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Mucchio selvaggio

Album: ''Mucchio selvaggio'' (1984 Split album)
1. Irrazionalita' sconnessa
2. Maggioranza/minoranza
3. Tutti pazzi
4. Non mi dire
5. Omicida 357 magnum
6. Plastica umanita'
7. Alibi
8. Chiuso in te stesso

Tutti pazzi

Album: ''Tutti pazzi'' (1985 EP)
1. Sogni e bisogni
2. Niente
3. La mia mente
4. Maschere
5. Tutti pazzi

Lo spirito continua

Album: ''Lo spirito continua'' (1986)
1. La vittoria della sconfitta
2. Lasciami stare
3. Thinkin' of somebody else
4. Diritto contro un muro
5. Niente
6. Un amaro sorriso
7. Straight and rebel
8. Qualcosa scompare
9. Lei ha bisogno di qualcuno che la guardi
10. Lo spirito continua


Album: ''Nightmare'' (1987 Best of/Compilation)
1. Noi
2. Cannibale
3. Tutti pazzi (Live)
4. Incubo di morte
5. Tutto dentro

Little dreamer

Album: ''Little dreamer'' (1988)
1. Ho pianto
2. Don't forget
3. Love and blood will come
4. I'll do it tonite
5. Little dreamer
6. My days
7. Death is around
8. Il giorno del sole
9. Serenita' di un attimo

The early days: wild bunch

Album: ''The early days: wild bunch'' (1989 Best of/Compilation)
1. Noi
2. Cannibale
3. Tutto dentro
4. Ancora qui
5. Incubo di morte
6. Sogni e bisogni
7. Niente
8. La mia mente
9. Maschere
10. Tutti pazzi
11. Irrazionalita' sconnessa
12. Maggioranza minoranza
13. Tutti pazzi
14. Non mi dire
15. Omicida 357 magnum
16. Plastica umanita'
17. Alibi
18. Chiuso in te stesso

Behind the door

Album: ''Behind the door'' (1989 EP)
1. Happiness is not for heroes
2. House of thousand lights
3. S.U.N.
4. La nostra vita
5. Sempre in bilico
6. Behind the door


Album: ''100%'' (1990)
1. Back to my friends
2. Yesterday pain
3. Parole
4. Welcome (to my world)
5. Brucia di vita
6. Fall apart (an' tear it down)
7. Get away
8. It's hard
9. I think I see the light



Negazione was a hardcore band based in Turin, Italy during the 80's and 90's.

Formed in 1983, they were an important band for the hardcore punk scene in Italy at the time, as were many other bands such as Raw Power, Wretched, and Indigesti.

The band broke up in 1992, their last show being at that year's Monsters of Rock festival. They are still remembered as hardcore legends by many not just in Italy, but also world-wide.

Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore


Italy (Turin), formed in 1983

We bite records


Tax: guitar (ex-Quinto Braccio)
Massimino (ex-Stinky Rats, ex-Indigesti, Angeli, Persiana Jones
Guido Sassola aka 'Zazzo': vocals (ex-AntiStato)
Marco Mathieu: bass (ex-AntiStato)

Orlando: drums (ex-Quinto Braccio)
Michele: drums
Fabrizio Fiegl: drums (ex-Upset Noise)
Rowdy: drums (ex-Pandemonium)
Elvin Betty: drums (ex-Gow)
Jeff Pelino aka 'Neffa': drums


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