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In A Time Of Blood And Fire

Album: ''In A Time Of Blood And Fire'' (1995)
1. Sword of Steel
2. Skyline Flame
3. Black Death
4. In a Time of Blood and Fire
5. Dawnspell
6. Lay of Ennui
7. Winds of Death
8. Rest in Peace
9. Dragonisle

Tales Of Mystery And Imagination

Album: ''Tales Of Mystery And Imagination'' (1997)
1. Ring of Steel
2. Dark Secret
3. Test of Time
4. Lost in Time
5. The Vision
6. Warrior's Return
7. Change the World
8. Pentagram
9. Eye of the Demon
10. End of the World
11. The Curse
12. Burn in Hell

The Sacred Talisman

Album: ''The Sacred Talisman'' (1999)
1. Destiny Calls
2. The Iron Force
3. Ride On
4. Free at Last
5. Hold on to the Flame
6. Eternity Holds
7. When Fire Comes to Ice
8. The Legend Lives On
9. The King's Command
10. Unholy Powers (Night of the Witch)
11. Glorious


Album: ''Afterlife'' (2000)
1. Afterlife
2. Wake Up Dead
3. The Sinner's Cross
4. Hell and Back
5. The Sign
6. The Devil's Child
7. Genetic Distortion Sequence
8. Sacrifice
9. Temple of the Dead
10. Hellenium


Album: ''Shadowland'' (2002)
1. Eyes of the Dead
2. Shadowland
3. Invincible
4. Revelation
5. Never Die
6. Underworld
7. Vengeance
8. Faceless God
9. Birth of Chaos
10. The Watcher

New World Messiah

Album: ''New World Messiah'' (2004)
1. New World Messiah
2. Against the World
3. Avalon
4. Awakening
5. Egyptica
6. Break Away
7. End of Days
8. The Flame Will Never Die
9. One Nation
10. Nightmare

Grand Illusion

Album: ''Grand Illusion'' (2005)
1. Fools Never Die
2. Never Trust
3. Still Alive
4. Something Undefined
5. Our Wasted Days
6. Cuts Like a Knife
7. End of Our Rope
8. Never Ending
9. One by One
10. Deliverance

Nocturnal Rites/Falconer - Split

Album: ''Nocturnal Rites/Falconer - Split'' (2005 Split)
1. Okahoo
2. Rock 'n' Roll Devil

The 8th Sin

Album: ''The 8th Sin'' (2007)
1. Call Out to the World
2. Never Again
3. Not the Only
4. Tell Me
5. Not Like You
6. Leave Me Alone
7. Till I Come Alive
8. Strong Enough
9. Me
10. Pain and Pleasure
11. Fools Parade (Outro)

nocturnal rites


Nocturnal Rites is a Swedish power metal band with some thrash elements formed in 1994, UmeƄ/Holmsund. So far they've released 7 studio albums.

Their first three albums ('In a Time of Blood and Fire', 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination' and 'The Sacred Talisman') feature the former vocalist Anders Zackrisson, while the newer albums are sung by Johnny Lindkvist. Also the musical style has changed a bit during the years; some demo's were something more like death metal, but then the three first cd releases pure melodic power metal, and on "Afterlife" they took a bit heavier approach with influences of true heavy metal like Masterplan and Dream Evil and even some thrash metal riffs, though the melodic choruses were kept right in the core of the songs.

They have released a few more albums since, with the latest one being 'Grand Illusion' that came in 2005. The band keeps on fighting on and remains one of the Scandinavia's well known power metal bands. They are currently in the making of a name album which comes out in 2007 still further questions remain about the title.

Death Metal (early) / Power Metal (now)

Fantasy, Science Fiction

Sweden (Umeå), formed in 1990

Century Media / Soundholic


Jonny Lindqvist - Vocals (ex-Mogg, Jonnys Bomb)
Nils Norberg - Lead Guitar
Fredrik Mannberg - Guitars (Bleeding Art (Swe), Guillotine (Swe), Ligament)
Nils Eriksson - Bass (Guillotine (Swe))
Owe Lingvall - Drums (Jonnys Bomb)

Mattias Bernhardsson - Keyboards (first five albums)
Anders Zackrisson - Vocals (first three albums) (ex-Gotham City, Planet Storm, ex-Heel (Session))
Ulf Andersson - Drums (first two albums) (Ancient Wisdom, ex-Naglfar (Swe))
Mikael Söderström - Rhythm Guitar (first album only)
Tommy Eriksson - Drums (on demos) (Saturnalia Temple, Ligament, Shadowseeds, ex-Therion (Swe))


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