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Cast Down The Plague

Album: ''Cast Down The Plague'' (1999)
1. Mass Corruption
2. Truth In Disguise
3. Survival Of Time
4. Cast Down The Plague
5. Box Life
6. Understand
7. Sympathy
8. Forever
9. Vexed
10. Away
11. Mistake No. 1
12. Reality Of War
13. Train Of Thought

Fields of Disbelief

Album: ''Fields of Disbelief'' (2000)
1. Between Heaven and Hell
2. Fork Tongue
3. Ruin
4. You'll Never Know
5. Selfish
6. Fields of Disbelief
7. Three
8. Out of Control
9. The Other Side
10. Regret
11. Sever The Ties
12. Choices
13. Voice of Reason

Where We Come From

Album: ''Where We Come From'' (2001)
1. Burning Bridges
2. Vengeance Is Mine
3. I've Tried
4. Justice Denied
5. Keep To Myself
6. Cursed
7. Born To Serve
8. Oportunidad
9. Open The Gates
10. World of One

Live In The Devil

Album: ''Live In The Devil's Triangle'' (2002 Live album)
1. Between Heaven And Hell
2. Burning Bridges
3. Fork Tongue
4. Three
5. Vengeance Is Mine
6. Justice Denied
7. Cursed
8. Survival Of Time
9. Cast Down The Plague
10. Desperado
11. Season To Die
12. Tortured
13. Dodging Bullets
14. Forever
15. Mass Corruption
16. World Of Deceit


Album: ''Evolution'' (2003)
1. No Way Out
2. Fall Away
3. Hanging on the Cross
4. Evolution
5. Perseverance
6. The Threshold
7. Takedown
8. Two Face Devil
9. Replace the Day
10. Evolucion

pissing razors


The etymology of the delightfully named Pissing Razors originates from the band's original lead vocalist, who claimed he was in a whorehouse and, subsequently coming out with an STD (gonorrhea), decided to have their debut album produced by ex-Sabbat guitarist Andy Sneap. The band, hailing from El Paso, Texas, would later be fronted by Joe Rodriguez, previously a Lieutenant in the US Navy.

Pissing Razors history in El Paso can be traced back to Rodriguez and Lynch's tenure with 90's metal band Sadist, the band folding when their singer joined the Navy. Lynch founded the soon to be titled Pissing Razors with Eddie Garcia on drums, his brother on bass and vocalist Loco Pelon. Rodrigues supplanted Pelon in 1995 as the band toured America with Stuck Mojo and Pro-Pain. The band toured Europe and America as support to Pro-Pain during early 1998.

Pissing Razors would pull in new vocalist Jason Bragg for a 2001 album 'Where We Come From' for their new label Spitfire Records. The group would embark on a further round of American dates in 2002, headlined by Cannibal Corpse and billed alongside Dark Funeral and Incantation, commencing on the 24th April in Los Angeles. Bragg pulled out in October and was swiftly replaced by Andre Acosta. The band had previously announced plans to tour with Skinlab, Dope, and Primer 55 throughout the winter but curtailed these shows due to the vocalist change. A further blow came in quick succession as within days of Bragg's exit guitarist Cesar Soto too left the band. Citing personal differences Soto almost immediately unveiled plans for a fresh act entitled Fueled II Fire, featuring none other than erstwhile Pissing Razors personnel singer Joe Rodriguez and guitarist Matt Lynch alongside former Angelburn bassist Hector Gallardo and drummer Danny Contreras of Wick=War=Burn.

Pissing Razors pulled in ex-Single Bullet Theory guitarist Matt Difabio during November. A new studio album, billed as 'Evolution', was set for April 2003 issue and promoted with a North American tour that saw the group allied with 40 Grit, Society 1 and Luxt. In August it was learned that the Pissing Razors rhythm section of bassist Rick Valles and drummer Eddy Garcia had united in a side project band with the Skinlab pairing of vocalist Steve Esquivel and guitarist Steve Green.

Guitarist Matt Difabio bailed out in February of 2004, his priorities with Single Bullet Theory taking precedence. Ex-singer Jason Bragg forged Drip Licorice. In August it would be announced that Pissing Razors bassist Rick Vallez would be handling all guitar duties for Ministry.

In mid August 2005 frontman Andre Acosta announced he had joined forces with Single Bullet Theory guitarist Matt Difabio in a new band unit dubbed preface. Also involved would be John Chernoski on guitar, Jason Dunkerly on drums and Bill Mez on bass.

Post-thrash, Groove metal

Hate, inner struggles, society

United States of America (El Paso, TX), formed in 1994

Spitfire Records


Andre Acosta -Vocals
Rick Valles - Bass
Eddy Garcia - Drums

Jason Bragg - Vocals (Where We Come From)
Joe Rodriguez - Vocals (first 3 cds)
Cesar Soto - Guitars (Fields & Where We Come From)
Matt Lynch - Guitars (first two cds)
Matt Difabio - Guitars (Single Bullet Theory)


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