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New World Messiah

"New World Messiah" (2004)

1. New World Messiah
2. Against the World
3. Avalon
4. Awakening
5. Egyptica
6. Break Away
7. End of Days
8. The Flame Will Never Die
9. One Nation
10. Nightmare

1. New World Messiah

Alone in a world of silence, Iím crawling in you
I wonít ever betray your trust, feel me Ė I subdue
Trust you seek, and youíll find messiah
Take the stone Ďround your neck away
Donít you ever display my fear,
Iím yours Ė so some what may

Oh, and I opened the door
The coldís forevermore
So donít you see, you are your own enemy

So Iíll fight, stand or fall
Choose my fate, feel how itís calling to us all
Stand or fall, the new world messiah
And the dawn of man

There are times when beckons to me,
Grips my throat and just pulls me in
Here I am but a shadowís worth, to wash away my sins

2. Against the World

They taught him right and what to believe
How to live by the rules
They all restrained his hungry heart
With time he would conceive

Walked the path of a righteous man
Taught him how to belong
A winding road and now it seems

No, the world is on my shoulders
I'm the one against the world
The one they led astray
But I know 'til my dying day
The only one against the world

Never strayed from a way of life
Sent your anger within
Betrayal remains a bitter man
The truth cuts like knives

Look at him now what you've become
He still kneels for them all
A broken pawn, about to fall

No, the world is on my shoulders
I'm the one against the world
The one they led astray
But I know 'til my dying day
The only one against the world

There he stands alone again
Watch his world becomes unreal
Forever astray

No, the world is on my shoulders
I'm the one against the world
The one they led astray
But I know 'til my dying day
The only one against the world

3. Avalon

In the void, long before time, the entity broke into five
The elements of life once came alive
Genesis, womb of the world, god of time
Bringer of all
Spring out of the dark, behold the light

Stand up in a land of flames
Gods at war, battle forevermore

Rise, Avalon
From the veil of mystery
The birth of time will soon begin,
for all to see
Rise, Avalon
While tomorrow fades away
Welcome to the poisoned land
As all towers fall

Brave New World rise to the sky,
The wonders of man crumble and fall
Man appointing Gods, unfold our fear

4. Awakening

Iíll end my journey here
Because time and tide it waits for no man
Thereís something strange in me,
I see the things that should not be
Itís all a mindless game
Trapped inside the walls I built
Try to pull them down
But something stops me

Then the feeling comes alive
I canít hold it any more
Enemy, is it you

End of the time, walking alone
In this void of my own
Demons of guilt, battle to win
This is my awaking

Thereís no turning back,
thereís nothing to awaken me
Insanity my friend
I can feel your gripping hand
To roam the earth alive,
But feel as if youíre dead and dreaming
Try to break away, but nothing helps me

5. Egyptica

How many miles of endless sand
Must we drag your stones into this wasteland?
How many years in endless pain
Must we toil under your reign?

Just like in Babylon, no glory last forever
The icon is not, what it seems to be
No more slavery, no youíre not heaven sent
Nothing stands alone, feel the endless pain
In Egyptica

Here we raise your tower high
Still an infant divine in our eyes
After years still flesh and blood
They said he would become a god

6. Break Away

Donít ever run, and love a lie
Rise above it all
Spread your wings to fly

Donít ever climb, the ship of fools
Sailing on and on
Face the truth

Hear the cry, destiny calling you again
Point the way, allow you to fly away
Following the silent voice within

Break away, rise anew
By leaving the memory behind you
Break away, carry on
Only the strong will live on

Your darkest hour, the final day
Looks you in the eye
Turn and walk away

Blackened soul, a heart of stone
Clown behind the mask
Let it out

7. End of Days

Have you seen the fall of the world
How blood stains the ground at our feet
Mankind kills in the name of God
Holy vengeance, lies and deceit
Have you seen the fall of man
How wounded he crawls through the mud
Dust and bones still cover the soil,
While we measure our wages in blood

Weíve lost our way, the end of the rope
Our final day
Weíll learn, bridges still burn

The end of days, now feel how we lost our way
Forgive the sins of those before
And turn the lies away
With eyes ablaze, now witness our end of days
A fading world for all to see, unfold the final decree

Dreams are spun in ivory towers
And fear in the game we learn
See the world, its barren soil,
The shackles that hold us will burn

It feels like we fade away
The world is dark and burning
We know, itís coming near
This is the end of days

8. The Flame Will Never Die

The painting is fading now
The colorís wearing thin
Her eyes in the broken glass
A stare that chills within
She cries only crimson tears
The eyes are burning with fire
Once believed, made her strong
Once deceived made her wrong

Sorrow and pain,
closed her eyes to see through the unknown
Nothingís in vain, Ďcus the flame,
The flame will never die

The lines in her ashen face
Reveal a heart torn asunder
Twisted ones, bring the pain
Throw your first stone again

9. One Nation

The world was growing colder
The watched from far away
How man was weakened still
In his final
How fear became his shadow
The feeble lead the blind
Another hell begins
Youíre next in line

From here we see forever, this place is ours you know
Our time is drawing near

One nation, one world
And forevermore, into an everlasting war
One nation, one world
And we heard the call, the future lies within our hands

Another shiny empire
Of evil come divine
Built your house on sand, itís over now

Time has come at last
Killing fields, gone at last and forevermore

10. Nightmare

To wake and wipe the sweat away
Like so many times before
Pray to see the light of day
Thereís something wicked in us all
We meet inside our dreams
When awake we canít recall

No sleep till dawn
To wander endlessly, set us free

Twilight, dream time defines our glory
In silence we conquer it all
Midnight, dreams time conceals story
Weíre alive in a nightmare

His idle hand when unaware
We all chant the rhyme in fear
Speak the killing words again
Dream maker, sing your little tune
Make us dance to what you play
Dream time is coming soon


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