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Crime Against Humanity

Album: ''Crime Against Humanity'' (1991)
1. Mind Dead
2. Blind
3. Point of Discharge
4. System Break-Down
5. Production Ends
6. Make More Profit
7. Enemy Alliance
8. Dreams and Prophecies

The Suffering Continues

Album: ''The Suffering Continues'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Tumor
2. Uprising / Land Control
3. Immunity
4. Conform
5. World Struggle
6. Displeasure
7. Old Flesh
8. Breed
9. Uprising / Land Control
10. Displeasure
11. Self Rejection
12. One Lie
13. Self Rejection
14. In Mind
15. T.H.C.
16. Psycological Conflict


There are at least 4 different artists using the name 'Nausea'

1) A recently formed industrial/alternative musically oriented band from Chile.

2) Nausea was an anarchist crust punk band from New York City's Lower Eastside of Manhattan, highly influential in the crust genre during the '80s. Like such predecessors as the anarchist band Crass, Nausea featured both male and female vocals. They were heavily involved in the Lower East Side squatting community, and were anarchists. Now famous punk artist John John Jesse was a member. Guitarist Victor Venom, formerly of Reagan Youth, now plays in surf-punk band The Coffin Daggers. Their message, music and lyrics are as vital today as they were in the band's formation. They were indeed a product of their dark times. Only one year after 1984, from the streets in the blackest depths of the Lower East Side's endless bleakness--an abyss of racism, crime, hatred, sexism and apathy--came Nausea. Junkies, crack, heroin, female flesh for cash, squats, a plague of homelessness...they witnessed all these realities around them. Looking up at the system that failed them with rabid bulldog eyes, they screamed for freedom and liberation from the segregated society of a nation that was content to let its minorities live and die in inescapable poverty, its women never taste freedom, and its poor bake in the sun and rot in the streets. Nausea saw a vision of the world not far removed from its current state, that would inevitably come if change wasn't siezed...a world singed by a nuclear war that had destroyed everything and left in its path a wasteland of death, hunger, homelessness and extinction. No hope ever surfaced, and people lived day to day as casualties of the capitalist state that supposed that if someone was poor, they had brought it upon themselves. Nausea was the voice of these people, and a voice against its greedy animalistic tyrants. They envisioned PEACE, a seemingly surreal world where mankind didnt work to destroy itself, and instead worked collectively to rise above misery and to hope for its survival.

3) Nausea are also a grindcore band formed in Los Angeles around the late '80s/early '90s featuring the original vocalist, Oscar, who sang for the legendary grindcore act Terrorizer. They're still active though remain very underground to this day.

4)Also a Metalcore Band from Frankfurt am Main/Germany. The band has been founded by David (guitar) and Manus (guitar) under the name of "Noise That Annoys" several years ago, but "Nausea" was actually born in late Summer of 2005 when they decided to start writing completely new material.
In Fall or Winter of 2005, Tony (drums) joined the band and a set of a few songs was written quickly.
Since Fall 2006 the line up of "Nausea" is complete: Flo (vocals) and a guy called Grieche (bass) joined the band.

Death/Grind/Industrial Metal

War, politics

United States of America (Los Angeles, CA), formed in 1987

Collapsed Unity


Oscar Garcia - Vocals and Guitar (Terrorizer, Majesty)
Eric Castro - Drums (Majesty)
Alfred "Garvey" Estrada - bass, vocals (Terrorizer)
Vito Tagliente - Guitar

Armando Morales - Bass
Frank Espinoza - Guitar
Javier Arqueros - Bass (Excruciating Terror)
Carlos Gonzalez - guitars (ex-Sadistic Intent)


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