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Sublime Metrics Reallocation

Album: ''Sublime Metrics Reallocation'' (2003 EP)
1. To Breathe One's Last
2. Formaldehyde Bride - Subcutaneous Phagocytosis
3. Douleur Mortelle
4. Murder Metaframe
5. Nemesis Mausoleum
6. In Rotten Remains Forgotten Names Lie



The consolidation of unique players started back in 1996. The line up back then went back and forth with bass players, (clean & growl) singers and guitarists. After the Baroquean Menuets For Oesophagus -99, future was looking auspicious. Reviews were even better than expected, this EP had biggest national on-air time also and interesting gigs were offered in Finland as abroad. Stab in the back was to come. Drummer decided to change his musical style into more peaceful after a black/death-metal festival gig 3/8/2000. New drummer was eventually found in 8/2002. Rehearsing after total frustration could continue. Two silent years of the band lost our long time bass player but new one was affiliated. The physical zenith of our mental work was finally been spawn at 14-17/11/03 and it was titled Sublime Metrics Reallocation. The whole EP is about revealing authentic pictures, lyrics and own thoughts within maverick music. All the corpse photos we use really are real. This EP was downloadable in a Finnish metal forum and was offered a record deal a day after. We got into a deal with Rising Realm Records... Next clearing, blurring zenith was released under the label on 25/01/05 and it is titled Calliphora Vomitoria Introitus. US region was organized well by Crash Music Inc. but Europe was not and major problems appeared especially on distribution in Finland. Now we have finally purchased our own “artist peaces” from store due total failure of record company. RRR finally went bankrupt and only one member was left in the band... Old "play mate" of mine from Death Du Jour -band, hooked up for battering the rhythm section and the brutal jam continues. After four new song's "time period", Eero (vocals) and Juuso (bass) joined to bring the band truely alive. They were gasoline to the flames! We are looking forward to blow your mind and cut your testicles in a live appearances...


Finland, formed in 1996

Violent Journey Records


Oskari Mäki - Guitar (ex-Death du Jour)
Jusso - Bass
Tuukka - Drums
Eero - Vocals

Tomi Korkiakangas - Vocals, guitar (ex-SWIN)
Pete - Vocals
Sami "Silli" Siirtola - Drums (ex-Distorted Reality)
JP Suominen - Bass, backing vocals
Tapani Kasurinen - Guitar (Death du Jour, ex-Luciferase, ex-Shadows of Sunset)
Valtteri Wilén - Bass (Rilká)
Sami Maanpää - Drums


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