom cover)
3. The Seven Gates of Hell (Venom cover)

Hail Horror Hail

Album: ''Hail Horror Hail'' (1997)
1. Hail Horror Hail
2. 42 49
3. 12 Souls
4. Burial
5. The Dead Sing
6. Invitation to Die
7. Pathetic
8. Curse of Izanagi
9. Seed of Eternity

Ghastly Funeral Theatre

Album: ''Ghastly Funeral Theatre'' (1997 EP)
1. Intro: Soushiki
2. Shingontachikawa
3. Doman Seman
4. Imiuta
5. Shikigami
6. Outro: Higeki

The Eastern Force of Evil: Live 92

Album: ''The Eastern Force of Evil: Live 92' - 96''' (1997 Live album)
1. Schizo (Venom cover)
2. Poison (Venom cover)
3. Intro / Taste Defeat / Suicidogenic
4. Welcome to Hell (Venom cover)
5. Intro
6. The Last Elegy
7. Beyond Centuries
8. Witching Hour (Venom cover)
9. Evil Dead (Death cover)
10. Shikigami
11. The Knell
12. The Seven Gates of Hell (Venom cover)
13. Black Metal (Venom cover)
14. Infernal Death (Death cover)

Scenario IV: Dread Dreams

Album: ''Scenario IV: Dread Dreams'' (1999)
1. Diabolic Suicide
2. Infernal Cries
3. Black Curse
4. Iconoclasm in the 4th Desert
5. In the Mind of a Lunatic
6. Severed Ways
7. Imprisoned
8. Waltz: Dread Dreams
9. Divine Graveyard

Imaginary Sonicscape

Album: ''Imaginary Sonicscape'' (2001)
1. Corpsecry - Angelfall
2. Scarlet Dream
3. Nietzchean Conspiracy
4. A Sunset Song
5. Impromptu (Allegro Maestoso)
6. Dreamsphere (Return to Chaos)
7. Ecstatic Transformation
8. Slaughtergarden Suite
9. Bring Back the Dead
10. Requiem - Nostalgia

Evilized Japan

Album: ''Evilized Japan'' (2004 Split)
1. Grotesque Nightmare
2. Bitch! We Gonna Kill You
3. Black Metal
4. Witching Hour

Gallows Gallery

Album: ''Gallows Gallery'' (2005)
1. Pale Monument
2. In a Drowse
3. The Enlightenment Day
4. Confession to Be Buried
5. The Tranquilizer Song
6. Midnight Sun
7. Silver Universe
8. Gavotte Grim
9. Messiahplan


Album: ''Hangman's Hymn'' (2007)
1. Introitus / Kyrie
2. Inked in Blood
3. Me-Devil
4. Dies Irae / The Master Malice
5. The Memories as a Sinner
6. Death with Dishonor
7. In Devil's Arms
8. Overture / Rex Tremendae / I Saw the World's End
9. Salvation in Flame / Confutatis
10. Finale: Hangman's Hymn / In Paradisum / Das Ende



Sigh was formed in May of 1990 in Tokyo, Japan, and originally stated that they formed in 1989 so they would be viewed with serious consideration as an experienced band. During this time, the trio consisted of Mirai Kawashima who played bass, and sung the vocals, Satoshi Fujinami, who played guitar, and Kazuki who played the drums. All three met each other through the school they were attending at the time. Their primary influence drew mainly from the 1st wave black metal/thrash acts Venom and Celtic Frost. Following, were more well-known acts like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. These musical influences can be heard in the band's music throughout their near-seventeen year history. The other primary influence of the band dwelled in the realm of horror films and the soundtracks that accompanied them.

After some time and lineup changes Sigh record their first full-length album entitled "Scorn Defeat" in march 1993.The album was released on the Voices of Wonder label, which took over Deathlike Silence Productions (which sigh was signed to) after Euronymous was murdered by Count Grishnackh (Varg Vikernes). Sigh donned corpsepaint for "Scorn Defeat" obviously taking some influence from the late Euronymous and his impact on the Black Metal scene as a whole. The album was dedicated in his name.

Sigh permanently removed their corpsepaint prior to the release of 1997's "Hail Horror Hail." By this time it was apparent to Sigh that corpsepaint had set itself as a trend, being adopted by countless forgettable bands in their struggle to be more evil than the others. Sigh did not wish to be associated with this group, and thus the corpsepaint was dropped for good.

After recording a demo featuring early versions of tracks that would appear on their 5th full-length, Century Media records took an interest in the band and went on to sign them. At this time, Sigh retreated to Studio Zen to work on their 5th full length album. For this release, the band crafted psychedelic landscapes with their use of 1970s equipment, recorded with the spirit of the 1980s, and technology of the 1990s. "As a result, we created music for the 21st century" says Mirai, describing the album on top of all that went into creating it. After spending a few more months perfecting the album, they finished recording "Imaginary Sonicscape" in April of 2001 and released it on July 24, 2001. Sigh's psychedelic image for this album made it nearly impossible for anyone to believe that long ago this band donned corpsepaint.

The 6th full-length album, "Gallows Gallery" was recorded in 2004. News on the new album began to appear on the website of Candlelight records in July 2005, announcing the album would be released on their label within the next few months.

It was later revealed that Century Media had refused to release the album on their label since the new album contained parts applying sonic weapon techniques, experimented with during World War II. However, the fact that Century Media was not pleased with the departure from Sigh's black metal roots on the record also played a role. A warning was issued regarding the 6th full-length album, saying it could do harm to one's health due to the implementation of these sonic weapon techniques. Mirai was actually hospitalized while working on the album, which was one of the reasons that the album was delayed for more than two years.

Sigh signed onto the United States progressive label, The End Records, and they are currently on the verge of releasing their 7th studio album "Hangman's Hymn" stated to be released at June 12th, 2007

Black Metal (early), Post-Black/Avant-Garde Metal (now)

Suffering, Insanity, Occultism, Death

Japan (Tokyo), formed in 1990

The End Records


Mirai Kawashima - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Sampling, Programming, Vocoder (Necrophagia, Cut Throat (Jpn), Gorelord (as guest), Enoch (US), Amduscias (Jpn), Blood from the Soul, Hidden (US)) (1990-)
Shinichi Ishikawa - Guitar (Cut Throat (Jpn), ex-Abigail (Jpn) (as guest)) (1992-)
Satoshi Fujinami- Bass (Drums 1990-2004, Guitars on "Requiem For Fools") (1990-)
Junichi Harashima -Drums (Hellchild, Gonin-Ish, Aiaibunch) (2004-)
Mikannibal - Alto Saxophone, Backing vocals (Providence)

Kazuki - Drums (1990)
Hideyuki Okahara - Guitars (for one gig in 1990)
Yasuyuki Suzuki - Session Bass on tours (Barbatos, Cut Throat (Jpn), Tiger Junkies, Abigail (Jpn))


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