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"Tragedies" (1990 Demo)

1. Death Throes
2. Sigh
3. Mentally Numb
4. Desolation of My Mind
5. Weakness Within

1. Death Throes

The city is taken, and the house is rifled
Women are ravished, sky burns red
The mountain cleaves, the sea boils

Your flesh consumes away while you stand upon your feet
Your eyes consume away in your holes
Your tongue consumes away in your mouth
You never thought you would die in this way

Torn soul screams
Your flesh decays
No saviour will come
None shall help

I can't die, I've left many things untried

2. Sigh

All you say I deny
All you do is just telling a lie
Concealed truth and you know why
No hope left, it's my sigh

Face the fact, open your eyes
All the way you do I despise
Making profit without thinking
You don't care about anything

Collapse with a full of the scums

No hope is left

3. Mentally Numb

Living in a video numb
Murder, gore, death, relentless genocide
The victimized innocents
Apathy causes serial infanticide
Total mental numbness
The insane society and the mental weakness
Perverted lust extremely
There ain't no fantasy or reality

Paranoia or megalomania? I don't know why
Ghastly necrophelia? I don't know why
Merciless decapitation I don't know why
Merciless mutilation I don't know why
Building his own world I don't know why
Lives are puny for him I don't know why
The reason why

Mentally numb...

4. Desolation of My Mind

My mind's desolation, extreme desperation
My aspiration, not your expectation
Intense detestation, another irritation
Urge to destroy I can't control

5. Weakness Within

You just follow suit over again, weakness within
You can't do it yourself due to your weakness within

You better realize you are an idiot, weakness within
Get out of my sight, weakness within

Always you just sit on the fence
You practice nothing but talk big
I'll hear your words with a grain of salt
Aaarrrgh weakness within


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