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Sublime Metrics Reallocation

"Sublime Metrics Reallocation" (2003 EP)

1. To Breathe One's Last
2. Formaldehyde Bride - Subcutaneous Phagocytosis
3. Douleur Mortelle
4. Murder Metaframe
5. Nemesis Mausoleum
6. In Rotten Remains Forgotten Names Lie

1. To Breathe One's Last

2. Formaldehyde Bride - Subcutaneous Phagocytosis

Effects of this phenomena au naturel
Erected the shields, in a feeble manner
End up physical wrecks – scrawny, ulcerated, unkempt
Modus operandi, to embrace scavengers with death

Caught in a bind, when alone
Uncontrollable restlessness of attention deficit disorder
Self-crippling immune systems
Self-defeating conduct

Quandary-solving power vastly beyond that of any individual module it contains
Agglomeration of necrocomium milieu of virgin territory
Urge to roam beyond, frowned among living
Can’t abide, anti-antibody to apoplectic military

Victim-loving prowlers, diffused throughout the world
Self-destruct mechanisms has now taken control

The subject to destruction from within via apoptosis’s preprogrammed cellular suicide
Intriguing words are plundered by invading foes, From Eros obdurately into Thanatos

Personal devastation – putrefying concepts
Pictures of pathos – in the face of death

Shall never awake – I reach the gates
For her return – I reach the gates

3. Douleur Mortelle

Bio-organic frontier of decadence
War against lower races, quick deliverance

Sour soil, venomous oil, river bed of blood
Blind in rage, drown in acid reign

The moral animal, group selectionism, influental temptation
Luring those who maybe weak of mind
Who dominates neo-Darwinism now?

Sacrifice genetic legacy – own needs to be fulfilled

Driven by voracity of genes
Decade after decade until the unselfish utterly fade away

Creatures confronted
In quest of napalm ointment
Paralysed by anxiety, resignation and fear

Open to the jaws of death, propaganda dwells
Insects with death wish, wish of quick deliverance

If only lies pay off in hordes of progeny
Scientific crime, cyber-ocean of blood rather than bias of conceous

4. Murder Metaframe

The convolution of accreditation
The quill bit of see-thru riots
The conflicts escalated into violence
The batalion of nocturnal endobionts

Walking on dying fields
Solid soil above leaded primates
Sublime septum deployment
Grave consolidation, pain encapsulation

Synchronous, collaborative reallocation
Downing nameless at next door - no one saw
Migration of radicals, ambivalence in raging

Flesh you’re facing!

Encrusted like endophyte
-I’m interface to your life
Diminish onus probandi
Fraudulent misrepresentation so frantic

Agility in apoplexy
Diminish onus probandi
Fraudulent misrepresentation so frantic

5. Nemesis Mausoleum

A good day to die?
Anger within smile.
Wanna mess with the thing of atrial?

Dead will remember... You’ve gotta know how..
By the cold misty path – of expedition, stands faceless figures in shades with wrath.

The phase on divine grade moves you to the mausoleum of darkness.
Cross the embers in flaming chain and behold the pus in drains.

Blood runs throughout when the time comes.
Repentant weep below the omnivorous ones.

Pain of haematemesis, flows into ditch.
Reasons to live.. fucking nothing but bleed.

With anguish shall I proceed.
What northward torment needs, to boil your flesh steam away with the wind.
Like a northern lights, hiding in the night, until the moment of pasting life is right.

Enfeeble my patiance
Impair my forgiveness
Commit your last wish
Excretory Judas kiss

6. In Rotten Remains Forgotten Names Lie

Covered with calxes in pit they lie.
Hands, legs, eyes bound with cloth or wire.

Gunshot wounds in stomach, chest, in head.
Broken bones on the extremities of arms and legs.

All fingers, both ears cut off.
Cigarette burning marks above eyes, on cheeks, on necks.

Hands tied behind back with wire so tight, that it cuts into flesh.
Arms, elbows and shoulder blades broken.
Right cheek and the right side of neck skinned

Missing head,some spinal bones left, parts of a leg, of the arm, of the shoulder.
Dismembered wrist without the little finger.

Mass rapes of children, stronger than bullets
Executions - flaying and scalping
Mutilations inflicted while still alive

Scalped, two ribs cut out of body.
Broken limbs, torn fingers, nose, ears.

Medical cauterodyne marks.
Marks of laparotomy and extravasations inflicted before death.
Prisoners used in visceral trade.

In rotten remains forgotten names lies
Impossible to recognize as they had been eaten by dogs; only bones remained…
In rotten remains forgotten names lies

The hands of all - cut off.
Their knee caps – smashed, and ribs broken.
Strangled with a scarf.


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