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Power in Black

Album: ''Power in Black'' (1983 Demo)
1. Overkill
2. The Beast Within
3. There's No Tomorrow
4. Death Rider
5. Raise the Dead

Feel the Fire

Album: ''Feel the Fire'' (1985)
1. Raise the Dead
2. Rotten to the Core
3. There's No Tomorrow
4. Second Son
5. Hammerhead
6. Feel the Fire
7. Blood and Iron
8. Kill at Command
9. Overkill
10. Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover)


Album: ''Overkill'' (1985 EP)
1. Rotten to the Core
2. Fatal If Swallowed
3. The Answer
4. Overkill

US Speed Metal Attack

Album: ''US Speed Metal Attack'' (1986 Video/VHS)
1. Rotten to the Core
2. Second Son
3. Hammerhead
4. Overkill

Taking Over

Album: ''Taking Over'' (1987)
1. Deny the Cross
2. Wrecking Crew
3. Fear His Name
4. Use Your Head
5. Fatal If Swallowed
6. Powersurge
7. In Union We Stand
8. Electro-Violence
9. Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)

Under the Influence

Album: ''Under the Influence'' (1988)
1. Shred
2. Never Say Never
3. Hello From the Gutter
4. Mad Gone World
5. Brainfade
6. Drunken Wisdom
7. End of the Line
8. Head First
9. Overkill III (Under the Influence)

Fuck You

Album: ''Fuck You'' (1988 EP)
1. Fuck You
2. Rotten to the Core (live)
3. Hammerhead (live)
4. Use Your Head (live)
5. Electro-Violence (live)

Hello from the Gutter

Album: ''Hello from the Gutter'' (1988 Single)
1. Hello From the Gutter
2. Head First

The Years of Decay

Album: ''The Years of Decay'' (1989)
1. Time to Kill
2. Elimination
3. I Hate
4. Nothing to Die For
5. Playing With Spiders / Skullkrusher
6. Birth of Tension
7. Who Tends the Fire
8. The Years of Decay
9. E.vil N.ever D.ies


Album: ''Horrorscope'' (1991)
1. Coma
2. Infectious
3. Blood Money
4. Thanx for Nothin'
5. Bare Bones
6. Horrorscope
7. New Machine
8. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter cover)
9. Live Young, Die Free
10. Nice Day... For a Funeral
11. Soulitude


Album: ''Coma'' (1991 Single)
1. Coma
2. Thanx for Nothin'
3. New Machine
4. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter cover)

Album: ''Videoscope'' (1991 Video/VHS)
1. In Union We Stand
2. Hello From the Gutter
3. Elimination
4. Horrorscope

Album: ''Infectious'' (1992 Single)
1. Infectious

I Hear Black

Album: ''I Hear Black'' (1993)
1. Dreaming in Columbian
2. I Hear Black
3. World of Hurt
4. Feed My Head
5. Shades of Grey
6. Spiritual Void
7. Ghost Dance
8. Weight of the World
9. Ignorance & Innocence
10. Undying
11. Just Like You

Album: ''Spiritual Void'' (1993 Single)
1. Spiritual Void
2. Killogy


Album: ''W.F.O.'' (1994)
1. Where It Hurts
2. Fast Junkie
3. The Wait / New High in Lows
4. They Eat Their Young
5. What's Your Problem
6. Under One
7. Supersonic Hate
8. R.I.P. (Undone)
9. Up to Zero
10. Bastard Nation
11. Gasoline Dream

Fast Junkie

Album: ''Fast Junkie'' (1994 Single)
1. Fast Junkie
2. Gasoline Dream

Album: ''Wrecking Your Neck promo'' (1995 EP)
1. The Wait / New High in Lows
2. Elimination
3. Rotten to the Core

Wrecking Your Neck Live

Album: ''Wrecking Your Neck Live'' (1995 Live album)
1. Where It Hurts
2. Infectious
3. Coma
4. Supersonic Hate
5. Wrecking Crew
6. Powersurge
7. The Wait / New High in Lows
8. Skullkrusher
9. Spiritual Void
10. Hello From the Gutter
11. Anxiety
12. Elimination
13. Fast Junkie
14. World of Hurt

The Killing Kind

Album: ''The Killing Kind'' (1996)
1. Battle
2. God-Like
3. Certifiable
4. Burn You Down / To Ashes
5. Let Me Shut That for You
6. Bold Face Pagan Stomp
7. Feeding Frenzy
8. The Cleansing
9. The Mourning After / Private Bleeding
10. Cold, Hard Fact

!!!Fuck You!!! And Then Some

Album: ''!!!Fuck You!!! And Then Some'' (1996 Best of/Compilation)
1. Fuck You (studio)
2. Rotten to the Core (live)
3. Hammerhead (live)
4. Use Your Head (live)
5. Electro-Violence (live)
6. Fuck You (live)
7. Hole in the Sky (live) (Black Sabbath cover)
8. E.vil N.ever D.ies (live)
9. Rotten to the Core
10. Fatal If Swallowed
11. The Answer
12. Overkill

From the Underground and Below

Album: ''From the Underground and Below'' (1997)
1. It Lives
2. Save Me
3. Long Time Dyin'
4. Genocya
5. Half Past Dead
6. F.U.C.T.
7. I'm Alright
8. The Rip 'n' Tear
9. Promises
10. Little Bit o' Murder

The Rip

Album: ''The Rip 'n Tear'' (1997 Single)
1. The Rip 'n Tear


Album: ''Coverkill'' (1999)
1. Overkill (Motörhead cover)
2. No Feelings (Sex Pistols cover)
3. Hymn 43 (Jethro Tull cover)
4. Changes (Black Sabbath cover)
5. Space Truckin' (Deep Purple cover)
6. Deuce (Kiss cover)
7. Never Say Die (Black Sabbath cover)
8. Death Tone (Manowar cover)
9. Cornucopia (Black Sabbath cover)
10. Tyrant (Judas Priest cover)
11. Ain't Nothin' to Do (Dead Boys cover)
12. I'm Against It (Ramones cover)


Album: ''Necroshine'' (1999)
1. Necroshine
2. My December
3. Let Us Prey
4. 80 Cycles
5. Revelation
6. Stone Cold Jesus
7. Forked Tongue Kiss
8. I Am Fear
9. Black Line
10. Dead Man


Album: ''Bloodletting'' (2000)
1. Thunderhead
2. Bleed Me
3. What I'm Missin'
4. Death Comes Out to Play
5. Let It Burn
6. I, Hurricane
7. Left Hand Man
8. Blown Away
9. My Name Is Pain
10. Can't Kill a Dead Man

Album: ''The Masters Of Destruction: Live From The Longhorn'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Intro: Ave Satani
2. The Battle
3. Hello From the Gutter
4. Bleed Me
5. Bastard Nation
6. Necroshine
7. Thunderhead
8. Rotten to the Core
9. Elimination
10. In Union We Stand
11. Long Time Dyin'
12. Fuck You (live)
13. Scullcrusher (live)
14. Fuck You / I Hate Medley (live)

Then & Now

Album: ''Then & Now'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Necroshine
2. Thunderhead
3. Long Time Dyin'
4. It Lives
5. Battle
6. What I'm Missing
7. New Machine (live)
8. Infectious (live)
9. Tyrant (Judas Priest cover)
10. Hymn 43 (Jethro Tull cover)
11. Revalation
12. Cold, Hard Fact

Extended Versions

Album: ''Extended Versions'' (2002 Live album)
1. Coma
2. Hello From the Gutter
3. Elimination
4. World of Hurt
5. Wrecking Crew
6. Powersurge
7. Rotten to the Core
8. Horrorscope
9. Skullkrusher
10. Thanx for Nothin'

Wrecking Everything - Live

Album: ''Wrecking Everything - Live'' (2002 Live album)
1. Necroshine
2. Thunderhead
3. E.vil N.ever D.ies
4. Deny the Cross
5. I Hate
6. Shred
7. Bleed Me
8. Long Time Dyin'
9. It Lives
10. Battle
11. The Years of Decay
12. In Union We Stand
13. Overkill

Killbox 13

Album: ''Killbox 13'' (2003)
1. Devil by the Tail
2. Damned
3. No Lights
4. The One
5. Crystal Clear
6. The Sound of Dying
7. Until I Die
8. Struck Down
9. Unholy
10. I Rise


Album: ''ReliXIV'' (2005)
1. Within Your Eyes
2. Love
3. Loaded Rack
4. Bats in the Belfry
5. A Pound of Flesh
6. Keeper
7. Wheelz
8. The Mark 2:14
9. Play the Ace
10. Old School


Album: ''Immortalis'' (2007)
1. Devils in the Mist
2. What It Takes
3. Skull and Bones
4. Shadow of a Doubt
5. Hellish Pride
6. Walk Through Fire
7. Head On
8. Chalie Get Your Gun
9. Hell Is
10. Overkill V...the Brand



The band formed back in 1980, the first thrash band to hit the east coast, and by many, considered to be the first thrash band in existence. They formed from the demise of DD Verni and Rat Skates' former punk project, The Lubricunts. They started work immediately and wrote three of the first thrash songs ever written, "Unleash The Beast Within", "Overkill I: The Nightmare Begins" and "Raise The Dead", all from 1980-1981, far before Exodus, Anthrax, Metallica, etc were even bands. They went through several different guitarists from the first unknown one, to Dan Spitz (who left for Anthrax) to a combination of Bobby Gustafson and Rich Conte. Rich soon left the band and they were left with a single guitarist, Bobby Gustafson.

Through much hard work and a slew of infamous live performances at New York area clubs like L'Amours, Overkill established a reputation as a blue-collar, working man's metal band. After the band released a self-financed demo, "Power In Black" in '83 and the self-titled EP in 1984, Overkill broke onto the scene in 1985 with Feel the Fire, a crushing thrash assault on Megaforce Records, the label to beat when it came to 80's thrash. The self-proclaimed "Wrecking Crew" - originally consisting of vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, bassist D.D. Verni, guitarist Bobby Gustafson, and drummer Rat Skates – were on a tear, borrowing heavily from punk rock roots while adding a venomous metal crunch that allowed them to compete favorably with peers like Testament, Anthrax, and Megadeth.
By 1987's Taking Over, the band had worked their way up to a deal with Atlantic Records. This relationship would last another 7 years based on the strength and consistency of Overkill's music.

1988's Under the Influence and 1989's The Years of Decay represent Overkill in their prime. Sid Falck would replace Rat Skates on drums to bring his own brutal percussive assault to Verni's already powerful rhythm section. The band had already established a rabid fan base with songs like "Rotten to the Core" and "Hammerhead") as well as their infamous cover of D.O.A.'s "Fuck You"), and new songs like "Evil Never Dies" and "Hello from the Gutter" would become Overkill mainstays as well. A video for "Hello from the Gutter" was garnering much fan response when it received play on MTV's "Headbangers Ball."

1991's Horrorscope would bring great changes for Overkill. Gustafson left the band to pursue other interests. In his place, the band recruited two guitarists, Rob Cannevino and Merritt Gant (ex-Faith or Fear), making them a 5-piece engine of destruction. Rather than letting Gustafson's exit and the resulting backlash from fans bring them down, Overkill shifted into an even higher, more brutal gear.

1993's I Hear Black saw the departure of Sid Falck and the arrival of Tim Mallare, who would continue on with the band for over 10 years and still calls Overkill home today. 1994's W.F.O. would be Overkill's final album with Atlantic, as they would release their first official full-length live assault, Wrecking Your Neck, on CMC in 1995.

1996-1999 would see Overkill release 3 more full-length albums (Killing Kind, From the Underground and Below, and Necroshine) as well as a collection of live tracks and fan favorites (Fuck You! And Then Some) and an album of cover tunes (Coverkill) with the addition of Joe Comeau (ex-Liege Lord) and Sebastian Marino (ex-Anvil) on guitars.

In 2000, Overkill released Bloodletting on Metal-Is, adding guitarist Dave Linsk to the fray. The current Overkill lineup would be completed with the release of the live album Wrecking Everything and the addition of second guitarist Derek Tailer in 2002.

Finally, Overkill would release one of their most well-received albums to date, Killbox13, on Spitfire Records in 2003. As fans rabidly await the imminent release of their latest contribution on Spitfire, ReliXIV, it seems obvious that Overkill are, and always have been, a band that knows who their fans are, knows what true metal fans expect, and will settle for nothing but the best from themselves. An entirely self-produced album ReliXIV is a continuation of the Overkill legacy. As Blitz himself says: "This album is about performance versus process... The music on this record is a blend of our progression and our roots, where we're headed and where we've been. We're the real deal. We have a common ground with our fans, and this album is about what we know and feel."

Thrash Metal


United States of America (Brooklyn, NY / NJ), formed in 1980

Bodog Records


Bobby ``Blitz`` Ellsworth - Vocals (The Cursed)
Carlos ``D.D.`` Verni - Bass (The Bronx Casket Co.)
Dave Linsk - Lead Guitar (Speed Kill Hate, Fa-Q, Anger on Anger, ex-Zyris)
Derek ''Skull'' Tailer - Rhythm Guitar (ex-Speed Kill Hate, Fa-Q, Dee Snider)
Ron Lipnicki - Drums (Hades (US), ex-HavocHate, Dan Lorenzo)

Rat Skates aka Lee Kundrat (Broken Bones) (1980-87)
Mark Archibole (Warlock) (1987)
Bob 'Sid' Falck (ex-Battlezone, Freak of Nature) (1987-1992)
Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Office of Strategic Influence, Transatlantic, John Arch, Liquid Tension Experiment, Fates Warning) (On one live show on 10-29-2004)
Tim Mallare (The Bronx Casket Co., Speed Kill Hate, M.O.D., FA.Q) (1992-2005)

Robert Pisarek (1980-1983)
Dan Spitz (Anthrax, ex-Thrasher (US)) (1980-81)
Rich Conte (1981)
Bobby Gustafson (Response Negative, I4NI, Grip Inc., Skrew, Cycle Sluts From Hell) (1981-1990)
Rob Cannavino (Ride Inc.) (1990-95)
Merritt Gant (Faith or Fear) (1990-95)
Joe Comeau (ex-Liege Lord, ex-Annihilator, Jack Frost (US), Tad Morose, Painmuseum, Ramrod) (1995-99)
Sebastian Marino (Ramrod, Anvil, Liege Lord) (1995-2000)


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