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Perkunu Yra Dang I

Album: ''Perkunu Yra Dang I'' (1996)
1. ...O Brzasku
2. Nadwarcianski Szczep
3. Perkunu Yra Dang
4. Kumele Vineto
5. Tu Gdzie Kiedys...
6. Niebo Ostanse Zawzdy Wolne
7. W Calunie Bieli Sniegow
8. Pogrzeb Swintoroga

Na Drodze Do Sprawiedliwsci

Album: ''Na Drodze Do Sprawiedliwsci'' (2006)
1. Intro - Swit nowej ery
2. na drodze do sprawiedliwosci
3. Ku pamieci zapomnianych oblicz
4. W holdzie
5. Bylismy, jestesmy, bedziemy
6. ziemia moim cialem, woda moja krwia, powietrze oddechem, ogien sila ma
7. Zmrok zapada
8. tak, umarl czlowiek
9. Outro - Na gruzach starego swiata



Perunwit was founded in 1994, and the same year their first material Blood and Tears (Lzy I Krew) was recorded in Isengard Studio and released by DCC from Opole, as a split tape with Legion.

The next step in Perunwits history was In the Circle Of Oaks (W Kregu Debow) LP. Again composed by Aro and Obscenus, stylistically the material is a continuation of the previous production with keyboards and slow pace prevailing. Nevertheless, it is already a cult album, recommendable to anyone yearning to hear and feel the sounds of those times.

It was followed by Perkunu Yra Dang Part I album, with two guest members in the band - Wielkopolan Lupus Wszeslawiewicz (who had played ealier in Gromowladny, Wolves and Veles) and Moira (vocals). At the same time Obscenus left Perunwit.

Along with composing music, Aro, also known as Wilczan by then, and Lupus became actively involved with Native Faith Union by founding The Great Poland NFUs branch with several other members. They also started publishing Lechia Stragona, a paganism-orientated periodical, and engaged in developing the ritual aspect of Native Faith. Soon they were joined by a considerable number of devotees.

Soon after Perkunu Yra Dang Part I, the second part was recorded in cooperation with Lupus and Rocisaw. It was released by Pagan Folk Records.

After a long period of silence, Perunwit entered the studio again and recorded All Shades of Gray (Wszystkie Odcienie Szarosci). Drums and electric guitars were the new elements in Perunwits music. Lupus and Wilczan were the main composers of that album.

In the meantime Wilczan participated in Carpe Noctem a band from Poznan, and Lupus reactivated his solo project Gromowladny and recorded a new album.

Recently All Shades of Gray (Wszystkie Odcienie Szarosci) has been re-released in CD format in EastSide and Vinland Winds Records with a bonus track and a video clip.

A new Perunwit album called On the Road To Justice (Na Drodze Do Sprawiedliwosci) has just been recorded and soon will be released by EastSide with a new video clip.

Perunwit has also recently recorded a Honors The Last Drakkar (Ostatni Drakkar) cover track. It will be released soon.

Moreover, the terms of re-edition of Perkunu Yra Dang Part I and II are being negotiated.

Pagan Neo-Folk

Paganism, Slavonic Culture, Anti-christianity

Poland (Poznañ), formed in 1994

Eastside Records


Aro aka Wilczan aka Leo - Vocals, lyrics (Gromowladny, Carpe Noctem (Pol), Minas Morgul (Pol), Helter Skelter, Hangar 69, Mord Umys³u, Wolves)
Moira - Vocals, Choirs, lyrics
Wielkopolan Lupus Wszeslaszewicz - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards (Kraina Bez Wiatru, ex- Veles, Gromowladny)
Piotr Alankiewicz - Keyboards (Kraina Bez Wiatru, ex-Veles)
Samael - Drums (Silent Confusion, Warpath, Helgardh)
Jaroslaw Godziewski - Bass (Warpath, Helgardh)
Warterz "Bard" Neur - session Guitar solos on "Na drodze do Sprawiedliwosci" (Gontyna Kry, Aetheres, Pomerania, Lechia)

Obscenus aka Aryanhord - Guitars (Winter Moonlight, Abs Conditus)
Raścis³aw - Bass, Guitars, Vocals


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