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One Size Fits All

Album: ''One Size Fits All'' (2007)
1. World Wide Vulture
2. Motionless Torrent
3. Introducing The Dominance
4. A Child Called Shit (Two Minutes Hate)
5. The New Conciousness
6. Where Dead Children Feed The Street
7. One Size Fits All
8. Victory Mansions



PLUTONIUM was formed in the year of 2003 by J. Carlsson. Mr J. Have had several problems during the years when trying to unleashing his creativity, but all of a sudden the vision of PLUTONIUM turned up in his mind and then, the writers block was far away and ideas were taking shape in his head....A couple of songs were written and he teamed up with a couple of musicians who helped him realizing the sinister vision.

The three track demo “Wind of change” were recorded during mid 2004. J. Carlsson did the engineering although he is not too familiar or experienced with engineering. The main reason for doing this was partly economical, but also depending the fact that the man himself have been recording with his earlier bands and sometimes felt that he was always told how to do by the ones in the “producer chair”.

The demo was mostly sent to fanzines/webzines to get some response on the material. The response was quite varied. A few copies were also send to different record labels, and one of the labels who really enjoyed the sound of PLUTONIUM was the (then) newly started swedish label Khaoz Star Records. The band and the label had some discussions and in October 2005 PLUTONIUM decided to sign a one-record deal with Khaoz Star.

In November 2005 the band started the recording of a fullenght-album, and the album was finished in May 2006. Once again, J. Carlsson did the engineering. The gear used for this recording was far more appropriate than the gear used for the “Wind of change” session. The result of these sessions are eight songs of extreme metal with some industrial influences.

Lyrically, PLUTONIUM could be described as very depressive. The lyrics shows a grey world of filth, misery and hopelessness. Themes that are frequent are humiliation, violence, obedience, dictatorship.....Books like “Fahrenheit 451” or “Brave new world” might give you a hint of what to expect.

The debut album from PLUTONIUM is called “One size fits all”...just have a look at the cover if you think the title is strange...

Taken from

There is also a Russian band with this name.

Industrial Black Metal

Misery, Hopelessness, Humiliation, Violence

Sweden (Karlskoga), formed in 2003

Khaoz Star Records


J. Carlsson - Lead Guitar,Vocals, Programming
Lars H. - Bass
H.Fossmo - Guitar


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