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"Evolution" (2003)

1. No Way Out
2. Fall Away
3. Hanging on the Cross
4. Evolution
5. Perseverance
6. The Threshold
7. Takedown
8. Two Face Devil
9. Replace the Day
10. Evolucion

1. No Way Out

Trapped battled within
embrace the sin
on the brink of death, this is a war
fought in my mind
locked in my lonely cell

there's no way out
i've gone blind
can i scream

your broken back is playing me
living your live without a spine
cant breathe, wont live
without any voice

what's holding you back your killing me
blood in my eyes is turning black

2. Fall Away

Images await by the absence of light
falling further in, descending in my pain
the presence of eevil remains
now my body reeks of sweat, its drencheed with regret
its cold and lame, my visions getting faint
searching deep within, nothing feels the same
my spirit proceeds
desperate to dodge the fear;
my mission is still uncleear;
deciding on which way to steer
your options will disappear

breath of doom obvious horror
taste of blood, in holy fire
waste of slow decay
fall way from your god
misled into false thoughts
shut out i hope you pray

desperate fortunes, unachieved
followed through in gross deceit
the result of misbelief

in the dark i'll wait counting the loss of time
does this mean i'm dead, is there no one i can
find the poison lies in my veins, broken bones
will set so I still regret, the exception to relive
a wreck of a soul to you I give

3. Hanging on the Cross

emptiness is full in my body
shattered feelings spill through every pore
I sit in the dark corner
of my mind wondering
will i ever be, will we ever see
it's not understood, the way it should be
can we perceive

i've seen better days, hanging on the cross
lifeless misery, loathing for human loss
i've seen better days, blinded by misbelief
through time will we achieve
tangled by fallacy

4. Evolution

Count on the blessings received
eluding past fate in deceit
as I breathe inside tomorrow

I've been waiting all these days, to capture the flight
riding up, i'm closing on these gates
victory is nearing our fate

can't you see me rise, you cant stop the climb
living sacrifice, so we've paid the price
Never, be your own enemy
Hold on, remain in yourself

5. Perseverance

I don't understand why
you could lose faith so soon
we will persevere through
feed the line twisted untrue
see and realize how high
be the existence to fly
climb the infinite unwind
how can you be so blind
to the things before you

perseverance is my way of life, i don't
question my road when i see the light a light
once dim is now shining right, bright
enough to keep up the fight to give up now
is so absurd, we've come so far farther than
most lack of vision fucking open your eyes,
only then you will realize

6. The Threshold

Take hold live and feel
the threshold, the will to build and restore
the dying old insane my role is lame
now the game is name your price
your soul pretends to stand the vise
lessons be learned, tis time to give in
the torture is cold, the threshold wins

suffering torturing

before you die again, make sure your life is sin
these blessings wont take away
the life your doomed today
the threshold wins again
expressions reveal your wounds
your visions are now entombed
deciding your fate is soon

hide forever pain
time is killing me
try to live again
dive to death my friend
this is the end, the end of your time
you had your turn, watch your live pass by

7. Takedown

another twisted end, shut out let me in take
down break within hold fast the deal begins
objection, rejection past off unvalued claim
deception, the morals name takedown

everything i've owned, you've lost
breaking every bone, you laugh
embarrassed by the tone, un rest
closing ties that fold, mistrust
since my brides been sold

I'm in the seat, what you want to be
grow with me feel free, I'm flying free

8. Two Face Devil

living in the depths of what you cant see before you
do what you need to succeed
stab and kill at will
rise inside and find i will be waiting
I want to kill you, I want to kill you

trusting you is like a disease
my fists will cure you
no sympathy as you live and breathe
you cant bring me down
die right now your time is running
this bind your burning, your soul is turning

your a two faced devil cant trust you
try to bring me down
I hate you

dead you are in my eyes
my pain thoroughs
truth behind your lies
consumes your innocent cries
run and hide, I will find you, I will deny you

9. Replace the Day

seeking redemption for loss in the past
defining my structure, my strength to surpass
something is taking over me
losing my sight, I cannot see

I'm gonna beat you down
if you dont turn away
I'm gonna take you back
and replace the first day

Instant aggression, this shade you know
cursed by appearance,
then the feelings will grow
something is taking over me
losing your sight you still can't see

this is haunting me, this cannot be
this is not me, just let it be

who gives a fuck

10. Evolucion


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